Steve Harvey Is A Religious Bigot

Last year Steve Harvey was on Larry King Live, plugging his new book. This book he has written, gives dating advice to women by teaching them to think like a man. Harvey seems to have established himself as an authority on relationships, but he is fooling himself, and anyone who actually believes this. The book is his unqualified take on a subject that should be left to the experts. However, the book, itself, was not the worst offense coming from this comic. The most ignorant rant that he spewed was against atheism.

When asked if a woman should date an atheist, he went into a rant, stating, "If you don't believe in God, then where is your moral barometer?" He went on to declare that atheists are idiots. Just how he can state something so offensive, is beyond ignorant. It is also, woefully, incorrect, because according to his logic, Thomas Edison, Carl Sagan, Andrew Carnegie, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson were all mere idiots. One can only imagine what the world would be like if these "idiots" had not contributed their "idiocy" to society!

Harvey seems to think that morals come from his book of fairy-tales, and he would reject the truth if someone told him that morals predates the bible. Furthermore, he can't see that he is attacking the morals of atheist simply on their non-belief in his nonsensical religion. He really thinks that if one does not believe in his absurd dogma, then that person has no moral barometer.

Religion is intellectually dishonest, which is immoral. At least atheist have the moral courage to be intellectually honest. While asserting his nonsense, Harvey seems to have forgotten about devout believers like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and Pastor Ted Haggard. He is so blinded by his belief in this foolishness that he can't even comprehend reality.

Later in the interview, he attacks evolution, and it is clear that he has no understanding of the theory. He thinks that man evolved from monkeys, instead of the fact that humans share a common ancestor with other primates. He, so arrogantly and inarticulately, stated, "Why we still got monkeys?" as if monkeys should be extinct!

Harvey should stop selling books, and go get an education. Maybe then he would understand that these "idiots" made it possible for him to be in movies (Edison) to have an independent country (Jefferson) to enjoy the products of steel (Carnegie) and to be free (Lincoln).

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific thoughts views hub thanks

BeiYin profile image

BeiYin 6 years ago from Ibiza Spain

Pointing out facts, so showing part of our reality, without doubt, is necessary to find ones own position in all this. The voice of this Harvey represents the majority of people who don't ask questions or doubt their established way of thinking, just looking for confirmation for their established beliefs and they can easily indentify themselves with a speaker like Harvey. It seems the difference between human and monkeys is not so significant! Then of course any voice that bring some clearing up into the scene is important! Maybe showing how to go beyond ones limited position, would be useful...

Observing those advertisements around your hub could make one want to escape into the forest climbing up the trees with the apes!

nowisthetime34 profile image

nowisthetime34 6 years ago from USA

First of all Thomas Jefferson was a deist, not an atheist. The only reason why he was even considered a deist is because he wasn’t a practicing Christian. Of course morals predate the bible. God is the moral law giver and God is eternal. The fact that the bible was written with so many objective truth goes beyond any evolutionary explanation. You don't see any of our "so called ancestors" showing any morals And before it was used the "control the masses" ask yourself did it work?

"He thinks that man evolved from monkeys, instead of the fact that humans share a common ancestor with other primates"

Fact? What undisputable fact could you possibly provide without a doubt that proves common descent? (before you spout off your script read my hubs)

You get so mad at Steve Harvey(I'm not a fan) for calling atheist idiots when your first paragraph does nothing but insult the man's intellect which says more about you.

You like to spout out name of so called intellectuals you think were atheist, but you left out so many great thinkers of past weren’t only Christian, but believed in the biblical account of creation.

Isaac Newton-who co-discovered calculus, formulated the laws of motion and gravity, computed the nature of planetary orbits, invented the reflecting telescope and made a number of discoveries in optics.

Carl Linnaeus- the Swedish botanist who developed the double-Latin-name system for taxonomic classification of plants and animals, also believed the Genesis creation account

Dutch geologist Nicolaus Steno , who developed the basic principles of stratigraphy.

Andrew Ure and John Murray , entomologist William Kirby, and geologist George Young. James Clerk Maxwell discovered the four fundamental equations that light and all forms of electromagnetic radiation obey. Indeed, Maxwell’s equations are what make radio transmissions possible. He was a deep student of Scripture and was firmly opposed to evolution.

Russ Humphreys, a Ph.D. physicist, has developed (among many other things) a model to compute the present strength of planetary magnetic fields,5 which enabled him to accurately predict the field strengths of the outer planets.

. John Baumgardner, a Ph.D. geophysicist and biblical creationist, has a sophisticated computer model of catastrophic plate tectonics, which was reported in the journal Nature; the assumptions for this model are based on the global Flood recorded in Genesis.

creationist Georgia Purdom who has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics. Dr. Purdom certainly understands DNA, mutations, and natural selection. However, she is convinced that these do not support evolution because such processes go in the “wrong direction” to make evolution work. On the contrary, they confirm biblical creation.

Dr Raymond Damadian, Pioneer of MRI

I could go on and on. In fact nearly every branch of science was discovered by bible believing Christians.

Only a fool would deny the obvious fact of an Intelligent Designer we are the more complex than anything a man could ever come up with, and you say it’s just and random process of blind forces is really foolish.

“In regards to this great Book (the Bible), I have but to say it is the best gift God has given to man. All the good the Saviour gave to the world was communicated through this Book. But for it we could not know right from wrong.

All things most desirable for man's welfare, here and hereafter, are found portrayed in it." -- Abraham Lincoln

Sources-(you should try them)

getitrite profile image

getitrite 6 years ago Author


Why are you so offended? Your reply is insulting and irrational. Furthermore, don't tell me how and what to write!

Your reply is the typical combative Christian response. Since your reply is tinged with emotion, because of your love for your imaginary God, you are incapable of any real debate, and the scientist who believe in the same absurd dogma that you believe in are just as delusional as you are.

I did not include scientist who were believers, because Steve Harvey did not attack them. He said that ATHEIST were idiots,not believers. Instead of telling me to use sources, you should understand what I have written.

BTW, the God of the bible is still a genocidal, bigoted, brutal psychopathic foolish, insecure, and weak imbecile. One should be ashamed of himself for worshipping such trash!

nowisthetime34 profile image

nowisthetime34 6 years ago from USA

Offended no, annoyed yea. How is anything I wrote irrational? Is “irrational” some kind of buzz word off your atheist script? Insulting? Your entire hub is an insulting and illogical rant of epic proportions.

"genocidal, bigoted, brutal psychopathic foolish, insecure, and weak imbecile" why use such harsh words for an imaginary” being? Do you get this emotional over the tooth fairy?

You keep calling believers is God delusional, you obvious don't understand what I wrote.

I really don't care what you write I just enjoy pointing out your falsehoods and refuting your claims. If you ever want a debate please, let me know!

ShaunLindbergh 6 years ago

Thanks, I enjoy your writing.

getitrite profile image

getitrite 6 years ago Author


Thank you for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the article.

dericox profile image

dericox 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Thank you for sharing this clip. I had heard about Steve's book, but I didn't realize his extreme views on interacting with freethinkers. He acts as if freethinkers carry a plague or are some creature from another planet. His responses in here are pretty embarrassing, though.

Keep on posting.

getitrite profile image

getitrite 6 years ago Author


Yeah Steve is a very delusional blind follower. The arrogance was a little too much, since anyone who has any intellect notes that he is utterly absurd.

pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

It is always more useful to question our own perceptions. When we don't we can often end up sharing more falsities with those who would read what we have to say. In his case I hope he has readers that are able to think for themselves rather than take him at his words.

getitrite profile image

getitrite 6 years ago Author


I have no problem with someone's religion, as long as it remains a personal thing, but whenever they decide to use it to falsely accuse innocent decent people of being evil, then it's time for a reality check.

Yes, I, too, hope his readers are able to see through this nonsense, and make up their minds for themselves.

David 5 years ago

Steve Harvey is an idiot. The unproven must be explained , not the other way around. These hypocrite believers make up their own rules.

toni 5 years ago

steve harvey is a loud mouth idiot how can he pretend to be a relationship expert when hes been married 3 or 4 times what a fake !

anonymous 5 years ago

nowthetimeis4, complexity does not prove there is an intelligent designer. Complexity is easily explained by evolution( you'd know this if you did research; real research not reading creationist literature). Intelligent design is pseudoscience; an obvious non-fact. Common descent is a fact, you obviously haven't bothered to read about any evidence for it. Listing scientists that are creationists or christians doesn't prove creationism or christianity. Natural selection happens through tha same process as evolution there is no difference between them. People who believe in NS but not evolution are dishonest. Irrational is not an atheist buzzword,it means doesn't make any sense. And your post clearly makes no sense. How is getrite's criticism of steve harvey's hateful statements and ignorant remarks about evolution insulting or illogical. You calling people who don't believe in what you do fools is. It's known as an ad hominem (personal attack) and it's a logical fallacy.

Getrite's description of the biblical god is entirely accurate. The violent passages of the bible clearly show these characterisitics. For example the great flood and joshuas campaign in canaan. The reason he gets emotional about the biblical god and not the tooth fairy is that christians, unlike tooth fairyists, commit acts of violence and use their books to justify it. Religion, unlike tooth fairies, cause real life harm.

You've rebutted any falsehoods by getrite. You've only shown your own stupidity and bigotry. If you want to learn about evolution, check out these websites:





Here are some books and a websiteshowing how I.D isn't science:

Why Intelligent Design Fails

The Tower of Babel: Evidence Against The new creationism

UnIntelligent design

The Blind Watchmaker: How The Evidence For Evolution Reveals a universe without design

Creationism's Trojan Horse: The wedge of intelligent design

God, The Devil, and Darwin

AIG is the worst source you could site. It's a Christianist propaganda group that ignores the scientific method (testing observation and experimentation) in favor of unproven stories. Their "evidence" for creation is horse excrement.

Delusional means believing in something that isn't true. It isn't an insult. The fact that steve harvey would say what he did means he has no intellect to insult in the first place. You won't debate him, or read these things i listed because it would shatter your comfortable fantasies.

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

Interesting hub. Mr. Harvey was always extremely religious. It is even evident in his stand up comedy shows. He stresses the importance of religiosity. That is just par for the course. Not only Mr. Harvey, many religionists contend that atheists, agnostics, and others who are differently spiritual are "in error" and "need to be saved." That is THEIR delusional way of viewing differences. I have people in my extended maternal side of the family who think that way also.

getitrite profile image

getitrite 4 years ago Author


It is sad that the majority of Americans, especially my community, is right in step with Mr. Harvey's views.

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

Yes! If you are traditionally religious, you are "right" if you elect not to adhere to such, you are deemed by such people to be "errant" , "hellbound", "sinner," etc. That thinking is totally inane, you are right, getitrite, many Americans adhere to such a religious philosophy. It is indeed sad because this is the 2 1st century and many people adhere to medieval concepts. Great to have this discussion and have a nice day!

Deepes Mind 4 years ago

Let me say this and get it out of the way... Steve Harvey's views are reflective of (admittedly) the views of a majority of people who CLAIM that they are Christians, but not the views of all Christians (Yes there is a difference). The sad thing about it is that these people make it hard for Christianity because they claim to be the face of the religion as a whole. I read his books and they offer a fairly insightful view of relationships from a man who has tried (and failed) 4 times in marriages and has come to some understanding of some of his failings as a husband (which is why I don't listen to him). In my opinion (as a Christian), A vast majority of atheists are no more evil than a vast majority of Christians are good. There are good and bad about both sides. Every atheist (that I have encountered in my life including hubpages) Just have a different opinion (which is natural). The saddest thing is that both sides are so passionate regarding their viewpoints and are so convinced that theirs is the correct one that instead of simply agreeing to disagree their debates degenerate into name calling and personal attacks (and I mean both sides) and neither side are as open (still only speaking of a majority, not all) are willing to accept any other possibility. I enjoy your posts immensely because they present thought provoking content and I agree with you on some parts. It isn't Religion as a whole IMO that is the problem because the Bible only says that we are to spread the word and let people make their own decisions, not beat people over the head with their beliefs and force them to convert. It is ORGANIZED religion that is the problem. the mob mentality ideals and principles that everyone has to believe as they do or else. Keep provoking thought Sir!!

getitrite profile image

getitrite 4 years ago Author


Steve Harvey, like many blind followers, has been woefully misinformed. He hasn't been told by his pastors, and religious leaders, who the atheists really are.

Deepes Mind 4 years ago

And you are absolutely correct. I fully agree with you Getit. A lot of followers have been very misinformed and a lot of them have been maliciously lied to. Others have been misinformed by another misinformed people, thus expanding a fundamental lack of knowledge of the truth. Then there are those (like myself) who studied various different books and versions of the Bible for myself and formulated my own conclusions based on the information that has been presented. My conclusions are generally derided and dismissed by both sides (Organized Christians and atheists) as invalid because I've concluded that the truth may be more of a combination of both sides. In my independent study, I know the so-called "Bible Stories" are just that.. stories that give a basic explanation and idea of a more complex occurrence than was available at the time the book was written. As such, they are totally false!! (Yes I said it and I am Christian). I personally think that science logically fills in the blanks of what the original writers of the Bible couldn't because of the new and modern technology that is available now. But again that's just me. The Bible is taken too literally and as a result also have tried to apply certain principles that doesn't even apply to Christians. They applied to Hebrews. I'm not saying I'm right or that my answer is the best one. I am saying this conclusion is what makes the most sense and works best for me.

Patriette profile image

Patriette 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

As for Steve Harvey's book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man," I think he makes a good case. If more girls had responsible fathers in their lives, Harvey would not be driven to write such a book. Too bad he chose to name call on the show instead of just making his case why believers should date other believers. Personally, if I were an atheist, I would not get too riled up over it though.

@nowisthetime34 - Very well stated. I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughtful response.

getitrite profile image

getitrite 3 years ago Author


I guess you see things more from the perspective of evangelical Christians. All religions think it is their right to oppress women...Maybe women should try to see that this is patriarchal and misogynistic nonsense.

I have no respect for Steve Harvey's beliefs, or his relationship advice. His beliefs are from Bronze Age savages, and, it seems, he has no more expertise than the average person who has been in a relationship. Plus he has been completely misinformed about facts.

As for "nowisthetimes34"

although well stated....this hubber actually gave one of the most shallow responses, and was thoroughly debunked by another hubber. I guess you didn't read that one though.

Patriette profile image

Patriette 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

Getitrite, regarding nowisthetimes34's response, I stand by my earlier comment and will have to respectfully disagree with you.

Express10 profile image

Express10 3 years ago from East Coast

Awesome hub. I never found Steve Harvey very funny as a comedian and coming across your hub makes me think less of him. As for his book, I guess he was just sharing his experience and opinions which is fine by me but for him to say that people who don't believe in GOD are somehow less than moral is wrong in my opinion. He believes in GOD and didn't he cheat on his wife for YEARS? I know a few people who don't believe in GOD and people are shocked to find this detail out about them because they are some of the nicest, moral, and good hearted people you could be lucky enough to meet. As for Steve's opinions, we can get into that who opinion thing where you know, just like arses everyone has one. Voted up, I enjoyed this hub.

Lollie Dot Com profile image

Lollie Dot Com 3 years ago

I'm an atheist. I love Steve Harvey and I don't give a tinker's dam that we disagree about religion.

getitrite profile image

getitrite 3 years ago Author


I think Steve Harvey is a good comedian. I don't think he should be advising people on relationships.

Hare 2 years ago

You imply that the author of this article is reading off of some atheist "script", whatever the hell that is, then you ironically throw out a link to answers in genesis! Give me a break! If anyone has "scripts", it's those delusional idiots. I'm so sorry that you're blinded by your delusions, but please stop being so arrogant.

JennyDelToro profile image

JennyDelToro 20 months ago

Great hub! I remember watching this episode and my jaw dropping at the "if we came from monkeys, then why we still got monkeys?" statement.

Steve Harvey is a sexist bigot that needs to shut his pie hole and read a book :)

getitrite profile image

getitrite 20 months ago Author

Thanks Jenny,

Its amazing how the public has accepted this unlearned person to be some kind of expert. I see he now has a TV talk show, where he gives advice to audience members. Frightening!

LoliHey profile image

LoliHey 12 months ago

I love Steve Harvey. He's the man. He's very funny. I saw his show one time and laughed very hard.

roob profile image

roob 10 months ago

You just present your opinion. You show no facts in this article. Your opinion is the same as Steve Harvey's opinion. Well he is more respected actually so yours isn't as powerful as his. But either way both just opinions or beliefs. You didn't present facts so you can't say you are right and he is wrong. Your advice is more frightening. He is a real author. You say you think you are a pro writer. Can I get your book at Barnes & Noble, if so what is it called? If not maybe you should stop putting other people down based on what you purely think. He is unlearned but you are somehow learned?

getitrite profile image

getitrite 10 months ago Author

Robert, why are you so angry? You lost the debate with got angry and attacked him. You lost the debate with got angry and attacked me! Seems like your Godly beliefs are making you into a very angry person. Why is that?? Huh?

I hope you will come to understand that attacking Link or me...or anyone who thinks differently from you, will not change the fact that your God is a myth. Where is your God, roob? If your life depended on it, you could not produce any REAL evidence of this thing you have all this faith in...yet you are here demanding that we take your opinion seriously. No! your beliefs are based upon mere childish myths. Your "facts" are not what you think they are. They were dismantled by several people, speaking from a very rational perspective. You are a stubborn Christian, that's all.

Anyone following this can see how dishonest and angry you are. I would be angry too, as these beliefs make people look profoundly ridiculous!

roob profile image

roob 10 months ago

Where is the scorecard? You were debating with me and Ann. We both agreed you were wrong. That is 2 against 1. Do you make up the score? Lol. Your writing against Steve Harvey, an accomplished man, is angry.

Btw what is the name of your book again? I want to go pick it up at Barnes & Noble. I was going to go get Steve Harvey's book.

Or are you calling yourself a pro writer who's book isn't even at book stores? You make that claim, why should we believe your other claims? I backed up with facts, you used your reliable analogies that come from your mind that is always right... after all your getitrite? Lol. Have a great day, please don't defame me to the world in your next book, I don't want "everyone" hating me. Peace, I won't ever talk to you again! Promise!(:

getitrite profile image

getitrite 10 months ago Author

Robert, I can't tell you the name of my book, because, then, you would know my real name....and you seem like a very angry Christian.

Steve Harvey says "Why we still got monkeys?"

Yep. It is clear that his mastery of the English language is way beyond anything I could ever expect to achieve. LOLLOLOLOL!

I'm sure you are just angry, and really have better sense than to believe that Steve Harvey ACTUALLY wrote those books! LOL

Furthermore, you could arrest this entire animosity between us, if you would just show me your God. Not holy books, or nature, or anything like that...just show me GOD! And we will walk away as friends...laughing and praising God. OK.......Go!

dianetrotter profile image

dianetrotter 4 months ago from Fontana

This blows my mind! Steve Harvey is a comedian. I might have overlooked it but that is how he makes his living. He wrote from his perspective. He was invited to be on shows to promote it because he is a FAMOUS comedian. Maybe it is more widely known now that he is on Family Feud.

He murders the king's English because he is relating to people in terms they use. It makes what he says funny. He did graduate from college and has boat loads of money. If he knew you disliked him, he would find a way to joke about it because he is a comedian. There are Christians look on him with skepticism. He is not the end all authority on the Bible.

getitrite profile image

getitrite 7 weeks ago Author

Those remarks that Steve Harvey made, about atheist, were not in the context of comedy. He is NOT ALWAYS speaking as a comedian! These were downright hateful and bigoted remarks. We need to learn how to think, and stop this ancient religious nonsense, based upon a religion that was brutally forced upon our slave ancestors. Of course, we are way too brainwashed to accept reality. What a futile community of people we are.

dianetrotter profile image

dianetrotter 7 weeks ago from Fontana

Christians get some very mean commentary also. You must know who you are and what you believe and not let the other stuff bother you. We all have the right to express our opinions. In the end, our opinions are just opinions. I am a Christian and respect your right to have your opinion.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 7 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Steve Harvey!? Really? (Please, let me stop laughing) Fact: Steve Harvey is an American entertainer ~ somewhat in line with Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy~ only nowhere near as popular, famous nor successful as those 2 "greats."

Harvey is a television personality, hosting the popular game show, "Family Feud." He's also known as a stand-up comedian. Period, The End.

He wrote a book....Big deal. Millions of people write books. Harvey is in no way whatsoever, professionally, authentically nor educationally qualified to give "romance" or dating advice to the public~~except perhaps, as we ALL may be, in expressing our personal "opinions." This, is also a fact. Period.

I do not know nor do I care if he is religious, christian, muslim, buddhist or atheist. His belief system doesn't interest me in the least. Just as we Americans all have freedom to choose and worship (or not) as we see fit, I have my own and am quite comfortable in this, as everyone should be comfortable with their choices.

That intelligent, mature, independently-thinking human beings would consider being preached at or informed or "schooled" in any sense, by a comedian/TV personality on such vital issues as their personal relationships, is beyond the realm of rational, comprehensible reason.

It is nearly hilarious that this issue is even being discussed~ as though it's a major scientific study under scrutiny by experts and philosophers!! LOL As I began by asking...."Please,".....try to view this as it deserves to be viewed (entertainment at best, nonsense at worst)....embrace reality and your own ability to "use your brain, heart & soul".....and enjoy "Family Feud" and sell Steve Harvey's book at your next yard sale for a buck.

dianetrotter profile image

dianetrotter 7 weeks ago from Fontana

Hi Paula! Just what I said! :)

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 7 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Hello Diane...Brilliant minds think alike! Anyone daffy enough to think Steve Harvey should give "love life" advice, desperately needs to do a quick search on his own sordid, dastardly romantic history! It's a doozy!!

dianetrotter profile image

dianetrotter 7 weeks ago from Fontana

I haven't read the book but I consider him a comedian. I assume he is saying things that are off the cuff. I'm sure his ex-wife doesn't think he is funny ... anymore.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 7 weeks ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Which ex-wife?? He has 3 of them. He cheated on all 3.....and he's considering dumping the current one. No one should read his book! He does a good job on Family Feud....that's his limit.

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