Spiritual Universe

Connecting with the Spiritual Universe is a vital practice for following a spiritual path, pursuing personal growth, or living a more peaceful and harmonious life. The spiritual universe is that sacred space we visit when we commune with our Higher Power. When we enter this space daily, we are grounded, centered and connected to Spirit. Life has more meaning.

The Spiritual Universe is infinite in size and limited by our imaginations only. We can meet with our inner wisdom, inner guide, spirit angels or guardian angel. It is a wondrous space for dreaming and soul journeys.

When we enter this sacred space, we can meditate and do so much with our imaginations. We can float in nothingness surrounded by stars and The Living Force. We can feel the love of the force breath into us and re-vitalize our cells. We can breath deeply and allow Source to send loving, white light down through the crown of our head. It circulates throughout our body, removing all toxins and healing every organ.

These are rejuvenating and healing type meditations. We can also do “Loving Kindness”, “Gratitude” and “Meet with your Spirit Guide.” There is so much we can do with meditation in the Spiritual Universe.

The Spiritual Universe

The Universe
The Universe

There are other things we can do for spirituality.  We may journal to the Universe, giving thanks for the blessings in our life. We may pray to our Higher Power and express gratitude.We may connect with the Universe and ask for guidance. We may make requests to the Universe. If we are in need of something or if there is something we truly desire, we can use the law of attraction and the Universe will provide. All we have to do is conceive, believe and receive.

The spiritual universe may only come to us in dreams, through sacred moments, trance-like states and guided imagery, but it is every bit as real as the physical universe we see in a telescope, but only better. It is both magical and sacred.  And it will help us on a spiritual path through life.


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