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About Saint Anastasia

Saint Anastasia had an extremely religious family, especially her mother. She brought St. Anastasia up to be very religious. Her father, while religious too, was a pagan. This may be why her mother had Anastasia baptised so young, she probably didn't want her to become pagan like her father.

Saint Anastasia followed in her mother's footsteps and became a really spiritual woman, but also married a pagan. Anastasia's husband was named Publius and he was of some sort of nobility at that time in Rome. Being a Christian was not a good thing during Anastasia's time, and her husband had no idea of her religious affiliation. However in due time he would find out because Anastasia was not exceptionally descreet about her beliefs. Anastasia's life took a turn for the worst when this occured, Publius was furious at her it was not alright for a noble man in Rome to be married to a christian. Publius began mistreating Anastasia day and night and never let her even leave their household.

Publius was sent to be ambassador to a foreign king and had to leave for a few days on business. He was leaving his assistants in charge of Anastasia and keeping her in line. He told them that if she was uncooperative that he would not be sad if she was dead when he returned. Publius never made it back from his trip, he was killed in a tradgic accident that none could explain.

Anastasia would go on to lead a normal every day life and remained faithful to God as well. She visited many Christians in their holding cells each day and tried to help them in any way she could. She helped Saint Chrysogonus to convince many people in the jails of their true faith to God. They taught many newcomers the way of their religion and enlightened others who were already faithful.

The death of Saint Chrysogonus came one day and it was a big blow for Anastasia. The two had been really close and it took her a few days to get over the fact that he was gone. After she had, she decided that it would be a good idea if she kept doing the work that her and Chrysogonus had started. She went to the jail one day to find all the Christians had been slaughtered. This was too much for her and she broke down into tears. This gave her away as a Christian as well, and she was arrested almost immediately.

The men who held her in jail gave her three days to chose whether she would renounce her faith in God or die. Anastasia chose to die on the spot. She said she didn't want to waste their time because she would not be changing her beliefs. The men were furious and locked Anastasia into a cell without any food.

A miracle occured and Anastasia was able to survive without food for months in the cell. The guards were angry and knew somebody was sneaking her food, but they were terribly mistaken. Anastasia hadn't eaten in months and also didn't know how she was surviving.

Anastasia was burned at the stake after the men couldn't figure out how she was still alive. This took place in the year 460, her remains were buried by numerous Christians. Saint Anastasia is the patron saint of weaving and widowed women.

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This is a stupid website for Saint Anastasia

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You're a stupid website for Saint Anastasia.

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This was a nice post on St. Anastasia....I appreciate this information.

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this was really helpful thanks!

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this is Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

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My new name is Angelieque ali anastasia

Anastasia Austen 4 years ago

I really liked this, very nice and thanks

Bernadette 4 years ago

Great summary, It would be helpful though, if someone would explain why she is the patron of weavers.

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this did not help at all

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cool, this really helped!

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this story, is really helpfull for mwah confirmation. It is a very nice story.

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my name is anastasia and i love this documentary thuogh in could have more like the birth and death of her!!!

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the first thing that someone wrote is NOT TRUE i love this sight

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I have to do an essay on her! This has really helped me! Thanks!

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