It has been said in the past that we are all afraid of the unknown, but the unknown has been identified by many and yet there is still the fear of the unknown. (1)

What are we humans so afraid of, we know that one day we will answer a certain call, but we do not know who will call, oh, how miserable that sounds. (2)

Every human thinks they are going to live forever yet they know it is not possible, they fantasize about them getting settled with their families in their old age, yet they fear Aging, yes, they say Life itself is a big lesson, yet they refuse to learn, stubborn, and resistant toward a life they have no control over. (3)

We seek that which we cannot see, and neglect that which is between our own very eyes, we want a place free from, pain, poverty, shame, captivity, but all that we have created for ourselves. We are loosers. (4)

We are indeed lost like sheep without its shepherd, though many will not want to agree, we run into different directions seeking guidance and comfort finding either none or getting deceived by fellow humans a lot wiser and smarter than us or because we just let them. (5)

Yes indeed the fear of the unknown remains within us, we all can never run from it, there is no amount of searching that will give us eternal answers, yes! An answer brings answers. (6)

That which we all fear cometh and it cometh soon…(6)


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