Love Letter to Our Sagittarius Moon - Flying High in Search of Truth

Prologue to the Love Letter

"Fly me to the moon and 
let me play among the stars 
Let me see what spring is 
like On Jupiter and Mars 
In other words hold my hand
In other words darling kiss

It seems so natural to equate heavenly bodies with emotions that send you soaring out of your mundane existence. We love when our emotions escort us to the transcendent - a destination that we are always seeking. That is also the domain of the planet Jupiter in astrology. Jupiter is the governing planet for Sagittarius. As the king of the gods in Roman mythology (Zeus in Greek), Jupiter is about big ideas, big visions, the quest for higher truths and wisdom. It is also concerned with beneficence, humor and expansion. Basically, it describes bigness and by association, Sagittarians have a drive for making big plans, traveling far and wide, and being fascinated with religious or philosophical principles. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is an active adventurer seeking wisdom and universal truths. As a mutable sign, its flexible - changing with the circumstances and always seeking higher ground.

Full Moon

Until Wednesday evening (6/18/2008), we will fall under the spell of emotions that bespeak optimism, adventurous daring, good humor and righteousness, all as directed by our Sagittarius moon. What makes this moon more influential than others is that it is a full moon. At the height of the monthly cycle, this moon heightens our emotions. This month, these feelings will be centering around our personal transformation, concerns about our future, and whether we or those around us are living our highest principles.

Meanwhile, as we try to sort out these issues internally, we will be facing the added strain of difficult communications with others. The oppositional quality of our interactions can be attributed to the moon now being opposite the sun (the definition of a full moon) - meaning that our feeling nature is now bumping up against our thinking nature. What couldn't be explained to someone logically is now going to be expressed emotionally. Don't worry about the destruction in the aftermath. Its usually something that needed to come out and as with all moon related concerns or emotions, the intensity of it will pass in a day or so.

By the way, the moon's influence and our emotions in general are not who we are. Emotions feel so important in defining us - they are not. They are simply mechanisms for getting our attention on an issue - a message to us as to where we could stand to grow or how in tune we are with universal truths. Even if we've been trudging up hill against issues we've experienced since childhood, they are still not written in concrete. Everything in nature is constantly changing, so if we practice being in accord with nature, i.e. God, we'll more easily pass through these conditions yet hold fast to the eternal messages they always impart.

Note that I do not believe that our astrology is our fate. I see it as a handy system for self-discovery, devised by the ancients from centuries of observations of natural cycles. It gives the psychological weather report - as in is the sun shining today or is it raining - and how we normally react to those conditions based on the unique imprint of nature within us. It can't tell us who we are, but depending on how well we understand it, it can give us clues as to how we can make the most of these conditions. Also, depending on where we are on our life path, our lives can rise above any mundane interpretation of our astrology and instead follow higher laws. After all, astrology and astronomy simply reflect an understanding of physics (how matter moves) and other natural laws.

Ok, enough of my self-defensive rant on why I like astrology.

If you are reading this after Wednesday, don't worry we have a Sagittarius moon for two days every month.

Love Letter to Our Moon (#3)

Dear Adventurously Optimistic Sagittarius Moon,

Oh how I love thee. You speak to us of bright futures, enthusiasm, winnings and jolly good times. Stay a while with me and bring me the shining beliefs I need to change my world. A world that mirrors my grand visions. But don't cause me to loose my footing because of a tendency to overlook the details that will take me to my brave new world. Nevertheless, I thank you for that blast of motivation and ideas that, like an archer's arrow, are guiding me to the best and brightest. Those will be better days that I will get to define instead of passively settling for whatever comes my way.

Sag moon, as the emotional fire storm that you are, I better watch out for being self-righteous in my abilities to define truth. I should remember that my truth is not everybody's truth and get a handle on that impatience that I have with others. I know that when you are around, I don't like structure or restriction. I want to fly high without a safety net or parachute. But because we have learned some awesome things on our far reaching journeys, doesn't mean that we know it all. So we better make friends with the restrictions that serve to protect us from flying off to our peril.

In the end, after all is said and done, I know I'd rather travel with you my happy adventurer. You have such a fun loving way of exposing me to realms that are so progressively different from my everyday existence.

Your enthusiastically hopeful admirer,

Musical Quote of the Day

"You have the cool, clear eyes

of a seeker of wisdom and truth

Yet there's that upturned chin

and the grin of impetuous youth

I believe in you, I believe in you

And when my faith in my fellow man all but falls apart

I've but to feel your hand grasping mine and I take heart

I believe in you, I believe in you"

I believe in you
Bill Evans, 1966


Parting Sentiment

The moon belongs to everyone,
The best things in life are free...
The moonbeams that shine, they're yours, they're mine.
The best things in life are free
And love can come to everyone,
The best things in life are free
The Best Things in Life are Free
Ray Henderson, Lew Brown and Buddy DeSylva, 1920's


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