Soul-Is It the Center of Consciousness?

The Computer or the Brain?

If the question is, the chicken or the egg, then for my money it was the egg. It most likely was the chicken's ancestor which happened to be bombarded by radiation or EMF impulses from the sun or any number of things which caused the mutation within the cells of that egg to change it into what we now call a “chicken.”

The same question can be applied to the bodies of those creatures which are the forerunners of homo sapien, us. Granted, this happened thousands, perhaps millions of years in the past, but the process was probably the same. Whether that change was brought about by environmental changes or climate changes or alien intervention with our DNA (a theory which makes a great deal of sense if looked at objectively), mankind most likely didn't just appear on Earth as the “supposedly intelligent” erect creatures that we are today. The process was slow. It is still happening; we are constantly changing, though not all of the changes are visible to the naked eye. Our bodies will either adapt to the climate changes taking place, or we will not survive at a species.

Today, computers are rapidly moving to the point of being more efficient, more complex, and more adaptable than the human brain, the model from which it was created. It is possible that one day humans may not be necessary for the existence of a robotic race to exist on Earth. Perhaps it's even possible that the “aliens” that are constantly being seen in our skies are in reality robots/androids from another civilization which predates our own and which has far surpassed our intellectual, industrial, and technological capabilities. Perhaps they are even “other dimensional beings.” It's food for thought!

It is possible that even today we are being “moved” forward technologically by more advanced beings. Looking back at history, there are many “moments” where science and learning seemed to “skip forward” inexplicably. Could it be that those “visitors” stopped by to give us a helping hand? Again, food for thought!

Taking this discussion to another level requires a consideration of the human “soul,” that enigmatic, mysterious “thing” that humans claim separates them from most other lifeforms, at least on Earth. There are those who would argue that other animals have souls too, though they lack the intellectual ability to easily communicate through spoken language in the manner that humans do. Certainly people “speak” to their dogs and cats, and the claim is that there is an exchange of thoughts and feelings. There could very well be, if those who say that all living creatures have souls and are merely the reincarnations of previous humans or other animals. It's an interesting concept for those of us with open minds, minds not infected with the traditional, non-Eastern religious indoctrination.

So, what is this “soul,” and from where did it come? Certainly there is no definitive answer to this question. For me the soul is that transitional connector between this life (what we perceive to be our consciousness, our experience in this dimension or plane of existence) and the unknown (either other dimensions or our real selves or the collective knowledge of eternity known as the Akashic Records or Library) which exists after our body dies (for whatever reason).

There are many reports (claims) that certain people (mediums) have the ability to contact those who have died, but there is no real proof of that. It would be nice if that were possible, but until I have such an experience, I have to put it in that category of “possible” only. I do believe that souls reincarnate many times, but whether it is a Karma thing or simply a choice that souls make to gain experience, I'm not certain. Thee are too many cases of young children (from 2-6 years old, I think) who suddenly tell their parents about their previous lives, and in great detail. These children are able to relate stories of their own deaths, where they used to live, and even be taken to meet their previous families, demonstrating knowledge and feelings that should be impossible. The memories seem to fade as they get older. Perhaps its the nature of life, the reincarnation process, for them to move on to the new experience until their next death. Until each of us dies and our “consciousness or soul” returns to wherever, we won't know about ourselves.

I read somewhere about a scientist who positioned a person's body on a scale throughout the death event. Within moments of death, the body weighed less than it did when alive. It was a minuscule amount of weight, a few grams I think, but something happened; something “left” the body at that moment of death. One conclusion that can be drawn from this experiment (assuming all conditions remained the same) is that there really is something which constitutes this soul or life force. Where it goes and when it originally enters the body is the subject of great debate. For me, it enters the body during the birthing process. It returns to some sort of “waiting room” until it decides to be born into another life, whatever kind of life that is. I know that this conflicts with what most religious institutions teach, but there is no proof that anything different happens.

My brain, my heart, my gut tell me that this explanation is more reasonable for me than buying into the questionable stories created by men of little education who lived two thousand years ago and wrote commentaries based on their dreams and memories with the goal of glorifying the teaching of the man who they admired and followed, namely Jesus of Nazareth. No offense to them or those who believe everything that they wrote as if it were the “inspired words of a God,” but the stories are too simplistic an explanation for the creation of the universe, life, and by what rules humans should live.


Oztinato profile image

Oztinato 15 months ago from Australia

A belief in aliens is the atheist equivalent of a "science religion" akin to scientology. In a sense you belong to a religion.

GEORGE ROBERT profile image

GEORGE ROBERT 15 months ago from Currently reside in NE Arkansas Author

Considering possibilities other than a "God" does not mean that you make a religion out of that belief. I'm not convinced that anything other than "life being just a miraculous accident" is what happened. No one can explain why life exists.

Oztinato profile image

Oztinato 15 months ago from Australia

Scientology is a religion that claims aliens are god. Many atheists share the idea that science is god like and infallible and that aliens are like JC.

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