Set Free In Christ

A Look At Romans Chapter 8

There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.


By seeing Paul started chapter eight with therefore we need to look back to chapter seven and see just what had been taught. The therefore shows the truth of what had just been taught. I heard on old preacher once say when we are reading our Bibles and see wherefore or therefore then we need to stop and see why it is there for. So as Paul started this chapter we need to go back to chapter seven to at least verse 13 and read to the end of the chapter.

Chapter 7 Law cannot save from sin

Chapter seven teaches us the Law of God cannot save us from our sin, but, rather it exposes where we fall short of the glory of God. Paul said," I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." He realized it is only through Christ we are saved, no matter to what extent we obeyed the law. The law is important and something we should strive to keep. Being in this mortal flesh we cannot keep the law and need an advocate (someone to stand between us and God) which is Christ Jesus. When we accept Christ we are according to II Corinthians 5:17 a new creation in Christ. But my friends this fleshly body we live in is still under corruption. Yes, our soul is saved, our spirit is born unto Christ as in John chapter three and Jesus talking with Nicodemus. But this flesh is still going to die, our bodies are still under subjection to the sin of Adam and we are going to wither and grow old, yet our spirit remains. It is not until we are raptured up or die a physical death that our body will put on incorruption. This is what causes us to sin, to fall short, but, praise God because of grace we are set free from our sin. When we sin we have a Holy High Priest in Jesus Christ that we may ask forgiveness. He will grant that to us, he will constantly go between us and our Father God interceding and pleading our case. So when we sin Jesus says to God, (paraphrased a bit here)" Father this is my child, they have accepted the blood atonement, I have paid their debt of sin. They call on my name for their salvation, and they are forgiven by me." God has no choice at that point but to forgive us. This is grace, unmerited favor.

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The law of the Spirit is what we are saved by. That law was Jesus Christ being the final sacrifice. His being hung on the cross, nailing my sin on Him. He suffered so I would not have to. He died so I would not have to. My spirit shall always live. Therefore I am save by the law of the Spirit and not the law of sin. The law of sin points out my sin. It was made to show us how far away from God we truly are.  For this study we need to read Romans 7:13-25 and chapter 8:1 17. Paul constantly is talking of the difference in walking in the sin of the law or walking in the law of the Spirit. Or better yet for ease of explanation, walking the ways of the world and flesh is walking in the law of sin. Walking after the spirit is putting off the fleshly body and walking in the spiritual body we have let be born by receiving Jesus Christ as our Saviour. 


 Grace is so often misunderstood by Christians as well as the lost. Grace is simply unmerited favor. In other words by accepting Jesus we have been given a free gift. The free gift of salvation. Galatians 5:1 tells us Christ has made us free. Ephesians 2:8 It is the gift of God. Romans 6: 23 but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Verse 22 tells us we are set free from sin because of what Jesus did on Calvary. Salvation is a free gift of God through Jesus Christ, therefore~~GRACE. There is nothing we have done to deserve it, there is nothing we can do to earn it. It is totally free. Suppose I gave you a car, any car you may want. I say here it is it is yours no strings attached, it is yours. Just take it. That would be a free gift. But, if I said here is a car for you, once you mow my yard all summer, take care of the garden, watering and pulling weeds, getting in the mail and such then it is yours, then that is not a free gift. You afterwards would have earned it. Ephesians 2:8-10 tells us best about grace. "For by grace (unmerited favor) you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." NKJV So the law shows us where and how we fall short but grace is given so we have an advocate, a place to turn, and that place is to he cross, to Jesus and what He did for us. Praise God He knew me and knew where I would fail and He loved me so much He prepared a way for me to reach Him, all I had to do was come to the cross.

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PlanksandNails profile image

PlanksandNails 5 years ago from among the called out of the ekklesia of Christ

Thanks Michael,

You are on a roll my friend.

God's law in Exodus 20 shows us who God is and isn't and His true nature.

Our God is a jealous God who wants an exclusive relationship with all of us and all the affections of our hearts.

How many times do we cheat (adultery) on Him for our own carnal worldly affections?

Jesus Christ is jealous for us and sees our lives as a treasure. His laws attest to His character and His grace attests to His steadfast love for us all.


Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Amen you got that right, thanks for the great reply.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 5 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


Thanks for a clear and concise explanation of law and grace. Thank God for His grace so we don't have to be judged by the law.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Amen Lifegate,

It is so sweet to trust in Jesus

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

Michael: Great Hub Brother! "Therefore" to me has always meant that there is some pre-requisite for what is to be or what is to happen. You are so right. Because of this and that we can therefore expect this new feature. Because and therefore go together like sugar and cream in a coffee.

exjwlaurie 5 years ago


Voted up and awesome because you say so much here--more than I ever knew in all my years as a JW. I only learned of the "grace" of God when I was 51 years old. You describe this gift so perfectly here--so much truth, here in this hub. Thank you for sharing this writing, I loved every word!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


ewww, sugar and cream in coffee? I drink it strong and black don't like "mud" as my brother in-law calls it with the cream added. Just kidding! You are so right we need to see what happened or was said when we see he therefore or wherefore. We need to look back and see just where the writer was coming from. That is one of the 2 chapters in the Bible where scholars have said Romans 7 & 8 are divided and 7 should have been continued a bit more.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Thank you so much I am so glad you liked this and that you have seen the truth and grace provided only through Jesus Christ as our Saviour. It always blows me away when people leave such a great comment as you have. I really just try to put down some thoughts on my mind and then I receive such a great comment, God is to be praised,AMEN, without Him I could never put the first words together.. Also glad to see you on The Great American Fast site!

RevLady profile image

RevLady 5 years ago from Lantana, Florida

A great exposition of a very important truth. Thanks for sharing.

Forever His

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Thank you for the comment I am glad there are others too that spread the TRUTH,

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 5 years ago from Massachusetts

Hi Michael, thank you for sharing this life saving truth in this hub, it is just what i needed to read today ! May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you always !

Awesome and vote up !!!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Thanks for the reply glad it was timely for you and you enjoyed, and may Jesus be in and with you also

tinamarie9884 5 years ago

Michael, very beautifully written. As you wrote, the law of the Spirit is what we are saved by, Excellent hub!!

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author


Thank you very much yes the law of the Spirit is what we are saved by and what we live by also, and it is through that Spirit we can do all things.

Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

I love how you put this together. It really touched my heart. Great work and peace be with you! Proud to read your work! voted up

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us. Author

Jo- Thank you for the comment I am glad it has touched your heart, that is my aim in writing hubs.

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