Spiritual growth through ease and effortlessness

Spiritual growth through ease and effortless is part of evolving!
Spiritual growth through ease and effortless is part of evolving! | Source

We don't need to suffer to move forward Spiritually

My pal Jill Lebeau, co-author of Feng Shui Your Mind~Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life, and I were chatting on the phone the other day, and Jill shared with me her desire to live her life with ease and effortlessness. Both of us were born in New York, and we share that ‘gotta get it done right now’ mentality; so when she opened up about her philosophy of living with ease and effortlessness, I was immediately intrigued.

We joked about developing a Scarlett O’Hara attitude of ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow,’ but really, all I could think about after we hung up was, Is it truly possible to incorporate ease and effortlessness into our lives as we strive to expedite our Spiritual growth? After all, the word ‘expedite’ means to speed up or rush, and personally, I’m all about getting through Karmic lessons as quickly as possible.

After meditating on Jill’s words, I realized that while my Guide Groups are all about helping us expedite our Spiritual growth, they’ve also channeled two books that revolve around teaching us to spot windows of opportunity for learning and growth more quickly, so that we can live our lives with less drama and pain. My epiphany here is that less drama is certainly compatible with ease and effortlessness: Spotting windows of opportunity and taking action to learn our lessons is important; but it doesn’t mean that we have to force things to happen. It means that we need to be aware of what’s going on in our lives and take appropriate action to move forward.

I’m in love with the thought of living life with ease and effortlessness, and so I went back to Jill and asked her if she had any advice for me and for my wonderful Readers, so that we can incorporate this philosophy into our lives; and she graciously provided the following insight and wisdom, plus a list of steps for us:

Sherri, I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to co-write this article with you, and I have four important steps to share with you and your Readers. But let’s begin with our phone call. We had such a great, high energy conversation filled with soul, joy, and laughter-- the perfect ingredients to create through ease and effortlessness. You could say we were and are in the flow… of life itself. Those four little words, ‘going with the flow,’ are the essence of living a life that’s infused with ease and effortlessness.

Yes, I agree completely that it is essential that we cultivate awareness to live with less drama, less pain, and not get stuck in suffering. However, awareness can’t be rushed or forced. It’s more of an ‘allowing’ state. I love the principle from A Course in Miracles that ‘infinite patience produces immediate results.’ Let’s break this down, okay? The cluttered mind thrives on drama and fear. So, it has a sneaky, seductive way of overtaking us, pulling us down into its clutches, and convincing us that we need to kick down those doors in order to access opportunities.

This is the exact opposite of using our energy efficiently, living in the spirit of ease and effortlessness. Clarity through contrast moment…I will never forget watching Oprah interview Sir Richard Branson, theEnglish business magnate, who is the founder and chairman of the Virgin Group of more than 400 companies worldwide. Oprah asked him if her crew could film his office, when they were touring his amazing residence. Richard pointed to his hammock… explaining that he does most of his work there because he runs his companies in the hammock, using his cell phone to allow access to all of his companies around the world. How’s that for an image of ease and effortlessness? That image has been indelibly etched on my mind. My friend Adrianna and I often ask each other, ‘Are you getting enough hammock time?’

So, we need to practice mastering the cluttered mind, the conditioned part of us that readily obscures our Spiritual power – if we let it. That’s the key. Mental clutter obscures our true nature. We are a part of nature, and like nature itself, our true nature functions in perfect harmony, balance, efficiency and total ease. That’s precisely how we can spot our windows of opportunity… quickly and efficiently, through playfulness and joy – not through force!

Everything that manifests starts with the intentions we set. At the start of this year, my intention was to deepen my practice of living in faith and ease. I felt called to go within and connect with my Divine inner spark. So that’s what I did. Through honoring that guidance, I practiced getting quiet, drawing from sources of high frequency energy and wisdom as well as relinquishing my need to look for my power outside myself. I stopped fighting life and instead focused on accepting and appreciating my life as it was unfolding. I made myself available to the universe, to move through me for the highest good. I practiced releasing my attachment to how and when that would show up.

As the year draws to a close, I am thrilled to share that among the many benefits of living this way, I have felt more peaceful than ever, more gratitude for my life, more love in my heart to share with others and here’s the added bonus – my practice has been on fire! So are you ready to create your life using the least amount of energy to produce the greatest success? Check out these supercharged steps for living with more ease, less stress. These are steps that I live and thrive by, and love to teach others how to best implement in their lives.

  1. Declutter your mind. Our roaring cluttered mind (some call it the voice that never shuts up) seduces us into believing that life inevitably must be hard and that we are all alone…separate from our Source, separate from each other, separate from nature. Again, when we are at its mercy, no wonder we feel the need to push our way through life! Learning how to declutter your mind is essential to living a life of ease and joy. Remember, the clutter in your mind is highly adept at blocking out the ease and joy that your oh-so-soft-speaking Spirit is always guiding you to claim for yourself. As one of my beloved spiritual teachers, Hans Christian King says, ‘You need to get out of the doorway.’ Opportunities are always trying to come to us which we block when we’re ruled by the cluttered mind.
  2. As Joseph Campbell said, ‘Follow your bliss.’ Engage in that which connects you with the state known as bliss. That means everything from the people you spend time with, the books you read, exercise you choose – all of it. Discover what allows your passion to soar and make time for it. That’s how we plug into high frequency energy. As much as possible, declutter all the rest.
  3. Be still and know. Spend time in stillness. Expand your vision of how to do this the easy way! That means in a way that brings you bliss. My practice is briskly walking at the Berkeley Marina, sometimes tuning into the breathtaking beauty of the sights and sounds that surround me…the spectacular views, the sound of the waves, seagulls flying, etc…sometimes listening to inspirational music. Whatever floats your boat.
  4. Breathe, relax and know all is well. Choose this as your sacred intention. Affirm this throughout the day. You are redesigning your mind as you do. The infinite wisdom of the universe that keeps the cosmos in complete order, elegantly and efficiently, also keeps you in Divine order. Just as you don’t need to worry about your heart beating and your lungs breathing, you actually don’t need to worry about anything. Worry is a completely different energy than ease. Know that everything is unfolding according to a higher plan. That allows you to live effortlessly in peace and create the opportunity for your Spirit to soar!

Thank you, Jill! And now it’s up to us to utilize this wisdom and create a life of ease and effortlessness for ourselves. We can do it!

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poetryman6969 19 months ago

Everyone needs a little letting go and letting God in their lives.

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