The Healing Powers of Pyramids

From many centuries the pyramids have been seen as one of the wonders and mysterious things of the world. The Great Pyramids of Egypt date back 2500 BC and even today there are many questions to be answered about the possibility of such great achievements on those ages. Now our scientists have started to research about the hidden properties of pyramids. It is really amazing that people of such old ages had had great knowledge and experience about pyramids. The Great pyramids in Egypt were built to keep dead bodies of kings and queens and it was thought as a great previlege to have pyramid for the dead kings and queens of that period.

The Concept of Pyramid

A pyramid is a geometrical thing which has four equal triangular surfaces converge on the top at equal angles. The length of the base and slant height of a pyramid is in the ratio of 1.5708:1.4945. The slant height is somewhat less than the length of its base.

These days it has been proven that pyramids are absorbing cosmic rays from the space which are nothing but energetic particles composed of protons(90%), helium(9%) and electrons(1%). These rays are natural source of high energy muons which are elementary particles with negative electric charge.

It is understood that any thing kept inside a pyramid at a paricular height (usually 1/3 of total height from base) will be treated by cosmic rays and attained desirable changes in its qualities. We can prove this phenomenon by having our own pyramid made of cardboard.


The Effects of Pyramids on edible things

Scientists have experienced that fruits kept inside a pyramid are having long life rather than they are put outside at room temperature. Though we have fridges to keep them fresh, we can get some thing special by putting them inside a pyramid. On the other hand if we put a smaller pyramid on the vessel containing edible things for a while, we can feel a sharp change in the taste of such things. Not only is the change of taste we can have and also good health of body and mind.

It sharpens a blunt blade

It is found that a shaving blade which kept inside a pyramid will be naturally sharpened and the same can be used for more number of shavings. It may be because of super natural power of pyramid which passes the power of cosmic rays on the blade.

Method for making a small pyramid

Methods for making a small pyramid

To make a small pyramid of h cm as verical height, you need to prepare 4 triangular thick paper or cardboard sheets. As before said the base and lateral sides of pyramid are in the ratio of 1.5708:1.4945. For instance if you want to make a pyramid of 5 cm in vertical height you need to prepare four equal triangular surfaces with 1.5708 x 5 cm as base and 1.4945 x 5 cm as slant height.

There are two methods for making small pyramids. In the first method triangular surfaces of the pyramid can be got as follows.

1. AB is the base of pyramid which can be measured as 1.5708 x h. Here 'h' is the vertical height of the pyramid and you can fix the vertical height of the pyramid as you like.

2. With the help of a campus draw an arc centring 'A' with the length of 1.4945 x h cm. Similarly draw another arc centring 'B' with the length of 1.4945 x h cm. The two arcs drawn from A and B meet at the point C. The lines AC and BC are nothing but the slant or lateral heights of the pyramid. Similarly draw the other arcs from 'B' and 'E' and they meet at the point 'D'. Now extend the line parallel to the line ABE. simply make another arc on the above line with the length of 1.4945 x h cm and it cuts at the point 'F'. Now you can get 4 equal triangular surfaces by carefully cutting the 4 parts.

In the second method draw a circle with the radius of 1.4945 x h cm. Here the radius OA is the lateral height of the pyramid. From 'A' make an arc with the length of 1.5708 x h cm along the circle and the arc cuts the circle at the point B. Now AB is the base of the pyramid. Similarly you can easily make all the sides of the pyramid.

It's considered as a holy thing

In many parts of the world it is believed that the presence of pyramids in our home would make favorable results, fortunes and success in our way of life. The pyramids are the things which stand apart from religions and the people belonging to any religion can easily accept and follow them. The pyramids are so powerful to create a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere which are the things connected with the real happiness. They act as geometric amplifier and increase power of mind and godly thoughts.

Helps to get concentrated mind

It helps to get concentrated mind while doing meditations. This is really a good news for those who are interested in meditation. When we put a small pyramid on our head while doing meditation, we can certainly find a great change in the power of concentration. Some people who are interested on this subject have built room like big pyramids made of card board and use them for meditating purposes. In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India there is a special pyramid house has been built by an industrialist where many people can sit comfortably to get new meditating experiences. Many people are saying that they get the mood of meditation at once they enter into the pyramid. The more experiences will be got only at one third of the total height of the pyramid from its base

Healing powers of pyramids

With their super natural power the pyramids have been also used for curing many diseases. They are effective in treating pyscho persons. When we put medicines inside a pyramid, they will attain a certain power and begin to work better. The use of pyramid in meditation and drinking the water which kept inside it for a while may avoid hyper tension and allergic problems. When we put a small pyramid on a bottle containing medicinal syrup for a few minutes we can expect a better change in the quality of the medicine. It will be also helpful to prevent cold and other infectious diseases by naturally increasing immunity power in our body.

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tdarby profile image

tdarby 7 years ago

This is really interesting. I am going to try it. My mom always has me do some hand thing to recenter myself after I get off of an airplane--she claims it is something they used to do in Egypt. They definitely were a little more in touch with the world around us than most of us are.

ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum Author

Dear tdarby, Thank you very much for coming here and leaving your nice comments. I am very interested on pyramids and have good experiences with them.

Jerry 7 years ago

I had a broken foot which I kept in a small pyramid for 20 minutes 3 times a day, a month later, a different doctor could not see the breaks in the bones. I believe and live with them in every day life

usha 7 years ago

its very interesting .my uncle used to work on these pyramids when i was small.i would like to have cousin still has some card-board pyramids with her.

john 7 years ago

these pyramids were built wth the help of tke dravidians.

a historian hs the proofs n sourcs ,which means indians knew abt this thing

ollie 6 years ago

it maybe that or it may just be you, using that pyramid as something to focus your own energy into power learn how to control your energy and the pyrimid is irelevant

dgt 6 years ago

Now I am going 2 built little cardboard pyramids for my friends and me.

IndigoRising profile image

IndigoRising 5 years ago from United Kingdom

If you check out my profile picture, it is distilled water that has has a quartz pyramid placed in it (to program it) then frozen. Look at the water and it is a pyramid shape with lots of swirls passing through it!

profile image

samantha desante 3 years ago

did anyone really try this????? if so please email me and let me know.. so i can learn...;) thanks...

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