Spiritual Wedgie

Every Thursday, I find myself rolling into a church off of Franklin Rd at 8:30pm, sitting there trying to prepare my mind for the spiritual encounter I am about to be a part of. Sacntuary; Sustaining And Creating New Treasures Under A Righteous Yehweh. Sanctuary is an hour of God’s overwhelming love flooding a room filled with His chosen generation and moving every heart, soul, and body inside it.

My heart moved. A heart which has been lost amongst the previous weeks anxiety, worry, and unforeseen events is immediately brought back to a heart of worship. A heart that is now longing to not only give everything to worshiping an omnipotent and sovereign God, but also, a heart that has been refocused to loving all His people. I find Sanctuary to be the pool which lays at the bottom of a huge waterfall descending from Heaven. Heaven’s ocean of Love flooding off the edge and crashing into a room filled with hundreds of God’s children eager and waiting for the Beautiful chaos that insues when the flood of Heaven’s Love crashes down. Love filling every crack and crevice in my heart to push me toward the source of it’s meaning and beauty.

My soul transformed. A soul which is heavy ladened with everything that has gone wrong in my far from perfect life, a weight more than that of the earth, is lifted immediately off my shoulders. A soul that is now free from the bondage of the past weeks temptations and sins, and is now flying on wings like eagles. I find Sanctuary to be a Heavenly alter where I can lift up everything that is weighing my soul down and feel the hands of God take them from me. I find in Sanctuary God’s voice constantly saying “I love you. I love you. I love you.” “I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.” Truly amazing is the grace that has saved a soul like mine.

My body moved. This is where it gets exciting. A body that once held an unfocused heart and a heavy soul has now been moved, and I can’t help but physically move my body to the melody of God’s yearning for me to encounter him in new ways each week. I’m now standing where the waterfall crashes into the room and the water is being moved every which way in symmetric chaos. My body has no choice but to follow it’s path. My arm raised and body moving up and down is the very evidence that God is working in me and lifting me up. Spiritual chaos is the only way I can explain it, and as the night comes to an end I find God’s sense of humor. Every Thursday at 8:30 I pull into Sanctuary and prepare my mind for the Spiritual encounter that awaits me, and every Thursday at 10:00 I leave sanctuary with a Wedgie of Spiritual proportions. No belt, boxers, or pants can prevent or prepare me for God lifting my heart, soul, and body into His hands.


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