Saphire And Its Magical Properties

Ancient Times And In History

This very beautiful stone or rather crystal has been used for many purposes from the ancient times to modern day. History shows that those in Europe this stone was used to protect people from the evil eye.It was also used to reflect harmful or evil spells back to its sender.Magicians used this stone to enhance and direct their magical abilities. Alchemists a long time ago, associated this stone with the element of air. India considered it the stone of Saturn and would use it to be a portal into the heavenly realms.


Sapphire can be used for healing many different things. It is good for treating skin ailments of any kind. It's an effective healing stone for the nervous system. It is said that this stone has healing properties to regulate the thyroid gland, therefore aiding in appetite and nervous heart troubles.

In the far east this gorgeous stone was used to help protect against the plague. It is also said that this stone can aid in strengthening the walls of blood vessels and aid in nose bleeds.


The element of Sapphire is water. The Greeks associated this stone with the deity Apollo and would wear it when consulting oracles such as Delphi.

This stone, if used during meditation can help you find your hidden potential and sharpen your vision of your life's work. It will help to clear a mental path for you can start your journey.

It is thought to have a limitless ability to foster psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Also to foster creative expression and enhancing the meditative state, aiding in attempts at clairvoyance and astral projection.

Sapphire is also called the stone of destiny because of its reputation for helping to clear the mind and clarify psychic mysteries.

If used as an amulet it can be a protective amulet to be able to strip away facile arguments and to all the wearer to distinguish between lies and the truth.

It has also been known to have a calming influence over those who have a highly strung temperament since it helps to surpess nervous anxiety while fostering peaceful sleep and good dreams.

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