What would our reaction be if we were addressed by God?


Would we go nearer, run away in the opposite direction, ignore Him, or try to silence Him?

Do you believe that God is capable at any time of putting a burning bush in our path? Would we head for the nearest source of water to extinguish it or be so familiar with his voice that we would know we were in the presence of our creator?

Notice that Moses did not say, "Who are you?" but, "Here I am."

How many times has God tried to get our attention? How well do we know him? Is our relationship with him close enough that we would recognize his voice?

Today, there is only one way to get to know him and that is through his son Jesus Christ and by reading the Holy Bible where he, through the power of the Holy Spirit, reveals himself to us.

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Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 4 years ago from Charlotte, NC

Wow I'm doing a bible study right now and the theme is disbelief is a sin, and that disbelief is what causes disobedience. Voted up, useful, interesting.

glmclendon profile image

glmclendon 4 years ago


Stay Well

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