Sleep Paralysis - My Experience and Findings

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How it started...

It was around October 2002, another normal day in Karachi, Pakistan where our family was sitting in the lounge watching tv, and my sister was asleep in the bedroom. People who have lived in Karachi, know very well that the electricity supply is not the most reliable commodity available, and we used to have frequent power outages, mostly in the nighttime during summer, when power consumption for air conditioners was at its peak.

The power went out, so we switched on the natural gas lamp in the kitchen which provided us with some light into the lounge. We then started talking on various topics as we could not sleep due to the intense heat and it was around 1:30am when i heard my sister who was sleeping, firstly in a crackled voice and the second time a much louder and clearer voice shout "is anyone there ... is anyone there...".

We didn't know what had happened so we all jumped out of our seats and ran to the dark room, other family members followed with candles. We asked her what happened and she said she could not breathe or move.

No one had ever heard of anything like it, so we were all a bit worried. This started to happen more frequently with time, like every other day where she would wake up screaming the same thing and it was always between 12am and 4am for some reason. We have a cousin who is a doctor and lived on the floor below us and we troubled him the first few times to see what was going on. After a while I knew there was no medical help for this kind of issue.

Finding help...

The situation with my sister got worse, it came to point where she started laughing in someone elses voice and the episodes lasted for hours ... I have never been more scared in my entire life. We are a religious bunch and we are muslims so my father used to read the Quran to her when she was in this state, but i will not eleborate on that further as we are talking about sleep paralysis in this article.

About 1 month had passed and at this stage I started worrying as soon as the sun went down because i did not know what was going to happen that night.

Ramadan is our holy month, where satan is locked-up for the whole month and where we fast daily from sunrise to sunset. At the time I thought it's definitely something to do with satan and now that the holy month of Ramadan is upon us, nothing will happen to my sister for the whole month. I was proved wrong in the early days of Ramadan when it happened again and it had left me a little perplexed, and questioning the whole situation and that part of my belief system.

I used to meet up with my friends at a cafe every night from about 8pm to 11pm. When i really got worried about the whole situation at home I had to talk my friends about it, to see if they knew anything about this kind of thing and to get some support. One of my friends (i'll call him John) had experienced sleep paralysis before and he told me what had happened to him. He has also seen a dark shadow and has also met the dark shadow in person, once again a different story.

We decided that we needed to go and see a spiritual person, who might be able to help us understand what was happening and provide us with a solution. The question was "who to go to?" there are many spiritual people in Karachi who are fakes and just do it for the money and others do the opposite of what you ask so we needed a trustworthy person. While discussing with my friends, luckily another friend (i'll call him Ted) walked in the cafe and I told him the story. Ted said that he had been to all the spiritual people in Karachi and knows one guy (will call him Sam) who is visiting Karachi from another city in Pakistan called Lahore.

So we decided to go visit Sam the spiritual guy. The next day instead of sitting at the cafe with John, Ted and other friends we, went to meet Sam. The norm in Karachi is just to show up at someone's place without calling ahead and making an appointment. We knocked on the door of his house and found out that Sam was attending a wedding ceremony somewhere and would be back in about 30 mins. So we waited for him in the car.

I was expecting an old man with white hair and a white beard and a typical muslim cap which we wear when praying and the typical pakistani outfit called shalwar kameez, but when i saw Sam, he seemed in his mid 40's, no beard, no cap only a moustache otherwise clean shaved, and about 6foot 2inches in height, wearing a dress pant (khaki's) and an office type blue coloured shirt.

I was introduced to Sam by Ted and I was invited into the house...


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The Talk with Sam...

After seating ourselves in the lounge and settling down, I explained the whole situation to Sam and asked him if he had any solution to the problem.

He got up and grabbed a pen and a blank piece of paper, then asked for my sisters name and my mothers name. Once I had given this information to him he started doing some mathematical calculations and continued for the next 5 minutes or so, then ended up with the number 7 on my mothers name and circled it. Then he worked on my sisters name and ended up again with the number 7 and circled it. So basically there were two number 7's circled on the paper. Then he started his explanation.

The results on the paper meant that my sister was possessed with a Jinn, and he said he could not help because he was leaving the city in 2 days time. So I had to find a local person who could help with removing the Jinn that was troubling my sister.

I will just put the definition of a Jinn here and will discuss about it in another article. Definition is taken from wikipedia.

Jinn (Arabic: جن‎ ǧinn, singular جني ǧinnī ; variant spelling djinn) or genies are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Together, jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of Allah. According to the Qur'an, there are two creations that have free will[citation needed]: humans and jinn. Religious sources say barely anything about them; however, the Qur'an mentions that jinn are made of smokeless flame or "scorching fire".[1] Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent.[2]

So, that explanation cleared my thoughts about satan being locked up in Ramadan with these things still happening. I asked him a couple of questions about her screaming when she wakes up and why all that was happening. Sam explained about the Jinn further.

He told me they are just like humans and they have kids too, the kids can be naughty and one of the tricks they play is to scare humans. They can change their shape (similar to genies as seen in movies/cartoons) and if they want to scare someone all they need to do is float under any object like a cup on the table and "stand up" or lift it. The human can only see the cup in mid air and 90% of people will scream and run off. That's the end of the Jinn kids fun.

Others however watch the humans in their houses and end up loving them. Now if you have someone you have loved, especially a kid in the house maybe. Sometimes you want to hug them so hard that the kid cannot breath. Similarly the Jinn comes on top of you and spreads itself over your like a blanket and gives you a great big hug. You cannot move because it's holding you and you cannot breathe because it's either covering your mouth and nose like a blanket or has your chest pressed down that you cannot inhale. It will hold you as hard as it can but cannot kill you as they have not been given the power by Allah to do so. Even so, if they are hugging you they would not want to kill you. Once you are close to being out of breath, they let go and you are free again. Sometimes the naughty kids, will rotate you in your bed while you are awake and you'll be rotating on the bed or being dragged here there and everywhere (this happened with my friend John). Some people wake up screaming because of being out of breath and just frightened by the whole situation, others do not scream. Everyone's reaction to it is different and in my sisters case it was the screaming scenario. And this is basically the explanation of Sleep Paralysis.

I asked him how to protect my sister from all this. One thing he mentioned was that there is always a path from the door of any room to the window, like a small passage. He mentioned to stay clear of that passage when sleeping, meaning the bed should not be in the middle of the window and the door. The chances of a passer-by Jinn messing with you is higher if you are in it's route. He also said to remain in the state of ablution (it's a Ritual of purification with water) while going to bed. In this state the Jinns cannot come within 20 feet or yards of you and also told me one or two prayers for protection.

After a few days of talking with Sam I personally experienced sleep paralysis for the first time (I did not use his advice for protection against the Jinn on myself), I could not breathe when i woke up and could not move anything but the tip of my index finger. I could open my eyes and could look in one direction, could not move my head at all, I tried to move as hard as i could but it was no use. I knew exactly what was happening, which i guess is why i was not scared at all. I started reading the protection prayer known as the Ayat-ul-Kursi (works without ablution too) and as soon as i finished the last verse I was free and could breathe again.


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After meeting Sam I felt much better and understood what was going on. I had one or two more sleep paralysis episodes but haven't had any in quite a few years now. My sister's episodes did reduce but did not end with Sam's advice. It took about another year to clear out her problems. We had to get further help from a local person and now she is totally fine.

Even if you do not believe in my findings, I hope you enjoyed reading this hub.

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poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

I enjoyed the personal you applied to the topic at hand. It made it a much more human experience as opposed to just the presentation of a phenomenon.

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

@poetvix, glad you enjoyed it.

thanks for stopping by. :)

shamani67 profile image

shamani67 5 years ago

Well written. You have a great grasp of the english language. Pleasant reading. Look forward to reading more of your hubs. I will remained tuned. Cheers

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

thanks shamani. :)

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Fascianting hub and I like the personal touch rather than the account being second hand. This was a very frightening experience for your sister and I'm glad that she is now better.

I loved this hub and hopefully you will write more on the Jinn. voted up + awesome!!

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

thanks Seeker7, will definitely write more in time. :)

thanks for reading.

Shaisty-Chase-Tea profile image

Shaisty-Chase-Tea 5 years ago from The Outskirts

how do you tell if a person is fake on facebook?




Post a beatiful video on their page during Ramadan and write "this is offensive" (because it is Ramadan) and they will watch it a thousand times and not know if it is or not...

I wrote you a way longer post comment that explained my personal experience with sleep paralasis but it got fudged, by length maybe...

you write real good, maybe good enough to teach me urdu if you know it... i only know "yar" and "dost" but don't know what is the difference in how and what countries use which ones... i thought jinn was spelled Djinn???

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

thanks Shaisty - I would love to hear about your experience with sleep paralysis. you should write a hub if too long to post here.

Urdu ... i can read it, but with great difficulty. my urdu speaking power is good. can communicate at all levels (as they say in job interviews). Always happy to help out if you want to learn more.

yar - means friend.

dost - means friend


he is my yar - shows deep relation(mainly used by older generations or as i've seen in movies in the punjab area).

he is my dost - he is my friend

yar can you pass me the box of chocolates - most commonly used between dost's... not many people would say dost pass me the box of chocolates, unless they want to emphasize the relationship.

phew... i hope that made sense.

Jinn and Djinn are the same thing different spellings have been used. i've done quite a bit of research on them after this hub and will be publishing the hub on the jinn in a week or so.

thanks for stopping by. :)

Faceless39 profile image

Faceless39 5 years ago from The North Woods, USA

This is a fantastic hub, and it's so interesting to hear about yourself and where you come from! It really adds a nice personal touch. I've known a few people who suffered from sleep paralysis, so interesting to read about it here. Thanks!

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

thanks Faceless39 ... quite a number of people enjoyed the personal touch in the story... i have a couple more stories to share and will try to keep the personal touch in them. I will also be publishing a hub on the Jinn soon, it talks about sleep paralysis as well.

thanks for the comment and stopping by. :)

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

Wow, I've never heard this explanation for sleep paralysis and the spirits that show up during sleep paralysis. I've experienced this twice in my life...the last time was incredibly frightening and was even accompanied by hallucinations...too frightening. I never would've imagined it might be a Jinn that has become obsessed with

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

hey kittythedreamer... it could be other things than an obsessed Jinn, but in some cases it is. you mentioned hallucinations and i can confirm that Jinn can create illusions for a short period of time.

i'm glad its not a regular thing for you. I think its more to do with the location as well. My Jinn hub is out now ... if you want to understand them better.

thoughthole profile image

thoughthole 5 years ago from Utah

Interesting take on sleep paralysis. I do suffer from very odd episodes of this from time to time, I unfortunately have no way to stay out of the path of the Jinn while I sleep as I live in a tiny house, so I guess I just have to roll with it as it comes. Vote Up!

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

thanks thoughthole. i know a few other ways to keep safe from the Jinn but they're all specifically for muslims. If you want to try any of them out then let me know i can share with you but cannot guarantee it will work (unless you're a muslim).

i hope Almighty gives you more strength to fight the episodes you face, and eases your discomfort.

all the best.

Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 5 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

Salam. It's happening to me a lot long times ago. Sometimes Ayatul Qursi couldn't help me. But I'm free now. Never Sleep before Isya and without Wudhu indeed help. Interesting story to share. Thank you. ^^

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

Wsalaam Freya,

thanks for the tip ... i'm glad you're free now but interesting to know that Ayatul Qursi did not work on you... it's worked 100% for me and for everyone i know. thanks for your input. :)

Bbudoyono profile image

Bbudoyono 5 years ago

arksys, your hub is very interesting. I like it, voted up.

arksys profile image

arksys 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

thanks Bbudoyono :)

profile image

brentshaw 4 years ago

Your hub is a bit scary but I got entertained as well :) . Thank you for sharing this, surely now you know how to recognize a sleep paralysis from that of any paranormal activity.

arksys profile image

arksys 4 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

thanks brentshaw ... was definitely scary and all new for me at the time... now that i understand things better i don't get scared much... sam's words don't seem as true to me now, but i think whatever he said at the time helped me through that period.

thanks again for your comment. ;)

profile image

Cnan 3 years ago

Great hub arksys.. :) I used to have sleep paralysis quite often. not at that level you described about your sister. but exactly that what you experienced yourself. i don't get scared or scream. but i want to talk to that Jinn. Please share if you know any easy way to communicate with them..

Thanks.. :)

profile image

Cnan 3 years ago

Great hub arksys.. :) I used to have sleep paralysis quite often. not at that level you described about your sister. but exactly that what you experienced yourself. i don't get scared or scream. but i want to talk to that Jinn. Please share if you know any easy way to communicate with them..

Thanks.. :)

arksys profile image

arksys 3 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

I wish i knew a way to communicate with them Cnan, but i don't ... if you ever do find a way then please let me know...

Thanks for stopping by...

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Irfan...A fascinating story that I can believe easily. I try not to close my mind to the possibility of all things.....anything. There are far too many strange happenings that are very difficult to explain or understand. To simply dismiss them or take none of them seriously, I think would be foolish.

I would have been frightened at first too and tried to find a solution. Once we have an idea why strange incidents may be occurring, the fear will disappear.

I have heard of sleep paralysis. The explanation and remedy you received actually makes sense.

Thanks for the intriguing tale...Up++++

arksys profile image

arksys 2 years ago from Adelaide, Australia Author

I have had it a number of times myself ... i keep experimenting with it whenever it happens to see the responses and effects and to see if its really supernatural or just a state of mind.

thanks for stopping by and for all the Ups... :)

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