Straight Edge

What Is Straight Edge?

Straight Edge is a lifestyle philosophy and a promise to one's self to swear off all forms of illegal drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex. Essentially, it is the choice to live free of common poisons, to live to the cleanest of your ability, in order to better one's own life.

Selling Out

The term 'sellout' is commonly associated with people who were once Straight Edge but no longer claim. Many people stop calling themselves Straight Edge even though they still follow all the promises, but they are still considered sellouts as well.

Symbols such as xXx, sXe, etc...

There are many symbols around in today's world that are associated with Straight Edge such as: xXx, sXe, and x24x.  A common misconception is that the three X's represent the promises, but this is false.  The three X's actually mean mind, body, and soul.

Minor Threat's Straight Edge

For More on Straight Edge

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