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Just me.
Just me.

Fond Memories of Surprise


It is October again and I am reminded of strange experiences past.


One of my first was very strange and I have been told by some it was all in my head a result of a physiological effect that happens when we sleep to insure we don’t run amuck while dreaming. I would almost accept that explanation accept I was not dreaming.


It was a long time ago I was in high school and I was in bed but I either had already woken or I was trying to get to sleep when I heard footsteps outside my door. I did not dream them I am sure of that. They were not loud footsteps they were the sound you would expect a small woman with bare feet would make on a plywood floor. The door latch lightly slid into place alerting me to the fact whoever it was no longer outside my door. It crossed the two steps to my bed in the pitch black. I was frightened and I assumed it was trying to get me I pulled the covers over my head and played dead.


That’s when I felt it creep onto the bed, there was something extremely feminine in the way it moved, cat like but we did not have a cat and none I have had since can open doors that way. I lay silently under the covers feeling it slide over them on top of me it was small of frame but moved with practiced grace and dense power, it caressed my legs as it slide over me and I could feel it on my chest. It was erotic and I had never been in any similar situation or even tried to imagine such. As such a new experience I wanted to know more about whom she was, who was visiting me? There was no logical answer to that question so I decided to see my surprise guest, which is when panic set in.

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Wrapping my brain around it


“She” had pinned my arms as well as my chest down and my legs would not move either. I tried to cry out even through the blanket but I could not several moments passed and finally she seemed to evaporate off me, then I could move once more. I jumped up turned on a light looked about but there was no one. I opened my door and looked into the hallway still nothing.


I forgot about the event for several years until a discussion about ghosts brought it back to mind, it never seemed to make sense being explained as a ghost to me, nor did the physiological explanation fit either, there were too many parts of it that seemed to originate not from me but from an independent entity and it has absolutely no correlation to anything dream related that could have been fed by anything in my subconscious memory at that time.

Inspiration for my first hub

Today I discovered LEWJ’s wonderful Hub and I was inspired to put my own little supernatural date into text. I was sadly terrified at the time which I resent now; I can only attribute the mindless fear to having been programmed for such a reaction by going to church which is sad. I am not such a mindless knee-jerk creature in reality, I am very curious. I suspect that whatever it was never meant me any ill will and if it had, I would not be here now able to write about it. I suppose at this point I would like to reconnect and build stronger spirituality in my life, so much focus has been on health, career goals and education that spirituality sometimes falls a bit off, but I believe you need it all balanced to be truly happy.

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LEWJ 6 years ago

You report and share a significant experience, Maxczarr. Your reaction to it was not your fault but was a pre-conditioned response. I believe I would have reacted similarly in my earlier days. It may be that, if you were never re-visited by your invisible gal pal, she realized your terror and chose not to return.

These type of spirits characteristically seek willing partners rather than resistance.

You're certainly still a candidate for an erotic spirit, since you still have the capability of exchanging energy with them. Thanks for your shared experience.

I hope your HubPages career proves to be shiny.

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