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Classic art
Classic art

What have you Achieved?

Truth is we all have achievements even if when we think that we live the most boring and mundane life imaginable, indeed I would bet that even they helped someone during the course of their day. The point is about life is that we can all achieve wonderful things, yet we are not all destined for greatness and despite the words of Andy Warhol not every person is destined to have their 15 minutes of fame, indeed most people simply do not desire that.

There are a few things from the past 12 months that will have a lasting impact on my future and I shall be mindful of that fact as life unwinds itself over the coming period. to understand this you can perhaps look at any of the following links, each of which may actually tell their own tale.

Is this a self-promotional piece? It may be but the links included within the next section are a vital part of understanding the background to where I stand right now. You may read them is you wish, or simply elect to pass over them and continue reading through the article.

Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose | Source

New Horizons? Time to be Philosophical

The beauty a flower brings is different for each person, and I would prefer to discuss philosophy with the pigeons than be bogged down with the can'ts and don'ts of life. This day is one of sunshine and for that I have to be grateful for that, I have a pallet of more than a million words and a keyboard that I can use to record my new thoughts, whenever they occur, with that in mind I have decided that I must let my mind roam.

I am working on a novel - having now passed the 50,000 word mark, and am making headway on a factual book about writing, and now having three clients who are occasionally paying me for my writing.

This article is, lest I forget, about creating your own light and that is important. So today I have to research material for one client, spend time doing some free writing, moderate some articles on Wikinut, bidding on another project, then will draft some adverts in the hope of finding new paying clients. All of this should demonstrate that I have travelled a long way from those dark times that short time ago.

Over the Falls in a Barrel?

Relevance; My Adopted City; A Famous Landmark

Are you ready to go over the Niagara Falls in a barrel? Not an action that I would commend and this is a feat that nobody has done this for quite some time, but of course you may be aware that Nik Wallenda walked across the falls on a tightrope a couple of years ago and Evil Knievel jumped the falls. This points out that tenacity is one of the foundations this city was built on.

From the map you should be able to see, my closest and most famous landmark, which is about two miles away from where I live. It is unlikely that I will live here for the rest of my life, but of course you never know when my final moment may be, I am not afraid of it, but I do not wish to see it for at least a thousand years.

Patterns in the Sand
Patterns in the Sand | Source

Life is Rough and Smooth

The Zen Buddhist will spend time smoothing the sand then creating patterns in the sand, yet this picture goes to prove that nature has its own way of mixing the rough with the smooth. I lived for some time in a desert city, which in the summer time exceeded 50° Celsius, for those that have never experienced these conditions you can get some idea of the conditions by standing in front of an extractor fan that throws the heat out of your local shopping mall. 50° is so hot that you feel as if you would melt, but fortunately being in the middle of the desert this was a dry heat, so any sweat we had would instantly evaporate, sweat was never a problem, even if the heat was.

As mentioned, life brings with it both the rough and the smooth, plus the hot and cold. there are times when you must jump into clear out the mess, with caked in dirt up to your knees. Truth is most of the time there is no one you can pass the mess of too, so you may as well dive right in.

Standing Out in Some Small Way

There is an anonymous saying "the person who kneels before god can stand before anyone", normally sayings that relate to god are rarely of any interest, but of courseevery person has the ability to stand out in their own small way, every person has something that makes them special, even if that is just being the best parent to their child, every little helps and we should stand tall and be proud of those things that make us special. It is not about being different, being good at your job, being number one, it is simply about being you and doing that to the best of your ability, if you think about it this is such a small thing really and we often forget the little things that already make us special. Yet we are all special in our own way and you must recognise that.

Praying | Source

Don't Kneel or Prostrate Yourself Before any Person

It is important to recognise that you should never kneel before anyone on this planet. You have as much right to be here as anyone even if you were born an untouchable in poorest India or a slave in deepest Africa. Each and every person has a right to be respected as a person and live their own life.

Martin was taller than 6 foot 6 inches well regarded by his peers at work and most meetings he towered above them, he was also a scratch amateur golfer and had for several years played in qualifying tournaments for professional events, coming close to getting an invitation to the main event on many occasions - something that made most of his peers look up to him, indeed being in the same room as him it was difficult not to look up, even when in a seated position. His boss however was a woman, very slight in stature and very short yet (perhaps 5 foot 4 inches) also someone with a strong reputation yet Martin always looked awkward in front of her, his posture was different, almost as if he was physically trying to look up to her (a physical impossibility) kneeling, but not kneeling. He may not have noticed what he was doing but others in the room were always aware of it. Your boss is not your superior, they may have a certain authority in the workplace, but that is all.

Truth is many of us have awkward mannerisms we adopt at certain times, or around certain people, it is almost as if they are a defence mechanism that we have adopted to help us control that situation. You need to observe that happening within yourself and take action against it.

Cogs by Peter Giblett
Cogs by Peter Giblett

Have your say

Many people are afraid of saying what they are thinking, they do not ask questions or speak up, indeed they have censored themselves. As a consequence others will automatically consider that you support their actions (even without asking you). In truth you will be doing just that when you stay silent.

One serious challenge people face is that they truly believe their opinion does not count or matter or that they will appear rude by speaking out.

You have a right to your opinion

Your thoughts are purely personal and no person interfere with them, develop them and use them to develop yourself. While it is true that other people's views can weight heavily on your mind, especially if they are a person of influence in your life, such as your boss or your spouse but ultimately you have to come to your own conclusions about the matter at hand and take your own action.

Respect the Desires of Others

There are many times we pre-judge what other people are capable of achieving, yet we should not. We do this based on our past interactions, or worse, the things that others have told us, yet those views may be out of tune with reality, they come from not knowing what that persons motives are or what their desires are. Understand those and you have the potential to help them clear any obstacles in their path.

How we treat other is a reflection on how we wish to be treated. Chances are people have downplayed your capabilities, through the course of your life you are likely to have interacted with people that have helped you break out, ensure you can do that for others.

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annart profile image

annart 21 months ago from SW England

Yes, we all need to stand up for ourselves, have self-respect and show what we're made of - with kindness, firmness and enthusiasm!

Good points here.

pgiblett profile image

pgiblett 21 months ago from Ontario, Canada Author

We all make the mistake of lowering our own self-respect or dignity from time to time.

Dana Tate profile image

Dana Tate 20 months ago from LOS ANGELES

Stand in your own light. Stand in your own truth. I loved this article. It was uplifting and motivating. I certainly understand how we can lose ourselves when we don't stand up for ourselves or justice. I was very afraid to speak up to people and was a people person for years. It made me ill and bitter until I learned to set boundaries with people. Once I learned to love myself I made sure people treated and respected me the way I needed them to.

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 20 months ago from Northeast Ohio

What a beautiful and useful hub, Peter. We all need to shine and grow when we believe in ourselves and not let anything or anyone get in our way. Voted up!

pgiblett profile image

pgiblett 20 months ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thank you Kristen. You have to continually understand what your goals are and ensure they are achievable. Thanks for the comment.

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 20 months ago from Northeast Ohio

You're welcome. My pleasure. Great hub!

CatherineGiordano profile image

CatherineGiordano 20 months ago from Orlando Florida

Shine in your own light. That is such a great sentiment that it will make my short list for my motto for 2016.

pgiblett profile image

pgiblett 20 months ago from Ontario, Canada Author

I like the idea of a motto for the year.

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