Shift Happens!

by © Connie Stewart

It's Time to Awaken.

At an unconscious level, Earth's population is aware that a dimensional change is already under way, and this is one of the reasons why fears about the future are rising to the surface of mass consciousness.

Many people are feeling anxious, restless and unsettled, yet consciously are unable to say what it is that is making them feel this way.

We are required to re-adjust our thought processes, letting go of old belief systems and embracing a new reality which involves taking back our own power.

This new state of being requires us to let go of third dimensional concepts and thus compels us to let go of current relationships, jobs, careers, homes, possessions and so on if they are unable to support our new way of being. This releasing process is not easy, but is absolutely fundamental to our being able to support a higher level of consciousness.

This journey into higher vibration deeply affect our emotional and mental state, as well as our life-styles, we also undergo some physical changes as our body re-adjusts to the higher vibrational forces which accompany our increasing levels of consciousness.

Also, the changes to our physiological make-up are currently speeding up and there are many temporary physical symptoms that are occurring in our bodies as a consequence of this.

Among frequently reported symptoms are:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • High temperatures
  • Sweating
  • Aching bones and joints etc., non-responsive to antibiotics
  • Migraine headaches with severe pain non-responsive to pain killers
  • Occasional runny nose and sneezing which lasts 24 hours and is not a cold or hay fever
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Heart palpitations
  • Feeling the whole body vibrate, especially at night when one is in a relaxed state
  • Intense muscular spasms and pain in one or more areas of the body
  • Tingling in arms, hands, legs or feet
  • Temporary loss of muscular power in hands caused by changes to the circulatory system
  • Occasional breathing difficulties
  • Immune system changes
  • Lymphatic system changes
  • Feeling tired or exhausted from minor exertion
  • Wanting to sleep longer and more often than usual
  • Bouts of depression for no real reason
  • Finding that one is delving into the past, looking at relationships and gaining clarity on personal issues
  • Feeling one is doing a huge purge
  • Tension, anxiety and high stress levels because one feels that something is going on but one doesn't know what it is

Some of these symptoms are being felt by a great many people. Many are rushing off to their doctor, chiropractor, herbalist and so on and usually told that there is nothing really wrong with them. And this is the truth.

For all these symptoms are just temporary and simply indicate that these physiological changes are occurring. Most symptoms seem to last a couple of weeks, and then clear up. Some symptoms may reoccur from time to time, especially depression.

These changes are not necessarily being experienced by everyone concurrently. This physical state of being is completely dependent upon our current level of consciousness.

It should be realized that many people have chosen not to make this journey. Not everyone feels ready to make the full-on commitment to change, and there are others too, who still have a great deal of learning to do at a third dimensional level and are nowhere near ready to evolve.

This requires those of us who are on the journey, to accept that what feels right to us, may not feel right to our nearest and dearest. Hence, the emotional tug-of-war we encounter when we heed the call to release ourselves from current friendships and partnerships and even, in some cases, from close family members.

Those who choose to remain at the current vibrational level will remove themselves from the Earth plane via the normal death process at the appropriate time, so there is no cause for worry on their behalf. Eventually, they too, will accept the challenge and we will be there to greet them when they do.


Connie Stewart, Healer, Intuitive Profiler, Medium, Speaker and Writer is available for private sessions by appointment only. Through Intuitive Profiling, Connie identifies and cuts unhealthy energetic cords. Releasing these negative energetic connections allows you to function at a higher vibrational frequency.

Connie is also available for corporate keynote presentations and group sessions.

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Shift Happens

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Mr Manifestor profile image

Mr Manifestor 8 years ago

Great article Connie! Thank you for your insight and commitment to living in a high vibration of well being!

RD Riccoboni

Leslie 8 years ago


Love you!! Thank you for your insights and sharing your gift in the most loving ways.

Patricia Costanzo profile image

Patricia Costanzo 8 years ago from Behind the Redwood Curtain

Connie, Can one be shifting with little or no negative side effects?

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 8 years ago Author

Hi Patricia:

Great question! Shifting involves growth and growth has a tendency to show up as opportunity presented through uncomfortable situations. When circumstances remain status quo, we are comfortable, perceiving a sense of security (although it may be a false security). Therefore, when we are pushed into a new way of being, or of receiving our reality, we grow. This does not have to be painful. Much depends on how flexible we are; can we step up to the new way of being – the challenge – with joy? If fear is what we feel, then we will certainly feel discomfort, perhaps even pain.

ashley 8 years ago

thank you for the article.


SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 8 years ago Author

Hi Ashley:

Thanks for reading my article. We are going through many changes these days and I find it helpful to know we aren't alone.

Wishing you inspired happiness!

Janice 6 years ago

Hey Connie

Thanks for the article. I have found that I am having all the symptoms but the one that troubles me most is the awakening at night and unable to go back to sleep. I know this is common but I've been doing this for a few years now and didn't know 'til recently what is was. My question is< is it normal to be doing this for so long?

Connie 6 years ago

Hi Janice:

Sorry about your sleep challenge! I feel there's more to this than meets the eye. In other words, even beyond any current emotional challenges, what energies are you carrying that do not belong to you and that are vibrating below your normal vibration? I call those kinds of energies "cling ons". They can cause all sorts of disturbances, especially with sleep patterns. Sounds like you could benefit from an energetic clearing.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance. Take a look at my website to see if you feel comfortable having me do a session for you.

Sending big hugs,


Gags 6 years ago

Hey Connie

Thanx for your article. I have been feeling most of the above mentioned symptoms and in addition to that I am feeling tingle in my forehead at my third eye, and sometimes it feels like there is something in my spine, like something is moving or crawling in my spine.

jessie  5 years ago

Hello everybody! I normally choose herbs over the mounds of useless medication. I am a longtime suffer of cluster headaches when I Google's "feels Like something's crawling up my spine" it landed me here. Gags I wonder if this is a problem..I recently started feeling weird sensations in my spine, also I can relate with the "third eye", I get the sensation as if there was a really tight pair of glass with nose pads clamping tight..its an almost unbearable sensation! Lastly my weirdest, and I am embrassed to talk to a doc about it would be the feeling of Being able to something in my inner I can move my thalamus slightly....admitidly I've never believed in such things and just brushed them off as offense. :-) but I am not a child anymore I am a confused young 20 something looking for answers?! What do I it ...supress it? If it.helps I was a master of meditation when I was 16-17-18yrs old I've since given it up due to my imagination peeking in horrors while I would meditate... :-) will check in again...thankyou for your time!

-dont understand a lot of it but nice article!

Kaurina 5 years ago

I was wondering if there's a way to tell the difference between shift symptoms and a real problem. My intuitive friend has been having strong ringing in her ears and the doctor thinks it could be a brain tumour. She's worried. I'm wondering if it's a tumour or the shift.

Martin 5 years ago

Great article! I can definitely relate to the symptoms. Just curious if chronic nosebleeds fall into these symptoms as well?

Zara 5 years ago

I'm a poster board for all of those symptoms!

~~~ Major bouts of consciousness shift & rapid increased awareness followed by VERY intense bouts of depression.

Also, my entire physiology is changing as I'm having MAJOR metabolic issues~ sugar handling issues-- my body is unable to handle processed foods anymore so all I can eat is fresh, raw, whole vegetables & organic, grassfed protein.

Also, all the glands in my body are readjusting massively, and temporarily malfunctioning as they realign/readjust in a different way.. my symtopms are hormonal, endocrine issues!

This is the toughest time of my life Connie. The fear comes in, this unknown lonliness & anxiety, restlessness & massive fear.... Yess, I've had to cut off with my parents as I realized I no longer love them and I'm okay with that (It caused me great tearing apart in my insides to force my self to love them when that goes against the truth of what I have really being feeling. I am grateful for them but I'm my own being now, my parents are our Creator/Univers/Source/God) then when I overcome it (I've had to ask 911 for help last weekend actually) I'm stronger in mind, spirit & physically! ~ITS AMAZING! MY CELLS.. MY BODY FLESH AND CELLS AND BRAIN AND BEING ARE ALL SHIFTING TO RECREATE A NEW ME!!!!! I am so excited, but its VERRRY TOUGH RIGHT NOW!

Any suggestions?

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 5 years ago Author

Thanks for writing me, Zara. I can see that you are being rewired and that is no easy task! I have experienced many of the same symptoms as have many of my clients.

Here's something to think about (not that you don't already have plenty on your plate!). Part of your current reality is being dramatically affected by energetic cords connecting you to the past. Even with an energetic shift, we can find ourselves still "corded" to people and events of the distant past (early childhood and even past life). What happens is that you will make forward progress, and then sometimes regress. That's the cord pulling you back if you are not completely freed from that person/event which you are still energetically bound. We are all imprinted in this way. Discovering and cutting these cords is a huge part of what I do in my healing practice. (I am a clairvoyant medium, which allows me to get to the root of the attachment fairly quickly.)

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Sending love and appreciation for your presence in this world,


Sophie 5 years ago

someone told me I was having a vibrational shift and I did not have a clue what that was when I googled it I came to your article, I can so relate, I am 31 years of age have given up my job, rented my flat out, ended my relationship and moved away from 3 friends that were a constant energy drain. I am currently backpacking around Asia trying to reconnect with myself again and work out why I feel the need to let go of these possesions and what I am supposed to do with my life, my best friend who I went to school with is having a vibrational shift as well though it does not seem to have happened to any of my other friends yet. It is good to aknowledge what is happening all I can advise is to meditate, keep yourself busy so depression does not sink in and smile / laugh at least once a day.

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 5 years ago Author

Hi Sophie:

WOW - you certainly seem to be shifting! SSince we all vibrate, we naturally feel better when we are around others who vibrate similarly. When one person in a group shifts vibration they may no longer be in sync with the others. That can feel upsetting and unsettling, to say the least. It is not uncommon for the one who shifts to seek others who vibrate closer to the new, higher vibration.

So, more power to you, sister-girl! Enjoy your magnificent adventure.



WOW 5 years ago

WOW this is a pretty retarded pseudoscience

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 5 years ago Author

May I ask why you were drawn to reading it?

JamesJamesJames 5 years ago

Exactly what I was thinking Connie...

Keep up the good work.

I found your site while searching for symptoms of a vibrational shift - I know I have many of the symptoms and can tell I have been steadily changing since 2003. However I now have a concern that appears to be getting more obvious: I tend to have excess fluid around my joints: fingers, back, knees etc - in the past sticking to a raw diet helped but now it is less effective. I feel my crown chakra is related to this as the more it tends to be active the more fluid there tends to be - it is odd I know but was wondering if you had heard of this before?

Connie Stewart 5 years ago

Hi James:

Inflamation can happen when we are shielding ourselves from an influx of energy. I tend to notice it more around my midsection. Are there people in your environment that vibrate lower than you (more negative, less healthy, etc)? If so, you may be protecting yourself from their energy.

I use this little technique: I "see" a cloak wrapped around me; my intention is to keep my energetic field clean and free form intervening energy that does not serve my highgest good. It does not make my energy small, rather it defines my energetic boundaries.

Hope that helps!~



JamesJamesJames 5 years ago

That make sense to me - It has been a while since I (regularly) visualised protective light around me...

Thank you very much Connie.

JamesJamesJames 5 years ago

Oh and another thing - so many electrical things I own break on me, for instance one example is that for the last 2 years I get through a pair of headphones every few weeks! I understand this is likely to be because of a vibrational increase too - do you reckon this might be avoided if I grounded myself more? Or is there perhaps something else that would work better? Thank you once again, your site has now been saved to my regular blogs I read

Connie Stewart 5 years ago

I find that electronics so act strangely when we're not grounded. Our energy spikes and tends to disrupt those things that also run on electricity. Yes, ground yourslef well (eat, drink water, bath in Epsom Salt, etc) and hopefully you'll see a change.

Be well,


Shelley kapach 5 years ago

This same phenomenon has been happening to me ever since I was in an M.V.A. 11 years ago. I was diagnosed eventually with Fibromyalgia and am now on permanent gov't pension. The waves of "fever" was early menopause and insomnia is also a symptom of menopause. Common sense dictates that one's pains get worse and then you expire.....

Connie Stewart 5 years ago

Hi Shelley,

Many symptoms are given labels by western medicine since that is what our doctors are trained to do. I always look for the vibrational cause and try to eliminate the challenge there by clearing old energy and balancing energy centers (chakras).

I had a near death experience 7 years ago that was triggered by severe vertigo. The MRI found no discernable illness, yet the specialist was quick to point out what they couldn't rule out (very serious illnesses, such as MS, for instance). Naturally, I was extremely upset at first. But, I came to understand that I had undergone a huge energetic shift, perhaps due to the healing work I do and the need to get my body vibrationally up to speed. Of course, my doc was not trained, nor open to understand that.

Take good care of yourself,


AliciaF 4 years ago

Hi Connie, thank you so much for this wonderful article. It resonates so much with me.

At the moment I'm having a lot of the symptoms on the list - esp headaches, fatigue, muscular pain and loss of sensation in my hands. Can you please explain why this vibrational shift affects us physically, and to this extreme (sorry I couldn't understand that part from the article :-)

Also I can't release sugar and I know I need to. Any suggestions? (I "think" I need it because my energy is so low so I grab it in the moment even though I know it's not the best way, but I have a sugar addiction so it's hard to stop, yet I know it's keeping my vibration down.)

Love & Light, and thank you again for this amazing article,


Tim 4 years ago

Hi Connie,

For about the past six month I have felt like I was going insane. I have been on the ascension path for many years, but when 2012 rolled around, it hit. I have been wearing an orgonite pendant--long story short: I would have periods of intense spiritual enlightenment, synchronicities, clairvoyance, all of it; then the pendulum would seem to swing , and it was as if the universe was telling me "see how high you can vibrate? now, let's get to work on some deeply entrenced, core psyche issues, and shine the light in the dark places; this ain't gonna be fun, but be patient, joy comes in the morning!" Connie, am I right in my metaphorical assessment of what is actually going on with so many of us in 2012? Peace, Love and Light, TIM

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 4 years ago Author

Hi Tim, I couldn't have said it better myself! I, too, go through intense shifts where I stay quiet, don't socialize much, sleep more, and have significant and vivid dreams. I believe those of us who have expressed an interest to ascend in this lifetime(from the Soul perspective) are going through these things to embody a higher frequency. It can make us feels crazy at times! I've lost a few friends along the way because there is such a difference in our vibrations.

So, Tim, please hang in there and try to think of these intense shifts as fulfilling your Soul Purpose. I am grateful and in awe of you and anyone who undertakes such a transformation...whhat I like to call a Shamanic death/rebirth while still in form.

Sending light and love your way,


jj 4 years ago

hi connie, i just came acrtoss your article here and am very intrigued by your beileifs in this shit we are all going through, although my uncertainty with my health has led to a restriction around me!!

i am a young 21 year old who runs every day and seems to be in quite good physical condition! i had a blood test done not too long ago aswell as had a nose and throat specialist look at me and both said that nothing is noticeably wrong with me, although weekly i go through vibrational states of intense emotions and and anxiety, that sorta reflect the symptoms above!! my uncertainty with my health has been keping my anxiety levels high although i am trying techniques to avoid this,

The main thing that is trule scaring me is this problem i have with sleeping, i can sleep perfectly find when tired, but after having a long slepe and waking up or after having a little nap and waking up, when i try right after to fall back asleep for a little i get these intense feelings of a head rush or intense rush as if my blood is doing something, or my heavy water has depolorized from my normal state, these weird flashes last for about 3 seconds tops, i was experiencing them a few weeks ago, and they stopped but are know coming back, i am not sure if this is a health issue, or due to the transitions occuring or even solar activity, i would appreciate a response,

i also get feelings of disorientation and weird feelings in my ears lately im not sure and it is worrying me, please respond as soon as possible as i would love to hear what you think about this!!

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 4 years ago Author

I received your messages. I am not a doctor, but it is apparent to me that some of what you are dealing with is energetic in nature. This simply menas that even though you feel real discomfort, there will be no diagnosis. Think of air pressure as it changes...we humans feel that in our ears (like when we fly), but it is not an illness. That's hos I see what's going on with the Earth and her inhabitants at this time. Peace of mind is important, a western medicine/diagnostic methods can help calm us. In my own case, I underwent a sever shift in 2004, lost the hearing in my right ear, had equilibrium issues for several years and had blurred vision for several months - ALL with NO DIAGNOSIS. I decided to trust that what had happened was what I refer to as "vibrational tweaking" - the Universe was preparing my vessel - my body - to hold a higher vibration.

Hope this helps!

eivets rednow 4 years ago

Hi Connie,

I have experienced many of those symptoms, including negative thoughts from the past always coming up to haunt me. I meditate every morning. The progress has been frustrating yet amazing when I feel a breakthrough. My question: what might it mean when I have a meditation that seems to go deeper than any previous meditation, lasting longer, and then many of my symptoms I thought I was past come back? Am I going backwards or does that mean I cleared one block only to find another blockage of symptoms that I have to work through? Did that make any sense?

eivets rednow 4 years ago

Hi Connie,

I have experienced many of those symptoms, including negative thoughts from the past always coming up to haunt me. I meditate every morning. The progress has been frustrating yet amazing when I feel a breakthrough. My question: what might it mean when I have a meditation that seems to go deeper than any previous meditation, lasting longer, and then many of my symptoms I thought I was past come back? Am I going backwards or does that mean I cleared one block only to find another blockage of symptoms that I have to work through? Did that make any sense?

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 4 years ago Author

Hi there!

I believe you are clearing layer by layer, just as you mentioned. Don't be discouraged. We are ever-evolving. The process never stops, even though sometimes we seem to take a break.

Keep going!


Jenny 4 years ago

Hi Connie,

Thanks for the Article..I have been experiencing this shift for almost a year now and I have had so many different symptoms. Right now it seems to be excitement, anxiousness and then back to loneliness and questioning if I'm going crazy, lol, but it seems that no matter what my energy always feel zapped and I am not doing anything to exert myself. Is this normal as well? Thank you again.

LB 4 years ago


Thank you for this appropriate article. I felt my shift begin 17-18 years ago when I was 13-14 and didn't understand what it was. I have had a lot of "unusual" experiences that taught me from an early age that we are all one and a part of God. When I was 18 I saw a vision and my consciousness was opened up to (what I believe was) another dimension and I saw my deceased relatives and a Christ figure all smiling upon me. Then it disappeared and I felt a surge of energy from my feet all through my spine and once it hit my eyes, they watered up. Needless to say it was beyond an amazing experience. I have also felt that the world is in much pain and suffering, but that there is always a silver lining in every cloud as the world is changing very rapidly. With the amount of shifting I've felt, I'm curious as to how we can gauge it? How do we know if we are totally shifted and ready for the next steps? Thank you.

Connie Steawrt 4 years ago

Hello, LB...

You are certainly very aware and how wonderful that you have known about this transition since you were only 13!

I experience my shifts in this way: I go along learning, growing, shifting and experience all the things that accompany that phase (quietness, physical symptoms, fatigue, a desire to read material related to vibrational frequency work, etc.). Then, all of a sudden (not really) if feels like I am high energy and ready to be back out in the world in a bright and shiny way. That's what I call GRADUATION. I made it through the last "class" and just when I think I will party and celebrate some, I enter a new INITIATION PHASE. This brings me to a higher level of learning, growing, shifting and experience all the things that accompany that phase (quietness, physical symptoms, fatigue, a desire to read material related to vibrational frequency work, etc.). There is no definitive way to gauge your growth but to be aware that each time you enter a new Initiation phase, you will be higher up the mountain.

It all happens so naturally that sometimes we don't even notice that we've just entered one phase or another.

Hope this is helpful!

With love and gratitude,


Connie Stewart 4 years ago

Hi Jenny...

Please see my response to LB. I hope it will be helpful to you, as well.

With love and gratitude,


Connie Stewart 4 years ago

Hello eivets rednow aka Stevie Wonder!

I want to direct to to my response to LB above. I think it might be helpful to you.

With love and gratitude,


LB 4 years ago

Thank you Connie!

fm 4 years ago

Hi Connie, I truly appreciate the work you are doing. What has been driving me "crazy " has been the extremes of consciousness I am going through. It all start when I lost my job and started to see a reiki practitioner. Long story short I was depressed and unhappy until i started receiving reiki. But here where it gets weird.

It started with when I was in an extreme grief state of mind and begged for help in any form. That is when I heard in my head a discussion between two beings in which one told the other that it would take control of this body from here on out. The extreme depressed settled down. Then I started to be drawn to learn more of what was out there. I started to read the laws of attraction. Then the next experience I had was when I was on the path train from ny to nj and I had a strange attraction to the sign of emergency procedures. Then a voice came in my head and said relax don't take this serious. Next thing you know the path train had hit a person and we were all forced to get off the train. While walking to get off the train I met a man that was a computer programmer. Then I started to laugh, becuz while using the laws of attraction I remember asking to meet someone that could help me design an app software.... Then the next experience I had started with me having visions of myself in other realities in which I was laying on a beach and then thought of a friend. Next thing you know I was in another body standing behind a bar and the friend sitting at the bar. We were not in the "bodies" I knew us to be but then again I knew it was us. Then the next experience I had was when while practicing meditating, I had a “knowing” of what was going on. That information that came to me made clear to me that I had to experience what I am going through because my mind was strong enough to deal with it. The next experience I went through was while meditating to put myself in a peace state of mind… I was having a vivid dream in which I was saw myself sleeping, and knew what was happening in the next room. Next thing you know my whole body started to buzz and I mean buzz an intense vibration. I became paralyzed and unable to move. The buzzing became so loud that it was deafing. Then a white silhouette started to raise out my body. At then I became fearful of what was happening. I felt as if I was dying and started to fear and cry. I remember talking and begging not to die becuz my parents were not ready. Then the silhouette started to laugh as I cried and said why do you take this so serious, you know its not real. Then it agreed to stop and went in back to my body and I woke up to find that everything I thought happened in the dream did happen.

The next experiences I had were in clusters over a group of a few days. It was when I reached enlightenment. I started to learn that “I” am the unmanifested and manifested. That I was playing every role of being in existence and non existence. I can not describe in words this state. For there was no time any more. Every thought I had would instantly happen. Ex: I would think of a friend and a second later they would call me. I was in an intense state of bliss for all I felt was love. I experienced love and bliss. For I knew the world was perfect . I knew the only way to live from the heart. For from the heart is where “I” reside. And from there I knew there was no free will. That we were all actors in a play. That the truth of life was that “I” was a being that was so alone, an indescribable pain of alone that no words or actions can express. That “I” the being chose to create life. That life was all in my head. The best way I can describe it was that “I” the being was having a psychotic episode and dreamt all this into existence… Souls, angles, humans.. etc….

The next experience I had was when I was on the train home and I learned my final lesson. That all of life is created in our thoughts. We create life by our thoughts, we choose to have an experience by our thoughts which creates our beliefs. Life at that point became some what unjoyable because I knew I was creating it, all of it. It didn’t leave room for a human mind set. Then I had the most profound decision to make. To maintain balance here on earth, there must be balance to the equation. Since I was in such an elevated state of mind would mean that there must be a person with an extreme low state of mind. For every person there is the complete opposite, so that way they can exist. I had to choose either to cease to exist or return “back to earth” with a lower state of consciousness. I knew I was here to help earth and the beings evolve….

That was few months back… Now I am going through somewhat “normal” experiences of conscious evolution… What bugs me the most is being pulled between lower states, ego mind, (the self centered mindset) to the heart mindset. (for the greater good mindset) They both want different things. One day I am in the ego mindset and am all ready to re-enter the marketing industry from a loving heart. Then the next day I have no desire to do marketing and instead want to travel the world and only desire God. I find this extremely hard because I have lost everything, a job, a home, a lover and friends… and I find myself thinking a lot and unable to really enjoy life…

Any advice you give would be highly appreciated!

Amber 4 years ago

Hello, I've been experiencing a lot of these symptoms lately.. I've just felt terrible all year, since february... However, I wanted to ask you if you think that people with physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsey, if they shift to a higher vibrational frequency, might they be essentially healed? the shift includes physical changed too right? I read one website that says people will get bigger... and... How much longer do you think we'll be dealing with this? I'm so tired of being tired, and anxious, and sad, and afraid, and feeling lonely, and even depressed and downright angry... I just wish me and my boyfriend could relax and be happy, but due largely to my constant freaking out, I feel we are so strained... do you have any thoughts?

Knightrider09 4 years ago

Hi Connie,

I'm relatively new to all this but i knew it had to be a more underlying issue than what doctors were telling me or rather couldn't explain and now it all makes perfect sense. Ive been hearing this constant buzzing or high pitched hum now for many years. Doctors associated it with hearing loss but i begged to differ. Here over the past few months ive discovered parts of myself i never even knew existed. Psychic abilities resurfacing and new ones coming forth. Its a totally amazing feeling my whole body feels as though its either trying to merge to something more or separate from something all at the same time. Its like an ongoing tug of war within my inner and outer. Its a very strange feeling but familiar to me an inner warmth that ive missed for far too long. certain things,songs or people will trigger "a sensation or feeling from deep within me" and i will resonate with the song,person or thing and somehow i remember it. i go within myself now and i can literally see how things work down to the atom or smallest molecule and i cannot put this in words, its just a type of knowing which in turn causes me to know events before during and after they occur to know what to do at the exact moment that the event occurs.. I can read the energy of others and sense how they feel and yearning to learn more as my soul hungers for this bread of life and is ready to drench itself in the refreshing waters of life. I dont see things the same anymore and my old way of thinking has times i feel like i dont belong on this earth....i am here physically in this earth but that which is in me dwells not in this earth but within me... Im finding myself attracted to this song called "along the watchtower by bear mcreary. It holds a very powerful message to an enlightened person as the average person will totally miss the meaning just as they have missed the meaning of the bible... these types of messages are never meant to be taken in a literal since but metaphysical from the inside looking outward. but it really surprises me that from within myself ive gotten so many answers and have had the urge to draw for a while now as words cannot express what im seeing and feeling such as the eye of Horus and the connection to the man called Christ. The symbolism of love and the embodiment of light. The connection to man, the pyramids, the retuning the body to perfect harmonious balance, and seeing from the eyes of a god. Im being drawn towards something and even as i write this now my body is vibrating at a very high rate as i feel parts of my body get the sensation of numbness or tingling and then go back to normal but my whole body is doing this. It usually starts with my head at a particular frequency...pretty loud from within me and the rest of my body in turn vibrate at that same frequency and i feel like im at two places at once...i feel the seems like i can talk to no one about this as everyone thinks im crazy...but i understand how things past present and future events will pan out...clairvoyance...and its getting stronger by the day.

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 4 years ago Author

Dear Knightrider09,

Thanks for your beautiful and deeply insightful post. To all that you are sensing, feeling and knowing ... I say ...

you are AWAKENING!

In Divine Friendship,


Sharon 3 years ago

Hi Connie,

I am 23 years old about to be 24 and about a month ago I got really sick. I felt like all the blood was rushing to my head with extreme pressure, my stomach felt like it was dropping like something was going on with my nervous system. I then started to feel anxiety ever since. I then changed my diet, eating healthy, taking protein, and taking vitamin supplements along with jogging and enjoying nature which is something I never did before. I also quit smoking & drinking because i felt like it intensified the effects I was feeling. Now that I kind of figured out what is going on I get extreme electrical vibrations through my head. Sometimes unbearable. They hurt so bad I start crying. I'm not exactly sure what's happening to me or why but I would appreciate any information to help me. I just want this all to stop and be normal again :(

Machininarium 3 years ago

Is it possible to degenerate from your current vibrational frequency?

I have been aware of dimensional shifts my entire life, to the point of recording inconsistences that I uncovered, and yet over the past two months my powers ( electrokinesis=significant, clairvoyance=significant, empathy=overwhelmingly powerful) have faded, and my mind has physically felt like it has reversed, I can no longer feel my mind function and my memories are fading, my luck is failing, I am slowly being locked in myself, and it gets worse moment by moment, to magnify what is occurring, things that were once dark are now light, and the reflect is true, my reality is reflecting and I cant stop it, my intellect my awareness my body, everything is distorted and it gets worse, even my memories are being corrupted, my past is being rewritten, even my face has changed in days, like I am in reverse, I don't know what to do! It dosent stop and I am slowly going mad and apathetic, I cant think or my self, I I am severed from the noosphere, I feel hopeless to the point of giving up hope and as I try to fight it gets stronger. For the love of God, someone help me!

SoulSync 3 years ago

Hi Machininarium,

On an energetic level, we are all going through change. Yet, what you describe is certainly intensified.

I have been through four major shifts in this life. The aftermath ranges from loss of short-term memory, loss of hearing in my right ear to a hole in my right retina. There have been a multitude of major emotional upsets, ad well.

The physical vessel must be healthy and strong to withstand an influx of high vibration. The mind (ego) must be adaptable and flexible to undergo such shifts.

Where we are less than vital (body and/or mind), we will have our biggest challenges.

Speaking strictly from an energetic position, it appears you are being "rewired". It can be a scary proposition, but I assure you, everything you are going through was preordained by your Soul before you took over this body.

In other words, what is happening is quite purposeful - at a higher level. Your might consider exploring the reasons why you require this dramatic shift at this time.

Are you being prepared to hold a much higher vibration (light) than ever before in this life???

If so, then this "tweaking" is necessary in order to facilitate the transition.

My heart goes out to you, however, not in pity. Rather, I am humbled and offer you great respect for making this gigantic leap into a space in which few dare to go and others may eventually aspire.

In the event you want to explore what's happening in depth, and would like energetic healing/release, I am available for private sessions. I invite you to visit my website at to learn more about who I am and what I offer.

I'll leave you with this fitting quote,

"You fall into the mirror,

come through the other side

staring at a lightbulb." ~Charles Bukowski

Sending much love and appreciation for your presence in the world at this monumentous moment in time,


Machininarium 3 years ago

Thank you for the kindness and knowledge given.

Machininarium 3 years ago

I am sorry to deny your boon, but I no longer want to ascend, I want to remain myself, I want to remember who I was, for this thing I am now is not me, and help comes to late, I want to be who I was, I want to stay, to stop this, undo it, reclaim who I was, so I can be myself, and remember who I was. I am sorry, I came with hope that I would remain who I was, but this death of dream and thought, this false fullness of spirit, this decaying memory and world demystified, forgetting who I was and the death of memory hope and dreams, I recall in past archives who I was and yet my thoughts are no longer mine, I want to be who I was, and yet I cannot fight what has occurred, it is like being woken after a lobotomy, a pettiness of feeling, an emptiness, constant loss, chaotic shifts uncontrolled and crying to sleep. I cant stand it, I cant even kill myself, who I was, that let me be happy, me. This empty petty childlike thing I am now is not me. I am sorry, I need to remember, need to return what was lost, I apologize, I am not ready, my corpum is pathetic. Everrything is broken, this is no ascension, this is hell. This is descension, and yet I fight myself to returnto what I have forgotten. I cant live like this. I am sorry but my faith was ruptured, it is like I never was. I am not ready for this hell, I want to return, or die trying. My hopes as they are to others, what shattered emptiness and pettiness may be present regardless.

Machininarium 3 years ago

This morning I was caught in the flux of elevation, and I could not progress, now my past echoes strangely, all the hope and memory gone.

All I repeated out with new in with the old.

Machininarium 3 years ago

It is like being trapped in the past that has become my future, before I awoke to being who I was, I do not know how to describe it further, but I am stuck as a stranger in my own life, foreign to myself. Locked in one place, a daily occurrence and all I can do is live through it without that part of me that made me "me", like it is all new and dulled.

Soulsync 3 years ago

Do you have a daily job or some other regular place to be?

Whether you like it or not, your soul put you here at this time. Being in this world and not of it is OK, but having something to occupy your mind is crucial. Getting out of your own thoughts will be very helpful. Doing something heart centered for others ... Even better!

Tene 2 years ago

Hi! Started meditating last year jan 03, 2013. after a coupled of days my life change, because of those symptoms and also i can hear thing far away sometimes i can hear and feel earth vibration, environment, etc. I didn't have symptoms before, and something miracles happened to me. last 2010, I suffered severe cough, i had an xray and the doctor said, i have a spot in the lungs they prescribe me some medicine, I didn't take my health seriously because of busy doing useless things. 2012 the time comes I will have an OJT. medical is one of the requirements in the company, had an X-ray and the result is same as before, the spot didn't gone. after a coupled of days all i do is drinking, smoke. then starting jan 03, 2013 I tried meditation because of my curiosity. and i feel the vibration in my body while meditating. after a coupled of days Ive suffering about that symptoms, so i decide to quit meditation, I seek medical check different doctors. then Whola! nothing was found, Specially my lung problems.Ive been that symptoms. specially Anxiety and dizziness.

Paula 2 years ago

Hi! My friend does Reiki. She was showing my husband and I how to do reiki and then she put her hands on my shoulder. She said she felt like a throbbing in between her ears in her head as she touched me. This was the first time she has ever done reiki on me. What does that mean to me and to her? Thanks for your help and insight!

Soulsync 2 years ago

Dear Paula,

We are all made up of molecules and atoms. Therefore, we all vibrate. When your friend did Reiki on you, she felt the vibration.

When I do energy work on clients, I often feel their physical distress in my own body.

It's difficult for me to address what your friend felt since most people who deal in energy work experience it differently.

Four instance, if I am reading for a client and I feel a heavy nervousness in my chest, I know that there is a strong emotional reaction somewhere in my clients life.

If I feel a nervous tension in my midsection, called solar plexus, I understand that to mean there is an area in their life where they are giving away their power or someone is attacking their reputation.

The more sensitive we are, the more we can pick up on the feelings of others. This is called empathy.

Hope this is helpful!

Casey 2 years ago

What is this vibrational shift preparing us for? I've read many articles on this, but none answer this question. Once my vibrations are higher, what then? Will I go on living life as normal?

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 2 years ago Author

Casey, as we evolve as a species our consciousness raises. Accordingly, our vibration shifts, as well. When we are in sync, or resonance, with the outer world, and most especially those we ragard as family and friends, we feel good. Out of resonance, we feel out of sorts.

It can be compared to mental development which coincides with physical development.

Kris 2 years ago

why is it that we have the muscle spasms? Have been constant for me

SoulSync profile image

SoulSync 2 years ago Author

Our bodies are trying to keep up with the rapidly changing vibration. Human form is dense, making it a bit difficult to shift quickly.

Eating organics, exercise, lots of spring water, adequate rest and deep (healing) sleep all help to facilitate this change.

Best to you!

Martin Damian 2 years ago

those effects are happening to me right now but I only experience them when I smoke weed. Anyone else?

RaisingMama 2 years ago

Thank you for this informative article! I'm buzzing and vibrating so intensely after some recent consciousness work that I feel dizzy and was looking for reassurance. I've also noticed my toddler, who is super energetically sensitive and sees spirits, seems to get very perturbed and agitated around me when I'm "ascending." Does this make sense? Would she be perturbed even from across the house, and not necessarily next to me? Thank you for any feedback!

Chris 18 months ago

All the symptoms described sound realy familiar to what I have been experiencing the last few years. No medical diagnosis has explained them so far and I have had plenty of them. I join Martin's concern: Do cronic nosebleeds fall into this sort of symptoms too?

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