Spiritually Homeless

We are spiritually homeless searching and craving the love and security that God offers, but we miss the many ways he reaches out to us because of the distractions this world offers. The hunger for the Lord is a desire to experience an intimate closeness with him. This hunger can lie dormant because the society we live in grabs our desires from the Lord and brings these temporary distractions close to us.

The awakening of these feelings for the Lord is a process of reawakening your mind. In other words we need to change our priorities and goals we have set for ourselves. One tool to help is a book by Stovall Weems called, Awakening; a New Approach to faith, fasting, and spiritual freedom (www.awake21.org). In his book he helps you, “clean out the gunk in your spirit like an oil change makes your car run better, a spiritual cleansing is also needed”, Stovall Weems.

There are other steps to help reawaken your spirit, through your mind. First pray for guidance in your quest and to help you study the Word of God. Recognize the triggers in your life (stumbling blocks) that lead to distractions from God and sinful pursuits. Next make room for God. As simple as this sounds people find it hard to fit God into their busy lifestyles but if you can’t find room in your daily life for God how can you expect Him to find a place for you in heaven? Cut out an activity like a TV show or that sporting event, instead of listening to the radio in the car turn it off and let God talk to you while you’re driving. There are many ways to make room for God you have to discover them in your personal life.

When was the last time you open a Bible or any kind of spiritual book? If you’re not actively looking or listening for God, how you can expect him to answer when you do call or how you would recognize His voice over the prince of this world.

We all have a spirit, we are born with it, some call it a soul but we need to hit the start button to make it active in our lives. Ask God or Jesus to walk with you during your day you will be amazed on how the world looks when you have God that close. God’s knocking at your heart can you hear him loud enough to answer the knock?

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