Skanda Vale

Skanda vale

The statue of Durga at Skanda Vale
The statue of Durga at Skanda Vale

The Skanda vale temple at Carmarthen county of West Wales near Lampeter is called "Community of the Many Names of God". It was in 1973 that Guru Subramanium visited this place and realized the existence of God at the tranquil location. In cooperation with Rev. James Keeler, intermediary of the Presbiterian Free Church of Scotland and the high commission of Sri Lanka they decided to form the Community of the Many Names of God, and later buy a farm to form a monastery for all religions. In 1978 the monastery bought a vast 115 acres of bordering land. In taking the custom of the Hindu religion the Guru established a multi-faith Temple making sure that people of all religions and denominations could worship here.

Shambo the temple bull

In 1981, then president of Sri Lanka, president Jayawardena presented the Skanda vale temple with a baby elephant which is still alive to the present day. Today a large number of various animals are cared for. It was recently in 2007, the scared bullock called Shambo was taken away by Carmarthenshire country council due to it contracting bovine TB. A major world wide campaign activated to save him with fruitless results.

In 1996, Subramanium Temple (also known as the Lord Skanda or Lord Murugan) was built and in 1999 a temple dedicated to the Lord Narayana was completed.

Skanda Vale Temple Llanpumsaint in Wales

Queuing for Prasad after the pooja
Queuing for Prasad after the pooja

Valli the elephant at Skanda vale

Today it receives a more than a million visitors from Cardiff and around the country a year and caters free of charge and one can stay as long as they like. In 2002 the temple established a day care hospice and an In-Care unit at Llandysul in Carmarthenshire. The aim currently is to convert the establishment into to "Residential Care Centre" available to all, regardless of geographical place.

The easiest way of getting to the Skanda vale temple is by M4 motorway. However, the path to the temple is only narrow enough for the allowance of one vehicle to pass at a time.

Contact Skanda Vale Temple

The Community of the Many Names of God
Skanda Vale
SA33 6JT
United Kingdom

Tel: 01559 384 421: Fax: 01559 384 999

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hansa 7 years ago

We like to stay for two days at temple and would like to do sawa .Can you please tell us how to come by train from London.My email- Jai mataji.

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