Spontaneous Human Combustion: Why is it Happening?


SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION. I started being curious with this puzzling event, that believers often say it is a phenomenon or paranormal event that bypass the understanding of human beings.

When I was young, I read comic stories that tackled such grim events that can consume a human being by the abrupt fire on their entire body and reduce into a charred specimen.

Paranormal investigators and phenomenon followers began transcribing and recording accounts from people who survived such event. Some of their stories were made into books and films that often leave me wondering as to why it occurred to them.

Those who just cling on facts will say that there are triggering factors why SHC happens:

  1. Natural causes, too much alcohol content in the body
  2. Paranormal or divine intervention
  3. Unobserved phenomenon, like, too much concentrated gas in the body

Spontaneous human combustion is defined as the burning of a living human body without an apparent reason on how it started, without a triggering devise, such as lighter.

Some of the victims were conscious when the unexplainable thing happened to them. Others were usually sleeping when the abrupt burning occured.

Compilation of those horrifying episodes were stored in order for us to peruse and weigh the truth of each account. Skeptics didn't believe on the veracity of these events.

Unless, you're one of them, I'll leave you the benefit of the doubt as you read my hub regarding this compelling mystery. Or is it?

All about Spontaneous Human Combustion

  • Fire is the earliest discovery of man. And yet, it can be a menace to our safety if not handled properly. But fire consuming human bodies without burning its environment, it is a very menacing story.

For centuries, this unexplained events were attributed to the presence of bad spirits, like the poltergeists, believed to hurt human beings and inflict spontaneous fire on them. These vengeful spirits were often the center of debates among theories that often blamed them for human sufferings. (For your viewing, if you still have a VHS player, you can buy this rare find about Spontaneous Human Combustion at Amazon.)

Some terrifying accounts on spontaneous human combustion:

  1. December 2001, a 73-year-old woman in Garden Grove, California, died from the third-degree burns that she had suffered over 90 percent of her body. Firefighters and the coroner's office were left with the puzzle of how this could be possible when the fire took only four minutes to extinguish and was confined to a couch, a table, and the chair in which the victim was sitting.

  2. July 30, 1937, a woman who had been paddling about in a small boat with her husband and children at England's Norfolk Broads was engulfed by terrible blue flames and was nothing but a mound of ash in a matter of a few horrifying moments. Neither any member of her family nor the wooden boat was harmed.

  3. August 19, 1966, Doris Lee Jacobs of Occano, California, burned to death in her trailer home at 1342 23rd Street. Although Jacobs suffered burns on over 95 percent of her body, the inside of the trailer was only partially scorched. Officials could offer no explanation for the fire, because it was the woman, not the trailer, who had burst into flames.

  4. December 1956, Virginia Caget of Honolulu, Hawaii, walked into the room of Young Sik Kim, a 78-year-old disabled person, to find him enveloped in blue flames. By the time firemen arrived on the scene, Kim and his easy chair were ashes. Strangely enough, nearby curtains and clothing were untouched by fire, in spite of the fierce heat that would have been necessary to consume a human being.

  5. March 24, 1997, 76-year-old John O'Connor was found dead in his living room at Gortaleen, Northern Ireland. An intense and localized heat had left only his head, upper torso, and feet unburned, as well as the chair in which he was sitting. There was very little smoke damage done to the room or the furniture.

You will notice from these written facts that only the victims were scorched by intense blue fire, but not their surroundings. These events have been the subject of blogs and similar write-ups on the internet, but it never fail to amaze and terrify the readers.

Because of those puzzling occurences, scientists and theorists conceptualized the following conclusions as to why SHC happens within the confines of our body.

A 1961 study conducted by Dr. Gavin Thurston studied the literature of SHC and came to a number of conclusions, like :

our body at certain conditions will be in flame, consuming its body fats that will scorch the body into ashes, without affecting the surrounding. the combustion is spontaneous, unless it is triggered by outside source of heat.

Some even claim of the ball of lightning that can trigger the human combustion. This ball of fire is believed to be seen (by some ) passing closed doors or even windows, without burning the curtains.

Consider this:

A normal human cadaver will burn at 2000 degress Fahrenheit and turn it into soot and ashes for 10 minutes or more. But SHC victimes were consumed in just 4 minutes or less, not affecting their surroundings!

Spontaneous Human Combustion c/o SOZwrestling

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earthbound1974 profile image

earthbound1974 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

Ewww! It's gruesome to experience such phenomenon.

Arian Rey profile image

Arian Rey 5 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES) Author

It also puzzles me why this is happening. It's truly a phenomenon to me. Although, science searches for a tangible answers, still, many unexplained circumstances happened everywhere.

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