Silence Surrounded by Noise


Ruin is a difficult habit to break

The Wounds of it may never heal

The lives you lead are different

From the lies you tell us

Nothing exists unless you perceive it

Your life does not fit into mine

You chose illusions for entertainment

A perceptual dysfunction detonated by weakness

Silence is surrounded by noise

God is what is missing

Noise in the form of a friend

Time is trivial

There are spaces between days

Regrets are always too late

Participate in the action of life

As though it were a performance.

Leave only love to stay in the brain

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freelancewriterva profile image

freelancewriterva 6 years ago

Your statements "Silence is surrounded by noise" and "Noise in the form of a friend." resonate with me. I am reading a book titled Distracted and your comment about silence is appropriate.

loveofnight profile image

loveofnight 6 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

"Participate in the action of life

As though it were a performance".

there are many among us that treat life in this way......a good share

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