Seeing Mother Earth's Aura

See Mother Earth's Aura Through your onw Aura!

A key to predicting the future of the Earth?

Predicting the future of the Earth requires not only sophisticated occult knowledge but developing your imagination so that you can awaken your third eye. Therefore, in this article I am going to demonstrate you how to develop these techniques and actually see both our long and short term future. Although this requires some level of already developed vision skills, those who have not already these vision tools, will have the chance to unveil their strengths in the field of remote viewing.

Let's learn how to see images in the auras

Auras are our information energy structure through which we communicate with the external world as well as the world at the other side of the veil. In order to read the information encoded in the matrix of an energy information system of someone, you have to concentrate on his or her aura and try to see the images embedded in it. However, just like the human beings, the planet Earth is also a living being. It has its own soul, its briefs, and most importantly has its own evolutionary path which can be actually seen. Therefore, just like all living beings our planet as well as the other planets have auras too. For instance, our Sun is also a living creature which plays an important role in the evolution of human beings and what we see at its red and extremely hot surface is actually its aura. Unlike human aura, Earth’s aura is more visible. Thus, if you are to see Earth’s aura, you have to stare continuously at the satellites photos of its atmospheric movement and carefully match your visions with the date at which the photos have been taken. This is very important because apuzzle of the visions has to be made so that the bigger picture is allocated at a later stage.

Try to see into the clouds!

The ultimate experiment

I now propose you to try to see into Earth Aura. Concentrate in the picture. Try to see any shapes that appear. Have both a closer and a more distant view of the photo. See how the shapes are moving and shaping the future! This experiment is very much like looking into a cup of coffee and trying to predict the future of your friend. I also suggest that every one of you who is conducting this occult experiment, writes a comment of what exactly he or she is seeing. This is crucial because only by comparing and collecting our views, we may be able to order the mystical puzzle of the future.

Let’s start first with the picture of the Earth on the top of the page. And at a later stage we will introduce a set of new pictures and the dates at which they have been taken so as to try to connect our visions with what has happened as actual events on Earth at particular time and places.

I am waiting for your comments! I invite you to unveil together the future of the Earth!

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The future... 5 years ago

Our planet's future is not unlike our own... Looking into the future, various threats such as weather changes, upcoming wars and even Man's way of thinking will ruin the planet which will in turn ruin us...

I like this planet,this life,the people... but not everybody feels the same, not many realise our impact on the earth.

to be honest, we are all doomed. it was fun tho.

Matt 4 years ago

It would be nice to have the ability of distinguishing between energies flowing into the Earth and energies flowing from.

Claudia 3 years ago

Not to scare anyone but I seen a bad energy on the top middle portion from the pictue and in the more closer picture I seen bad thinggs I dont know how I did but I did, bad things happening in different countries in the eorld, specificly actual people and families. What the hell?

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