Saint Alice

About Saint Alice

In 1204 in a tiny village close to Brussels, called Shaerbeck, Saint Alice was born. She was sometimes also called Aleydis, which was common for people of her name back then.

Alice was brought up in a very religious manner, and when she turned seven she decided on her own to join a convent. The convent was called the Camera Sanctae Mariae convent and the nuns who resided their were Cistercian. This convent would be St. Alice's home for her entire life.

Being extremely humble and kind were the two qualities that everybody knew Alice for. She influenced many of the other nuns she lived with by her acts, and was admired very much by them also.

Alice's life would change forever when she reached her teenage years though. She was stricken with leprosy. Alice had to spend all of her time completely alone, due to the contagiousness of leprosy. This made Alice upset because she loved to be around people. Alice remained strong though and became even closer to God through more and more prayer.

Alice's suffering was not finished though, she lost her sight in the year after getting leprosy. As though being blind was not enough, Alice became completely paralyzed as well. As devastating as this was, Alice found a way to remain positive. She gained much comfort from attending Mass every day and receiving the Eucharist.

Alice found tranquility from her sufferings through receiving the Eucharist, it made her feel the closest she had ever felt to God. Alice even began having visions of God, telling her she would be welcomed to heaven and to remain strong in her faith while she remained on earth.

Alice was so close to God that she started to have her visions of him a lot. She continued to pray deeply and attend Mass to participate in Communion each day.

In the year 1250, Alice passed away. Pope Pius X canonized her a saint in 1907, and made her feast day fall on June 15th. Anybody who is blind or paralyzed should pray to Saint Alice because she is their patron saint.

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Alice 7 years ago

I love saint Alice and I'm using her for my Confirmation name!

adam 7 years ago

hi every body i like saint alice

adam 7 years ago

hi every body i like saint alice

:D Alice!  7 years ago

Alice from Twilight is AWSOME. And so is the SAINT! (:

:D Alice!  7 years ago

Alice from Twilight is AWSOME. And so is the SAINT! (:

Kool cat 25555 7 years ago

Saint Alice is awsome that is why i'm picking her for my report

Kool cat 25555 7 years ago

Saint Alice is awsome that is why i'm picking her for my report

cuti 7 years ago

this the best person ever!

Girl with the red leather gloves 7 years ago

Alice is very unque. In a time where you would think such a poor girl would give up, she kept her chin held high. She was very strong and closer than ever to our father. Alice seemed like one of those girls who would always help people and i bet she always went out of her way to do so. Reading the few paragraphs above convinced me to really want St. Alice as my confirmation name because i can relate to her personality.

Melissa (: 7 years ago

Alice is a very unique name. Her story is also very inspiring. She was very close to our Father. I loved reading about her and her biography convinced me to use her name as my Confirmation name! (:

Erica 7 years ago

Alice is a wonderful friends name and Saint Alice is now going to be my Confirmation Name.

Happy feet 7 years ago


lyssa!! 7 years ago

she will also be my saint name for confirmation. ;)

i love her!!!!!!!

such an inspiration!

fullhouselover101 7 years ago

amazing person....she is going to be my confirmation name as well

colette 7 years ago

She is really inspiring and i think she will be my conformation name.I hope she is happy in heavn cause she went trough alot on earth but her faith stayed strong

Katie 7 years ago

I picked saint Alice for my confirmation name because no matter how bad things got bad in her life she still beleived that God would help her so if things get bad in my life i should beleive that God should help me !!!!

Alice Luver!xxXxx 6 years ago

I Luv the name! Its in twilight!!!xXx

Alice! 6 years ago

I loveeee the name! Do u?x

Ellen :] 6 years ago

Saint Alice is such an inspiration! i am picking Alice as my saint name!

leah:) 6 years ago

saint alice is a wonderful person! she stayed optimistic through her whole life! she is a wonderful person and she stayed close to God no matter what. she is a good inspiration! that is why i chose to do my report on her! :) ( i also love alice in twilight

Alice! :) 6 years ago

I think Saint Alice is a good person 'cause she stayed strong, and she was a v. v. good person. That's why i'm choosing her for my report/research thingy. And her saint day is near my birthday and we have the same name- we have so much in common ;)

Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 6 years ago from Roseville, CA

Alice, if you are a child of God, saved by Jesus Christ, the Bible says YOU ARE A SAINT! Hallelujiah!

nat:) 6 years ago

I love st. alice!! No matter what she went thru she still loved God and became closer to Him. She teaches us that when times get tough, Jesus is always there for us. I am picking her as my confirmation saint person.

ittap 6 years ago

O M G i'm picking dat name 4 my confirmation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love alice from twilight rock on

Casey 6 years ago

St. Alice is wonderful that is why I choose her as my saint because she is thebest choice!!

Kathy 6 years ago

Now i know where SM got her ideas for Alice in Twilight :) I'm using her for my confirmation name :)

Meg 6 years ago

I Am Using Her For My Saint Name For Conformation (;

............ 6 years ago

I would like to know:

Where did Saint Alice die in?

Where was she burried?

Are there any monuments or shrines associated with her?

If you know any of these answers, please post them on the comments list!

hi 6 years ago

is saint alice in the bible

INEED2NO 6 years ago


hannah 6 years ago

this is the saint im using for my confirmation!!!

sophie 6 years ago

what was st Alices miracle???

mary 6 years ago

i am using st alice for MY confirmation name too!!! OMG!do u guys kno where i cud find a pic of her????

chocolate luver 6 years ago

alice is the bom and check in google images for her

chocolate luver 6 years ago

Alice rocks if i was blind or paralyzed i would so pray to her

chocolate luver 6 years ago

you think alice is sad check out saint sophia

charlotte  6 years ago

i really belive that Saint alice is a great name to have as a confirmation name because when things got tough she still belived that god is with her and can help.!! what an awesome name !!!!!

cookie monster 6 years ago

i love saint Alice and i am choosing her as my saint name her feast day is also on my birthday.

Jennifer 6 years ago

I have been drawn to the names Alice and Lucy since I was a little girl. They are a few of the more obscure female saints but both are connected with "vision" is that coincidental?

Jono =D 6 years ago

cool thanks for all the answers :)))))) ok does anyonw have msn facebook tumblr and twitter XP thanks and shhhhhhh im at school

Mario bros 6 years ago

Is anyone doing st george :( I need infomation about st george's gifts and fruits please help!!!!!! if not dead meat hahahahahaha

What ??? 6 years ago

Jonathan ??? what are you doing

Nintendo WFC 6 years ago

nice thanks for the answer now I am finishing my project and got 10/10 yes!!!!!! :) so yea thanks

Gawyn 6 years ago

-.- another project cause im in grade 5 ...... need help PLEASE body system project and confirmation project ahhhhhhhhh hate it lol :I

Lexi- I  6 years ago

(: I love St. Alice, she's a goood person!!! (: I m gonna choose her for my confirmation name !!! (:

PS: I LOVE YOU TOO GREYSON!!! (: *wink wink* hehe

Catholicgrl 6 years ago

I was going to take St. Damien of Molokai, the wonderful newly canonized saint for my confirmation name. Then I started thinking after the two year anniversary of a very important loving family friend passed away, whose name is Alison, if there would be any good way to remember her. So I felt inspired to take a variation of her name as my confirmation name. So, I looked up about her and found that she also had leprosy, which is what St. Damien is the patron saint of. Now I really feel like taking her name is meant to be!

Alice.Gillham 6 years ago

she's gonna be my confirmation name too!!

and it is my name!!!

what a coincidence!!!

Ally 6 years ago

omg wooow she is the best i cant beleave i fond her..... what she did was soo sad :'( i fell really bad

boberto 6 years ago

saint alice was such a beautiful woman... it's so sad how she died :_(

allie98 6 years ago

im so happy with what she did im deffinetly using her for my report

dooby 6 years ago

im like... in love with her... its... so sad shes so beautiful i love her AND BOBERTO U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! suck eggs!

dazjah 6 years ago

i like saint alice and i just might use her as my confirmation name. my friend's confirmation name is alice and she thinks i picked her because of her. thats kinda narcissistic.

Priscilla 6 years ago

how did st alice die?

aoife kiid 211 6 years ago

omg ya im makn my conformation in 3 weeks cnt wait;) im usn ih as mine he he xxxx

Bethany xx 6 years ago

Hey ppl i gotta pick my conformation name 4 2moro, i tought it was gonna take me AGES to ppick but i turned out easy. im pickin Alice cos she rocks!

Alice ameh o. 5 years ago

Knowing who st alice was makes me proud of d name. In nigeria where i live,i'l try and cater 4 as many blinds and paralyzed as my little resources can permit. I want to start living like the woman whose name i now bear. So help me God.

Ceirra Lynn Alice Walker 5 years ago

Saint Alice inspired me to write about her from reading her story. She was a great woman and never gave up any hope I wish to be that close to God and wht she suffered, for her to stay as strong as she did I think that was amazing. She influenced many people and still her story shines on us all. I will remember her and all she did. She would be a great role model and to all those people who enjoyed reading about her well bless you all. I am choosing St. Alice for my Confirmation project because I love what she stands for and what she represents. I love her for her and that won't change......Saint Alice "Your a great woman!"

Rose 5 years ago

I love reading about St Alice. She is a true inspiration!

Alice ;) 5 years ago

I love the name Alice, amd saint alice is such a great rolemodel. This is why I have chosen her name for my comfirmation.

Alice  5 years ago

i love her i used her on my report on a saint

mumhelp 5 years ago

could someone please help with why Saint Alice was made a saint, need for school report and can't seem to find on comp. ta

JoJo! 5 years ago

I am doing st Alice as my confirmation and i need to find out how she died and how she became a saint if you no please send me an email to thank you for your help

JoJo! 5 years ago

sorry my email is please mail me if you no how she died and how she became a saint

random 5 years ago

blah blah blah

love st alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

i am i BIGGGGGGGG twilight fan i read alices name in it and fell in love so i looked it up and wow she inspired me she was my confirmation name cause i loved the name but now i want to be just like her!

Tabitha 5 years ago

St. ALice is a very good person and everyone should be like her and proy alot. When you pray you get closer to God.

GiGi 5 years ago

I think st alice is very holy and i would use her as my confirmation name but then my intials would be GAAG :(

Erica 5 years ago

Saint Alice is awesome azzzzz. So doing her 4 my confirmation!

Alice Sebastian 5 years ago

I am glad I have the name of such a wonderful Saint. I would like to keep her as my Patron Saint.

Carla Niewinski 5 years ago

Saint Alice is such an inspiration, that is exactly why I shose her for my saint report!

.. 5 years ago

Are people really picking Alice as their confirmation name because of Alice Cullen? That's really depressing.

hannah 5 years ago

i am choosing saint alice as my confirmation name:} she is soooooooooooooooooooooo coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

audrey 5 years ago

Iam choosing saint alice as my comfirmatin saint because it is cool how she had leporasy then went blind and then was paralized!! that is awesomw how she was still happy!! i think we as people need to be more like her and relize the important things without seeing how they look or sound!! We should look to God like she did!!!

profile image

Ardechegirlx 5 years ago

what a lovely girl! now she is someone who should be admired. girls admiring celebrities, models, they may have made a name for themself and worked themself up to the big lights, which is honourable but Alice is someone to admire. she was faced with the bad side of life all her life, but she kept her chin up and her head held high and she found the friend she had in god. Go Alice, you greatly deserve your saintship!!!!

rose 5 years ago

saint alice is amazing

Bella 4 years ago

My fav book is Twilight and my fav character is Alice. I thought that maybe there may be a saint Alice. I really hope I can use Alice for my conformation, she is such an inspiring person, she didn't give up and when everything seemed bad, she came even closer with God! I really hope I can get closer with God, St. Alice is AMAZING!!!!

alice chosen 4 years ago

now i now why God loves me my name alice is a blessed name i also serve children in a project am also a preacher of da word

city chick! 4 years ago

hi everyone i love st alice such a brave story im going to use her for my confirmation name. but i think its really sad how people chose her from twilight i mean yeah i like the books and movie but thats not why i chose her i chose her because of her story and my grandmas name is alice. i hope i get good marks on my bio

tommy 4 years ago

People in scotland who are called alice dont think there is a saint of that name what a shame, st alice pray for us

Catfish 3 years ago

xD everyone says about Twilight Alice lmao

cgrey 2 years ago

Who wouldn't st alice as there partent saint, st alice prat for us now and at the hour of our death

cg 2 years ago

hello people who loves st alice me :] let us pray that st alice is with us until the ends of our life and that we pray that she will help us to the very end

hi 2 years ago

love st alice

Marissa 2 years ago

I love saint Alice

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