Seasons of the Self

With each change of season we are given the opportunity to look deeper into our own personal seasons. Astrology is one way in which we can glean insight from the Universal themes of Nature, understanding that humanity is far from immune to her inevitability.

Each sign of the zodiac represents one part in the whole cycle of life. In our own lives these cycles manifest at different times and in different ways. Just as a winter in Florida is quite different than a winter in Alaska, a Leo may experience life quite differently than a Capricorn.

The following is a look at the signs that mark the change of seasons. Look at these energies in your chart to see where you are likely to experience your own Spring breakthroughs and Winter storms.

Spring (Aries, Taurus & Gemini): Aries marks the beginning of Spring and represents our capacity for growth and initiative, while Taurus shows how much we care about the seeds we have sown, Gemini indicates our willingness to share what we have with our community. In the human experience Spring is a time when the world seems ripe with possibilities. We are excited, passionate and social. These signs also indicate a need for clearing, organization of priorities and mastering our ability to follow through with what we start.

Summer (Cancer, Leo & Virgo): With Cancer bringing in Summer we are reminded of popsicle juice running down our arms and the comfort of a mother’s kiss on our scratched knee. Our internal summers are filled with fun, romance and the bliss of never ending days. We feel creative and vibrant, and the Summer signs show how we can experience all of these things with a child like attitude of invincibility. Leo and Virgo remind us to share our gifts and talents for the simple pleasure of sharing.

Fall (Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius): With the falling leaves comes the opportunity for new relationships and the chance to explore the world in ways that widen our perspective. This is the time for nourishing yourself with the fruits of your summer. Libra reminds us of the constant need for balance, while Scorpio provides energy for sustainability, Sagittarius gives us the mental strength to endure the coming winter.

Winter (Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces) - Capricorn starts the winter on a serious note, Aquarius brings the frosty weather needed to bring people together for warmth, Pisces turns ice into water and starts the cycle all over again. The coldness that settles with winter can best be overcome not by wishing for warmer days, but by relying on our inner fire to carry us through. The winter signs teach us that we cannot control the weather, we can simply be prepared. Winters can feel cold and lonely, but we must never forget the promise of Spring.

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