Hi everyone, Roger here, and i am here to tell you that i truly believe in the other side, and things that go bump in the night. So many people are none believers, and think that when someone has a paranormal experience that it is a bunch of hooey, and laugh you out of the room. I do not care what other people think, because i know for a fact that there is something else here with us, all the time, you know that little shadow in the corner of your eye, that chill when you walk into a dark room, that feeling of foreboding when you enter a place that does not seem quite right. I have been to a median that told me that i am an old soul, and that i have been here on earth many, many times in past lives, she also said that i have many people around me (no wonder i do not like crowds). I told her that i must have been a really bad boy in my past lives to keep having to return and try to make amends for thing i should not have done, she never replied to that, so maybe i must keep coming back to become a better person before i can move to a higher plain of existence. Well back to the "Spooky Stuff", because that is why we are here, to tell our experiences of the other side as we know it.


First i have always felt like someone was watching over me, and keeping me from killing myself while doing some of the stupid stuff i did when is was young, i guess that was what the median was talking about being surrounded by people. My first experience happened when i was in the Army, some friends and i were coming back from the PX getting some stuff for the next day, and as my friends started up the stairs to go into our building, a ice cold hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, there was no one there, and my friends were in front of me, that night i got a call from home saying my father had a massive stroke.


My next experience happened after i got out of the Army, some friends and i were out at a old college site where the building had burned down, it was a full moon, we were not there more than 15 minutes when i looked down the driveway and a form of a person (all white) was gliding down the driveway towards us, it was at least 5' tall, and was not swamp gas, i shouted out to my friends hey look at that, we jumped in the car, keeping a eye on the form, cranked up the car and wheeled around with bright lights and nothing was there.


My next experience happened at my mom's house, my brother, a friend living with us, and i had bought a six pack of beer after work, and was standing in the back yard listening to music, and shooting the breeze. After we drank our two beers my brother and friend went on inside the house, and i turned off my tape player in my 74 Vega, raised the seat to get my other tapes off the floor board (8 tracks) when all of a sudden my right front bumper slammed down to the ground, the seat hook cut me when it surged back up when i was bent over, i raised up fast to see if it was my brother and friend messing with me (a split second) and there was no one there. Needless to say i was in the house so fast it would make your head spin, my brother and friend came running from the bed room and said what is wrong did you see a ghost, i told them what happened, they laughed at me until we went out there with flash lights, and they saw the make the bumper left in the ground (over 2" deep), and both of them tried to make the bumper do the same thing, and even with both of them trying together could not make it come close to touching the ground.


My next experience happened a couple of years later while i was waiting for some friends to get through cleaning up the gym of my old junior high school. It was a dark night, but you could see 3/4 of a mile both ways down the road because of the school lights, i was sipping my first beer, sitting on my car hood waiting for my friends, when i heard someone whistling, i looked up and down the road, no one was there, the whistle got louder and louder, closer and closer, and still no one. Finally i heard the sound of limestone gravel crunching, then red clay gravel crunching that was in the drive way, there was no one there, and the whistle was just like it was beside me, i jumped in my car, swung out with my bright lights on, and there was nothing. Of course when i told my friends that i was waiting on, they laughed at me, after the laughter died down i remembered that there was a man by the name of Spanish Bob, our local hard drinker, who use to walk down the road whistling and was happy as a lark, drunk out of his mind, and if my brother and i were outside he would ask us for a cigarette before going on home.


I know that i am getting long winded, so this is the last one my friends. My Brother and some friends and i were out looking for a place to hide and drink a few beers (dry county) and i thought of a place where an old cemetery was way up on a hill, that very few people knew about. When we got there some "A$$h0!es had broken the head stones, bent the wrought iron fence, and damaged other markers in the cemetery, when we saw that we started to leave and i thought maybe it would be ok to stay for a little while, Wrong!!! We had not been there more than 1 minute when something hit the top of my car hard, it was dark so i hit my lights, got out thinking that it was a limb had fallen from one of the trees we were parked under, and there was no limb, no where around the car, not even close (Spooky!!!), well i got back in the car and asked my brother and friends if they wanted to stay or not when something hit the top of the car real hard again, and the car lights were still on, and there was no one there, no limb, no nothing, needless to say we got out of there fast and never returned there again.


I know you are all saying, oh they were drunk, well where i was raised we could drink anyone under the table, and when this happened no one had more than half a beer. I do truly believe in the paranormal, and promise you that what i told you is true, no drunk ravings, and scared the begeebies out of me too. "(All of the photos used on this hub are from the internet from various picture sites, they are used for display only, and have nothing to do with my "STRANGE EVENTS)".

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max 6 years ago

Last night i was getting readt to go to sleep and i saw a flash of light in my closet its was inpossible because the power when off. i counld'nt sleep and yet again i saw the light again. all of a sudden a light is shining on my hand. can you tell me what this is?

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Great images & awesome hub!

LightIsLove profile image

LightIsLove 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing your stories. I know it is hard to do so, people are quick to ridicule.... But you must always remember.... It is just their opinion....It doesn't make it true.....

You seem very sincere.... I believe you had these experience.....

But Ghosts or Spirits are not always bad.... Maybe, because things were only happening to you.... Someone special was trying to get your attention.....

I have only written one hub... But I think you may find it interesting ....

Please read it when you have time....

Light Is Love

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