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Those Who Know Him

Apparently there are those among us who know God. I was sitting in our local park one evening next the large band shell when I noticed a young couple doing what appeared to be pantomimes on the stage. I was curious.

I told my wife that I wanted to find out what they were doing since they had no audience except us and I don't think they even were aware of the two of us. I sauntered near them and watched quietly for awhile. Finally an opportunity presented itself when they stopped to take long droughts from their water bottles. I introduced myself and my wife, and inquired as to what they were doing. It turned out that they were preparing an impromptu pantomime skit to the glory of God and it seemed that they did this sort of thing on a regular basis, depending on when and where God told them to go. I asked them how God imparted this knowledge to them. At this point they got a little fuzzy. It turns out that they received certain feelings and impressions after praying and meditating that they interpreted and somehow came up with their divine itinerary. They didn't seem to concerned whether people showed up to their performances or not since God was their manager.

I left a little confused since I knew how easily it would be for me to convince myself that God was telling me through impressions to do exactly what I wanted to do anyway. (Honestly honey, God wanted me to eat that 7th piece of pizza. I felt a strong impression right in the pit of my stomach.) I've always thought that it would save a lot of confusion and perhaps be less dangerous if God just appeared to us and spoke in plain English, or in whatever your native tongue is instead of leaving it up to our fallible human lusts and desires to decipher.

An acquaintance of mine has a wife who sometimes wanders the fields seeking God's guidance and always comes back with His will in tow. She is pretty harmless since almost all of what she seeks is rather domestic and applies only to her family and the church she attends--no new-world-order stuff. Anyway she received a message from God that she and her husband were to sell all that they owned and move to South America to be missionaries. Her husband, a man with a modest anatomy, complied and they sold their house, belongings, and packed up what was left and put it in storage, but somehow God had neglected to inform them of exactly how they were to get to South America--or maybe He wasn't communicating with them at all. They languished for several months until they were forced to retrieve their few remaining belongings and start searching for jobs. That was several years ago and they are still ensconced firmly in North America tending a camp in return for their house keeping.

So where is God and how can you be sure you have found Him?

Finding Car Keys?

I have often been at places where people praise God for His answers to their requests and I have found out that, according to the testimonies given, He is pretty good at finding things like car keys, and lost spectacles. He, according to the praises, heals non-terminal diseases; however, if the disease is terminal the chances of a healing diminish and tend to match the odds that the doctors have given. Why would He find car keys and spectacles, but not cure cancer?

These are merely my observations and I feel very inadequate to answer the question of where is God and how can I know if I have found him. So I would like to pose this question to my readers. If you know God, and know where to find Him please leave a comment below. I am not an atheist and I believe that He exists, so my inquiry is sincere. I would like your testimonies, anecdotes and experiences.

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SirDent 8 years ago

You pose a hard question for man to answer. I have seen many things in my walk with God. I have seen healings, at the same time I have seen deaths also. I have felt the presence of God many times, but have failed to feel it many times also.

God transcends time and space, nothing can contain Him, yet he can also be the tiniest particle there is.

Man has tried to find God all through time and failed. I will tell you this much, if you are serious in your quest to find God, He will come to you and you will KNOW that it is really God. If you picked up a Bible and started reading it, you will learn of God.

I became your fan as I was reading this hub and pondering what to say to you. I cannot show you God, but I can lead you to where He is.

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 8 years ago from Maryland Author

I will read the bible.  Is there something about the bible that sets it apart from other religious writings such as the Koran, or the Bhagawath Gita?

Also, when you felt God, how did you know it was God and could you describe the feeling?

Peter Keay 8 years ago

The discussion for this would be way outside of the scope of a comment.  Perhaps I've found the topic of my next hub(s)?

I know God, and He knows me.  He promised a long time ago (in the Bible): "if you seek me, you will find me, if you search with all your heart."  But seeking God isn't looking for a God to suit your tastes; rather, it's striving to find out who God really is and what that means for your life.  And I agree with SirDent.  The Bible says, "He who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him."  

Yeah, I'll write a hub sometime soon in response.

SirDent 8 years ago

I cannot describe the feeling anymore than I can descrobe God Himself. Ig you go to the first book of each of the books you mentioned, you will find the differences. Muhammad said Allah created man from a blood clot. Where did the clot come from? It had to have come from somewhere didn't it?

The Bible states that man was created from the dust of the earth. If you think about the minerals and such in the human body, you would realize that it must be true. We need iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc. . .

As I stated before, if you really want to know who God is, you will find out. He will reveal Himself to you and then you will know. If yuo are asking just to get opinions or men, you will get many opinions, but will still not know who God is.

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 8 years ago from Maryland Author

Peter, I look forward to your hub.

pgrundy 8 years ago

What an unusual hub. I really enjoyed reading it.

I find God in silence. At one point in my life I got very fed up with religion and all the damage that religion seems to do to people, all the lies told in the name of religion, all the violence and contention, all the arguing and war over religion, and I wrote a poem to get these emotions out of me--the climax of the poem was a declaration, "I consecrate myself to NOTHING." I was honked off, you know?

Anyway, it turns out a person can indeed be consecrated to nothing, that there is Divinity in silence and nothingness, a deep quiet that feels like cool, running water. Ever since that moment that has been how I experience God, in moments of deep quiet.

I think we all find our way.

My spouse insists God is an angry bitch who has it in for him. There's a God like that too, the Goddess Kali from the Hindu pantheon. I always remind him of this, because thinks he's an atheist, but then he'll go on about God being this angry bitch and I remind him he worships Kali.

We never get bored.

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 8 years ago from Maryland Author

Your comment reminds me of a hymn that was sung in church when I was young. "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent".

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 8 years ago from Midwest USA

As Sir Dent pointed out, if you honestly seek God with all your heart, He will find you. God places this desire to know Him in His elect. The bedrock truth of this matter is that we do not find God, He finds, or calls, us. You will know if you've been called and not everyone is. The doctrine of election is complex and mind-bending if you allow it to be. I accept it for what it is, that is, God choosing us.

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 8 years ago from Maryland Author

"You will know if you've been called..." 

What would stop someone from just claiming they have been called and that they just know it.  Doesn't the Bible say that "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?."

I am not arguing against your point, I just would like to know how I can tell if God is present in my life.  I am developing some ideas of my own based on my reading, but for this hub I am interested in other peoples testimony.

(I've been reading the Bible as was suggested to me in an earlier comment.)

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago

Your Hub was thought provoking. You will find God deep within you. Just be still and notice His precious "Breathe of LIFE" that He has given you. Without it we are lifeless. Keep looking up and you will see and endless sky that is wherever you go which is a reminder of His eternal presence. Keep looking in His WORD because if you are really looking for the Lord you will find that He has been with you ALL along. The Book of Colossians is a wonderful place to begin! "It is in Him we live and move and have our being" Acts 17

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 7 years ago from Maryland Author

Your response is somehow profound. I have continued my search. I cannot believe that there is no God because the earth is far to complex and amazing to have just happened. Spontaneous generation of life was disproved by science and now science wants to resurrect the theory to explain life--go figure.

Your response made me wonder, perhaps God is so huge and so close to us we have a hard time comprehending him. Maybe we are like fleas on an elephant: The elephant is very aware of the fleas, but to the fleas the elephant is just a bumpy landscape on which to feed.

At some point in our own human history, the earth was to large for us to realize it was actually a sphere and not just flat.


Henry 7 years ago

God found me, and now He lives in my heart. God the father and I are one through Jesus Christ, who is my Lord and savior.

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 7 years ago from Maryland Author

Henry, I appreciate your honest comments. I would love for you to write a longer comment telling me your exact experience.


Sean 7 years ago

Christian Walker (interesting name, considering the topic)

I have always been a Christian, however, after losing my son, my personal search for God truly began in earnest. I've always been a skeptic of those who pray and then give credit to God for finding "lost keys." Surely, God must have better things to do than help you find your keys!? And, if he wouldn't answer a prayer to save a life, why would he bother answering a prayer for something seemingly insignificant? The jury is obviously still out on those questions...

I had an experience where God spoke directly to me and I can say that it was so unique, so outside of the norm, that I have no doubt it was God. This was after several years of searching for answers and seeking God. For me, and I believe this to be true for anyone, the key is shedding ego. The distractions of this world, I believe, is what keeps us from communicating with God. When we focus on our bodies' desires and/or what society has deemed important in defining us, we lose our ability to connect with God. I don't believe that God "finds us," I believe we eventually learn to recognize Him and re-uninite with Him. He, I believe, is always there, waiting and probably shouting "I'm right here" but we are too distracted.

From my personal experience, it wasn't until I got past my ego (an on-going process) that I was able to "hear" God's voice. Listen, writing this I know that a few years ago if I read something like this I would have thought "this guy is a nut-case." None-the-less, I stand by the experience and have learned to listen to God. It is a process, because distraction is easy...the world gets in the way a lot.

Sorry I'm rambling...just thought this perspective may be helpful.


Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 7 years ago from Maryland Author

Sean said: "...I know that a few years ago if I read something like this I would have thought 'this guy is a nut-case.'"

I say: Far from it, Sean. I am an ernest seeker. I see nothing but pointless exsistance if there is no God, so on the contrary I would actually like to hear the story of how and why God spoke to you.


Naturalreflection profile image

Naturalreflection 6 years ago

A lot of times people feel things that they know aren't things that derive straight from physical processes. I had a friend who tried to explain to me that the fact that you can sometimes feel like someone is watching you that there is some sort of collective spiritual connection due to God. But just be careful what you feel from instincts, what is coincidence, and what can really be attributed to the complete unknown, and perhaps God.

vanteacher 6 years ago

This book changed me.

It is a very critical look at all popular religions be it christian/muslim or hindu

Try it! It cleared up a lot of things for me!

judith C 6 years ago

Dear Mr Walker, I was amazed to find someone with similar thoughts as my self. I used to think that such thoughts were presumptuous and kept them to myself even though I know God can read my thoughtsI am also searching for God. I know He exists because it's evident in creation all around us. I just want to know Him personally and what He purposes for mankind.You appear to be someone of hgh interllect who is earnestly searching for God hope Everyone who searches for God will find Him

Vanessa 6 years ago

Thank you for the comments as they were encouraging. I came to know and experience God's presence about seven years ago when I first committed my life to Him. I think along the way I became lost because I strayed with distractions of this world. This website is one I came across on my earnest search to find God again:

I know He is always there but I think sometimes I lose my way.

Alizee 6 years ago

God Doesn't just work by himself he works with the will of his children (aka humans) I'm responding to the question about cancer ... there have been several miracles throughout the world about terminal diseases but it all depends on the attitude of the person concerned. if you have accepted YOUR truth as being what the doctor has told you than you will receive what you've ask for "the doctors knowledge" however if you have faith in the almighty and refuse to believe in what doctors or who ever tells you then a miracle can take place.

Life is an everlasting test in the faith of God the simple fact that people doubt or live in constant fear is a reflection of the little faith that they appertain to God

Meegs 6 years ago

I hope this helps you in your search. I have always being a believe, but it is only in the last to years that I have found revelation in the bible. Its being amazing to come to the revelation of Gods love for us. To read the bible and build a relationship with God and realise God wants to build a relationship with us he is just waiting for us to ask and seek with all our heart (Mathews 7v7-12).

I recently read a book its not about seeking, but God on mute so if you feel why is the Lord not answering this book might help in you finding your answers:

The book is an honest account by a man who has gone through some very hard times and how his prays for his wife's healing have not being answered. Through his troubles and doubts he has felt God's presents and him and his wife have built a closer relationship to our father.The book was written by Pete Grieg who started 27-7 pray. So he has seen what amazing answers to pray God can give. Its amazingly honest and thought provocative.

alwaysfrog 6 years ago

Be careful what you wish just might get it. God is beyond our comprehension and understanding. Jesus used parables because we, as human beings, can understand stories that carry plots and characters like us or those we know. I know that I have been a born-again Christian for 18 years now and the more I "know" Him the more I feel like I don't know Him at all and the more I want to know Him. My strongest burning desire is to walk with Him the way Enoch did. The Bible says that Enoch "walked with God" and I know that God is no respecter of persons so if He allowed Enoch to walk with Him, why not me? But what does it mean to walk with God? That, my friend, is my current quest. It is a journey that I may not know the answer to this side of heaven. If I get it, I will certainly share it with you. Know that God loves you not for what you can do for Him but because you are His child. Check out for some great resources.

Shahid Bukhari profile image

Shahid Bukhari 6 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

Dear Christian Walker

If ... you read ... what you've written ... you will note, that all the while, you are talking about a Physically Seeable, an Hearable, and a Touchable God ...

I suggest ... you talk to Him directly ... because, God Is closer, than your jugular vein, is from you ... its closer, than the closest, for in sincerity, you can hear Him ... Speak ... Reply, to all your earnest supplications...

But be careful, the 'voice' you may hear ... could be Satan's ... for this is how, Satan, upon beholding a sincere Believer's supplications ... misguides.

Then how to Know, if it is God, you heard Speaking ... ?

The answer is ... God Speaketh Truth ... Truth is the Universal State of Reality ... Black is Black ... White is white ... Universally.

Whereas, Satan whispers unnatural Fallacies, into the non-believer's ears... calling Black, the White.

I cannot Translate the Known, but I can Transliterate it for you ... ask someone, who is conversant in Urdu, and Arabic, to translate it for you ...

"Jo Baat Haq per Moqoof ho, woh minjanib Allah hai."

Sasha 6 years ago

I believe that God wants us to know him. I really don't think he is as mysterious as everyone would like to think. The desire to know him and the bible is a very good place to start. I am also on a journey to really "know" God. I have found in my personal journey, the more I seek him, the more I find of him. Its the most exciting endeavor I have had. Good luck. Keep looking and You will find him.

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 6 years ago from Maryland Author


I believe you. Since I know that God exists it is inevitable that I find him. I know that he is somewhere apart from the rubble of human religions.

Sasha 6 years ago


There is an amazing series by a Christian apologetic named, Lee Strobel. The title of two of his books that are fascinating to read are The case for Faith, and The case for Christ. If you have netflix, You can even watch them. My husband is not a Christian, yet wholeheartedly believes in God. He has joined me on my search for God. It has been an wonderful thing for me to watch him on his discovery.

Camille Tengs 6 years ago

I think I figured out my answer. I have always thought I found god when I am truly thankful. In every way I look at it. When I am thankful, It’s a love and It doesn’t feel one sided. You just ‘know‘ is my only other description.

I feel it after every time I crawl over a hurdle or out of a rut, and by learning lessons the hard way. My cheat tell those life struggles & lessons start or finish is nature. Its where I breath, relax, feel forgiven and look over what I feel as gods true masterpiece. Nature is as cruel and unfair as it is beautiful. It is easier for me to understand a balance and I try to apply it where I can within my life. That is my church, that is when I feel him often.

Best of luck, Camille.

Noah 6 years ago

God is God just because He is. He is the essential energy of all creation, from the tinest molecule to the life force of the whole universe. He is who He is just because He is. If you want to seek Him or know Him, you must first believe that He is and that He is a rewarded of those who diligently seek Him. So your point of faith is not Is there a God? If so, where or how? The focus of faith is that I first believe that He is. I start with that simple yet profound belief--that He is. If you can't get past that affirmation of faith, you will forever be stuck with questions and uncertanities. Yes, it takes faith to believe and faith is a gift from God. So you just keep circling around until you come back to God--again. You'll always end up with God because He is your source of life, the life of your very breath. My life of faith took on new meaning when I asked God for the gift of faith so that I can believe. I wanted to much to believe--to really believe in God but I was stuck with the questions of evil and suffering. You know, if God loves His children, than why do they suffer so in this life? I came to a point where I knew that life would never make sense the way I saw it and questioned it. So I yielded. I gave up. I surrendered. I offered up my questions and doubts and poured out my heart in prayer that I wanted to know Him and love Him with all my heart. I asked for the gift of faith so that I could believe in Him and love Him. Since then I have journed on in the belief that God is, that He knows me, loves me, is with me and will one day come for me. I just know that I know. It is embeded deep within my heart. I am still a sinner, very human, and make my share of mistakes. I have to manage an evil nature that wants to take, grab, horde, and do others in when they anger me. I still have questions and doubts and always will. But in the midst of them I cry out, "Lord I believe; help thou my unbelief. I believe in God even though I don't understand His ways and even though I protest His actions or lack of them. Like Job, I protest, rile and rage, but when I get a vision of the greatness of God I fall at His feet and repent, as Job did. Who am I to question God. I will speak up no more or ask Him any more questions. I will bow before Him and acknowledge that He is God, a God of power and love, a God of justice and peace, a God of love and mercy. And I cry out with Thomas, "My Lord and my God!" When I acknowledge who He is, I can move forward in faith, hope, and love. But first I had to pray for faith so that I could believe. After all, as the Scriptures say, 'Without faith it is impossible to please God.' I would add, Without faith it is impossible to know God.

Thanks for listening. God bless. (Hebrews 11:6). And, oh, yes, I accept the Bible as a revelation of God. It tells me who He is and what He is up to. Oh, to know Him more intimately!

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 6 years ago from Maryland Author


It is I who owes you a thanks. This answer has inspried me deeply.


Michael 6 years ago

I have not shared this story with many people, and I came across this page at a very acute time in my thoughts. Like many of the above posts said, God finds you. "He does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called"- Bible. When I was seventeen years old, God opened up His arms to me. It was during a time in my life where I started going down the wrong road. It would have only gotten worse had he not saved me one summer night.

My buddy and I decided to hang out as usual, but for whatever reason we decided to separate from the usual party scene that went on that night. We started out the night just talking about life and its meaning and what a head-trip it truly is to walk amongst a seemingly perfect process. Out of nowhere we got on the subject of God. Now up until this point, neither of us had ever really believed deeply in God. We were both raised Catholic but strayed away from the church, it just didn't teach me in a way that I could truly connect with. God allowed us to completely open up to each other in a way that our ideas would bounce off one another

to discover who we really were, and what purpose we truly served.. other than a good laugh here and there. I now know this as my calling.

We had wandered outside the whole night, with our minds blown at the discoveries we had made about the world and ourselves. And as a long lasting reassurance, God gave us gifts of rememberance. Once we finally went inside, there lying side by side on his counter were two necklaces. The two were very distinguished by the topics of the experience. They have beautiful pearls woven into rope, with a cross in the middle.

Since then, I have grown in spirituality and it is something that is always on my mind, I keep my necklace with me every day though I don't wear it until I am clearly allowed the priviledge, I will know when I'm ready. My friend on the other hand has not grown and just by the lifestyle he has been living since then I can tell he is not devoted to growing and learning, he is too ego driven. I stopped hanging out with him for a while and then I went to a party and met him there. He was wearing the necklace, immediately I asked him why he was wearing it and he couldn't give me a truthful answer, I know him too well. Less than a week later the necklace broke. I asked him how it broke and he said one day he was wearing it and had sex with a girl, right when he started to have sex with her it just fell apart without any justified reason. But we both knew.

This world is swarming with symbolism Christian, God has set this world up so that he CAN contact us, we just have to be aware and look for his signs. He lives deep within your heart. Experiencing God is the most alive you will ever feel.

Keep Walking, Michael

Dax 6 years ago

After reading this post, I decided to offer my opinion based on my experiences. My quest for wisdom and truth really started when I was 20. I never had a problem with does I have always known God exist. When I was 12 years old two of my cousins and I all had a very profound experience one night while playing hide and go seek with my sisters. It happened ironically in a graveyard. My youngest cousin began running saying distinctly Dax Dax he is gonna grab you. Me not believing him thinking he was just trying to scare me just continued walking out of the graveyard until my oldest cousin began running scared also yelling he isn't lying run run. At this point I froze not moving forward instead turning around to face whomever it was. It was a man standing two feet off the ground wearing an off whit gown, sandals and a blue shaw. Who looked just like the depictions of Jesus Christ. As I got older I questioned the meaning of this experience since he did not say a word only stood there looking down at me with his palms facing up and his arms stretched out to me. If you have never seen him then believing in him is a start and faith is important also. Now what do you do when you no longer have to believe because you literally know? I believe in a little bit of much of what I've heard in this hub.. You will only truthfully find the truth when you are ready to receive it... Namely your maturity as a sentient being and your mentality and your mind are in the same place. Meaning you have to become one with yourself and your reality. This really isn't easy because there are many factors that could possibly stop you from attaining the perfect conditions to actually understand the truth once you receive it. I believe God always knows where we are and what we are doing and what we are going to do next.So it is like what another person said YOU must clear your mind and silence it from all your daily life routines and aspirations to truly connect with the one. I also believe that if god really wanted you to know and understand the truth he could make it happen regardless of what you have going on in your life. My struggle is with purpose, reason and Design of life..... It isn't really with god personally but it is personally with the creation of what we all exist in. As for advice to you on how to find and or understand god and life purpose... Read conversations with god by neale Donald walshe and silence your wordly thoughts until you hear something in your mind that you know wasn't of your thinking. But beware of the source of your thoughts because like another reader suggested I also believe not so good beings can whisper in ur mind Luke god and angels can. Good luck on ur journey friend.

Loila 6 years ago

"If you know God, and know where to find Him please leave a comment below. I am not an atheist and I believe that He exists, so my inquiry is sincere. I would like your testimonies, anecdotes and experiences."

I am getting to know God.I always tell myself that If I don't believe in God, to whom will I get my strength, my hopes, to where I find refuge? There is no one who can ease your pains and sorrows unless you surrender these to God and let yourself believe that Someone will take away your pains and sorrows. Yes it is true, that there are so many things that confuse us if there is really God? Does He hears us? But me, I only listen. Just listen and you will find, slowly you will somehow understand what is going on with your life. Day by day i keep on tracking myself to do good all the time. And for me the reality is that no matter how i will try to do good, there are times i catch myself not doing the right thing. Good and bad,right or wrong? You yourself will know if what you are doing is good or bad,right or wrong, again listen and Someone will tell you if it is right or wrong. And that Someone for me is God. And you can listen to Him anytime. Try it...Listen to yourself, listen to anything that your ear, mind, heart can capture...just listen then you will hear Him in your heart, mind or wherever you could hear Him.

Loila 6 years ago

Addition to what I just wrote...When I listen, i just know it is God...for i feel peaceful and not confuse anymore on the thing that perplexes me. My questions and confusions were answered not all at once. For we need to listen as long as we live.We should continue to listen to Him...

proactrdv profile image

proactrdv 6 years ago from United States of America

I believe that God exists in some form but not in the truditional form. That form is put there by man kind in an attempt to understand God. Finding God is a very personal thing and it does not mean having your prayers answered or avoiding tragedy. What it is, is when you find peace within yourself. That does not in any way imply that life may end peacefully. It means that you have come to terms with life and what it may or may not offer. Being at peace with yourself means you have found God in you.

Forever Searching 5 years ago

We as humans spend much of our time searching for things that seem lost in our life. I have two kids that don,t believe in god or christ. I saddens me to know this, since I grow up in the church as a young man outside Atlanta Georgia. I remember my youth minister once ask everyone, "how do you know there is a god?" At a young age, you think for a moment, often with a blank face. Many kids would respond like their parents have taught them. But the minister, put it in real time terms. He had one of us go up to the wall light switch. We turned off the light, then he ask, "when you turn the light back on, how do you know it will turn the light on?" Small kids, we all yelled out. Its electricity. Yes, your right but how do you know he ask? His point was, you don't understand how electricity works. You can't explain it. But you have faith. As an adult, its a bit harder than that now. But I believe the point still remains the same. You just have to have faith. I rather be on the side that believes than not. Just imagine if you don't believe and you are wrong. One can only imagine or believe. God is good, no matter who you are, what you are or where you come from. Its nice to know you have someone out there believing in you. We may not always get what we pray for, and yes like in our dying days, prayers may not stop death. But without any prayers you have no chance for change, but if you pray, who knows what might happen. Try it and see for your self. Allisonrealtor

migrantchristian 5 years ago

The problem with a discussion about God would be that it’s only words.

But faith is not words. Faith is something that you feel and believe in your heart. Then, sometimes (quite often, actually) you see confirmation of what you believe in your daily life, around you. And so you know that you are right.

Now someone who does not believe cannot and will not see such confirmations in his/her life. Ever. That is quite evident. Because… if s/he would see them, he/she would attribute them to luck, chance, some deity or other, etc. He/she would never attribute them to God, thus making sure that “there is no God.”

If you feel like reading more of my thoughts about God, my faith, and my path as a Christian, please go to my blog site at wordpress.

And, finally: God doesn’t need me (or anybody else) to plead His case.

After all, He IS God…


ian marriott 5 years ago

i am reading the bible at the moment,i aknowledge what a wonderfull man jesus is and his teachings without doubt changed the world,dying on the cross stird his relgeon in such a way its been unstoppable for all these years and will continue to do so,i know to truly know god one has to totaly let go and belive,,iwas advised to pray today,i have done 4 times allready and will continue to do so,i am not after or asking for anything but to belive,i look for words of wisdom or something that will even inspire me to belive jesus was gods son and therefore belive in god himself,i too would love to hear some words of wisdom,i will continue to read the bible and discuss is it with the pastor jones who is a remarkable man who does not judge and allows you to be honest with your beliefs and opinions and even more to express those opinions,that alone gives peace to my soul in a way that is hard to describe,

lone77star profile image

lone77star 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

CW, a most touching and thought-provoking hub. Thank you!

I have touched pieces of God, but cannot profess yet to know him. And it goes infinitely far beyond "finding car keys."

When Moses parted the sea, he knew God from a certain viewpoint. When Peter stepped out of his storm-tossed boat onto the Sea of Galilee, he knew God from yet another viewpoint. Where these viewpoints converge is Truth, the Word and the Nameless entity who is Father of all. The Buddhist call this place, "paramita."

All great wisdom has something to offer, but many mortals view those wisdoms from shallow viewpoints. I have found that studying Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and even Scientology have broadened my viewpoint, but also sharpened my focus. And now, as a returning Christian who never truly left, I see God in an entirely different light.

I have seen extraordinary miracles like those of Moses and Peter. The ego wants to take credit for them, but I see truth in the power of the One flowing through a different me (that quiet, still voice within), bypassing ego entirely. Such miracles require complete faith (100% confidence) and utter humility (the antidote to ego). "Wish" or "want" only get in the way.

There are clues all around us, if only we are brave enough, hard working enough and humble enough to find them.

I have found a few clues and I'm happy to share. I am also looking for others who might have found their own clues and would like to share.

Jeff 5 years ago

I am following this discussion as if it is my own.

I am hoping and praying that it will bring a personal & fresh revelation of God to me and to Christian Walker.

He has penned my thoughts exactly as I would have liked to have written them.

A Richeson profile image

A Richeson 5 years ago from Georgia

In my life God has always worked in the most peculiar situations. As I child I was raised in church and I never really doubted God because some how I always knew that he was there and that he truly cared. My mother was a very strong woman of faith, she always wanted the best for my sisters and I. However God had a plan that would eventually break our family apart. When I was seven my sisters decided to live with their father, it broke my mothers heart but she never subsided her faith in God. In the years to come my sisters would become very different from myself, they became like the world. My mother then met my step father and that's when our journey became evident; God was calling and my mother answered. " Many are called but few are chosen." I believe that by our family falling apart God enabled my mother and I to truly see his will. Even when God's will looks chaotic and messy to our eyes the truth is that God's will is perfect and it is our job to praise God and say, " Yes Lord I will follow you."

The point of this was not to bash my sisters for their choice, but to reassure believers that God knows what is best. God is love, and that is the easiest way to describe Him. When my mother lost her children to a man who was an alcoholic, dead beat she was distraught but God reassured her, he showed her unconditional love..& that is what God feels like..

I understand that this thread is old, & I hope that you experience God first hand.

May God be with you - A.N.R

Yeshuan profile image

Yeshuan 5 years ago from North Carolina

CW, I recently wrote a hub on how the complexity of the universe indicates the necessity of a "designer."  However, someone knowing that there is a God is much more complex than this. Your hub got me thinking. For me, getting a person to think about what they believe is my ultimate goal for writing. Great job! You have challenged me to put more of what I believe into words.

Jeff 5 years ago

Well put Yeshuan, I read & enjoyed your hub "designer."

funke 5 years ago

it's true G-d cannot be seen in the rumbles of religion. the Son of G-d while walking this earth said to the woman at the well. you seek what you dont know ...... salvation is of the Jews. we don't even know His name, the word god is used for every other deity and even Jesus is a Greek word which the Son of G-d didnLt bear while He walked through the earth. but i know this, He reveals Himself to men, He said if you seek me you will find if you seek me with the whole of your heart. If you are seeking Him for miracle power, one is not better than a prostitute seeking out a man because of his money. But if you seek Him because you love He said eyes have not seen neither has it enter the heart of men what God has in store for them that love Him. i have found out some trutha bout Him and I am free

Brandon 5 years ago

All of you have helped me, and I thank you whole heartedly. wonderful insight.

inanagh 5 years ago from iraq

Christian walker

I would like very much to know where you got in your search !my concern is skepticism , I believe in God and I am afraid of the skeptic thoughts !

shahrzad 5 years ago

god is here near than here is now,this time, dont have time &place thats whay its too near than us to us but we are far from our self.

funke 5 years ago

if u read the prophets you will understand G-d's passion, love and emotion when dealing with the Israelites. to crown it up, all the prophets saw Him. Seeing this, I know He desire a passionate relationship with us, not just from impressions but by seeing Him, talking, knowing what He wants per time. sharing His pains and dissappointment too. Until we see Him in this light, we might make the mistake of thinking He is just a being without Emotions, but He is a PASSIONATE FATHER who want His children to know Him

yitzak-ade 5 years ago

please christian walker and all seekers, read the prophets. isaiah, jeremiah, ezekiel, hosea to malachi,then read revelation all from the bible. they all opened with an account of a literal seeing of the owner of heaven and earth. either they were the beggiest liars in history or God can and has been seen by mortal men. i bear witnes to the fact that He can and has been seen. christian walker, i hav seen his hand written book. i do not know if u still visit this hub,reply if u do so we can talk.

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Yes, I do visit it and I'd be happy to talk with you. Anyone who knows God I'd love to hear their story.


yitzak ade profile image

yitzak ade 5 years ago from Ibadan, western nigeria

in replying to one of your other hubs, i accussed you of mixing up identities.if you were to read the bible , the books of yesha'yahu(isaiah) yeremyah, yechezkiel hosea to malachi, and then revelation according to Y'ochana(john), you find a common ground. They contain most times 1st person accounts of a literal seeing of Elohe Ya'akov.

"THe GOd of Yaakov.( i am pronouncing it in the correct way, Hebrew language.)Either they were and are the biggest frauds in the world ( they are not!)or they prove that man has indeed and can indeed see Him. and they were mostly honuored and very powerful- powerful enough to order earthquakes, famines(and go unscathed by the way)and virtually other and reorder kingdoms and peoples.they were not hungry and beaten and homeless.

There are basic signs for a man who can claim to have seen Him or have dealings with Him. In the book of deuteronomy, God told israel that if anyone spoke in His name and it does not come to pass, they can safely discard the person's words and even life. The Son of God speaking according to John read chapters 14 to 17( please ignore theology) told His own friends that whosoever beleives in His name, wolud do the same thing He did( which includes bringing a 4 to 6 days dead corpse back to life) nad even bigger things. the people He told that went on to do as He had done( check kepha-peter raising Dorcas).If we cannot do what He says, analysing- that would mean some mistakes are made. Either the name is not correct- and google-search jesus checking up wikipedia for that- or you do not beleive in the right person. the last documented account of one who history and legends if they may be beleived was about 1800 years ago. i have been reading your hub for months but i have to go back to where i missed because my words indict time onnet is up pleassas

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 5 years ago from Maryland Author

I will start of by admitting that I am having a hard time following what your are trying to convey. I am guessing that English is not your native tongue, so if I miss understand anything you have written, please forgive me.

What I have understood you to mean is that anyone who claims to know God should also do the works of God as Jesus did and that it has been 1800 years ago that such a person existed on earth.

If this is the case, then it begs the question as to why? Why is God so unknown among men. Is he unknowable? Is Paul Simon correct when he penned the lyrics, "God only knows, God makes His plan, the information's unavailable to mortal man"

The last thing I wonder about is the idea that we can edit any ancient religious text to our liking. In your case, isn't it a rather slippery slope to start leaving out the parts of the bible that you deem as inaccurate? If you can do it then anyone can do it and soon we have no authority left at all and our religion is just an exercise in propping up our own pet beliefs.

nanyak 5 years ago

i have always wanted to see an angel, some of the reasons i had given now sound flimsy as the main reason behind it is to help me know that he actually exists. One of the times i prayed, a still thought came to me saying 'showing u the angels is not difficult but where is your faith'. I didn't ask for one again cos i believe it was God himself speaking. The point is this, our God is very real but transcends the ordinary. Many of us expect spectacular experiences (angelic sightings etc) to help boost our faith but the Lord has said through his word that '..whoever comes to him must believe that he is...' which is the first step (well, to me it is). I have longed for the 'feeling' that God is right there with me but experience has shown me that i dont always have to feel his presence i just need to know its there and i guess that is what faith is about heb 11:1...

I dont know if ive made much sense but the bottom line is that God is very present and at work in our lives everytime.

funke 5 years ago

i wonder if we can edit and question social books, why cant we question d originality and authenticity of d Bible, afterall it is just d view and translation of men from d original spoken word of d Son of God. I am not saying this to spite religion but to give us a correct view of Him. He said except we become as a little child', a little child will want to know d reason for everything, maybe if u seek Him because u want to know and not because u want to justify religious data, you will find Him. dont try to validate d Bible, try to seek Him knowing what he can say in situations. I agree God is at work because no one seeks to know Him except God draws Him. I will like to continue this conversation later

EphremHagos profile image

EphremHagos 5 years ago from Addis Ababa

If you find Jesus Christ, you have found God.

Courtesy of some Greeks who sought audience with him, he has left his FORWARDING ADDRESS, a.k.a., self-revelation, in "the kind of death he was going to suffer" (John 12: 32-33). Christ's Spirit-active, perfect and diacritical death on the cross refers.

I have confirmed God's whereabouts beyond any shadow of doubt.

Apisco T 5 years ago

I also pray that God will reveal Himself to man more clearly. When I was in my twenties, I did an intensive search for God and asked Him to do something that will make me know without a doubt that He existed and that He was the one interacting with me. Then I had a clear vivid dream with the Bible open to Philippians 2: 12 onwards. I clearly read the words, especially verses 14 and 15, in the dream and then my eyes opened. I thought to myself: "Okay, now I will see if this is true since I did not know if there was even Philippians 2: 14, 15." I got up and went to my bookshelf to pick up a Bible and I almost dropped dead when I read the exact words in the Bible! The exact same words! It says "14Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe."

Since then, I have had other clear encounters with God but I still desire more. Yes, much more!

funke 5 years ago

in my culture, people often speak n paradox, like telling a small child to drink a cup of oil, whereas you mean to tell the child not to step near it. but is that how we view our heavenly Father when He said you will find me if you will seek me with the whole of your heart. Are we saying He doesnt mean it, or He is speaking n paradox? I am sure He meant it literary and we should not assume to say He will reveal Himself in a dream. I long to see His Face too and I'm sure He will reveal Himself Soooooooooon

Blessed 4 years ago

The lord revealed himself to me in a vision, his voice sounds like someone talking over many oceans. No one can match the voice of God. God will come to you if you search his word day and night. I am a witness to this. His presence feels like electricity is flowing inside of you when God touches you. I never seen his face, just heard his voice four or five times. I have been stress looking for him to speak to me once more, but all I receive is a bunch of visions! I could tell you all so much about this! If you have any questions let me know, and I will love to share my experience with you concerning God!

Christian Walker profile image

Christian Walker 4 years ago from Maryland Author

I would love to hear what God has told you. It would seem to me that it must be very profound since God does not speak audibly to most people.

Since you have heard him, maybe He expects you to tell others what He has tole you.

Please leave a comment with some of the things He has said to you.


serein 4 years ago

iv been searching all my life,i dont think im searching for god as i know god is real i dont know why i know that i just feel it,im rather searching for truth, for the right path for aceptence that he knows me and loves me, i know i love him,i just want to kinow if he loves me,i want to be on the right path that he walks on,the devil rules this world and all religions also to me god and faith is a personal thing not a man made religion,the scriptures were passed down for people to learn about god and learn about the people who folowed him and new him they were passed down to show us the way and to help us ,all the bible is essential in learning about him and what he wants from us and what he will give to us in return for our faith.most of the time i feel selfish as i look around me as i dont see good things and i feel odd that im not the same as everyone else i feel uncomfortable with the world as it is and it has made me become a bit of a lonler in life,my searc for god is a search for an answer that he sees me knows me and loves me and not the other way round

Blessed 4 years ago

@Christian, The first vision was the son of God walking in the form of clouds throughout the world. Christ was so huge no one could walk around him or hide from him. His robe stretched from the west to the east. When the lord speaks everything becomes silent, I was so terrified because in the vision I had no Idea what was going on. I was hearing sound one minute then all of a sudden it was like sound never existed. I could not even hear the wind blow. Then the lord spoke and said THOSE WHO ARE NOT SAVED IT IS TO LATE! Then I woke up, I did not understand what just happen. I tried to tell the pastor but he stated just was my concision. The lord came to me again and said COME TO ME! I was sacred out of my mind, I was asking who are you and what do you want with me! The lord spoke again in a vision, every time he spoke to me everything became silent and this voice is so powerful that the voice along could shake you soul. He said COME TO ME, I CHOOSE YOU, and showed me a vision of me dressed in a black robe filled with many colors and a name was written on stone" RED OCT HEK" I have no idea what this means. My life has changed so much I don't know what to do! No one in this time seems to have these in counters with the lord. Most Christians tell me that they hear from the lord but not like that. I feel left alone and not knowing what to do! I have so many visions about people in my life out of my life and things that will happen in the future that no one could know but God himself. The lord has been talking to me still but its been a year since he spoke to me audibly. Visions is still there and the anointing I feel over my life is still there! Should I go to a Bible school and act upon God calling. I really don't know what to do and a lot of pastor have no clue what to tell me. Christians don't believe that God will do the things he has done in the OT in this time and age! I have so much to tell I don't know how to tell it all. Even visions about Revelation.

Believer 4 years ago

Sir dent has answered this prety well !!! You could ask 1000s of men and women their opinion and that's what you would get their opinion !! If you want to know God pick up your Bible and read his promise his word and have FAITH and live knowing that His grace has given you hope . I pray that you find what your looking for brother , when you let God into your life you will know with out a doubt how it feels !!

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