Sura-ay Alhamdo

The Gift of God

Sura-ay Alahamdo

If the heart of the Momin is bent on reform, it is the Sura-ay Alahamdo which is standing with its beneficences for his rescue. The Surah if read with deep engrossing into its meaning will deliver the Momin of his worry of ego, and transcend him into a modesty filled personage of love and affection for his fellow men., each of whom is dear to him as the precious jewel shining in the glitter of his beauty. He will not only have rescued him from any fallacy but will be scouring away any fallacy sticking on to his fellow men.

The Surah Alahamdo if read line by line and word for word, in its contents and meaning it is enough to fill hearts with tenderness and push Muslim towards the greatness of character and to outshine him and his fellow Muslim. And God in His immense kindness has made it incumbent upon the Muslim to recite it at least five times in the day and night and then on the numerous occasions he remembers of his exemplary and loving dead for whom he recites it to send its beneficences to their souls – that never dies and ever lives. And the soul sends back blessings to the sender of the beneficences and the good wish and blessings to it.

The reciting of this Surah, when he understood its meaning and followed its spirit, will neither kill, nor debauch, nor cheat, nor destroy, nor oppress nor wage war. So recite Surah Alhamdo and thank God. After the recitation of the Surah with its meaning and content God wants man to understand, there cannot be suicide bombers in Pakistan, or car bombers in Iraq, in Baghdad. And there cannot be slogans of Shia Kafir on the walls, because the writer will know the Shia genus reads the Surah five times in the day and night – no not that, he reads it more often and in greater frequency than the writer of the hack on the wall.

And the reciting must exhibit his determination that he is going to recite the great Surah by reciting in the beginning ‘Bismillah Irrahmanir Rahim’. This is that verse of the Surah with its immense secrets and blessing hidden in it that the Imam Kaaba of the present day Saudi Arabia does not know of it. He begins this Surah in his Namaz in the Kaaba when he leads as Imam without Bismillah. And the Surah is stripped by him of its paraphernalia of beauty and the desirability of its recital with its decorum that it was decorated by God with its beneficences. The Saudi Imam Kaaba thinks it an imposition and sheds off the Bismillah but God in His wisdom teaches man to recite Alahamdo with Bismillah. The arrogance of man shed off the Bismillah but the Quran continuously and silently reminds him to recite Bismillah at the beginning of this Surah and other Surahs.

And how not the man will recite the Surah Alahamdo, it is healer of the pain of body and soul. And it is that Surah that sooths and makes man confident of himself and gracious again if he was lost in the hay pile of the world. And let him long and feel; wish there was more of Surah Alahamdo, to let him travel in the world of the straight path of virtues as was the way of those treaded on it. When I read the Surah, I find the beauty God stopped with a jerk reaching to man, but He reveals as much as He wants. And it is that Aayetof impact and beauty that man can never be fully thankful to God and to His Gracious Messenger – the loving Rahmatulil Aalemeen, who SAWW brought this Surah as gift to man.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)



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James-wolve profile image

James-wolve 3 years ago from Morocco

This is Awesome ,brother.May Allah bless you always .

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 3 years ago from London Author

God bless you for reading it, and saying a kind word for me.

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