Teaching kids to praise the Lord

Kids enjoying praise and worship in the classroom

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We played a game i dubbed "Freeze Praise Dance"The kids had a good time and actually sang along to the songs. It was great!Kids working hard to create their very own praise flags.They really got into designing these.
We played a game i dubbed "Freeze Praise Dance"
We played a game i dubbed "Freeze Praise Dance"
The kids had a good time and actually sang along to the songs. It was great!
The kids had a good time and actually sang along to the songs. It was great!
Kids working hard to create their very own praise flags.
Kids working hard to create their very own praise flags.
They really got into designing these.
They really got into designing these.

Kids can enjoy worship too!

 Sometimes getting kids to worship God isn't easy.  Sure they love to run around and sing and dance but usually worship even in its freedom can be sort of uniformed at times.  At least I think that is how they see it.  Usually because in church the songs go over their heads.  But it is an awesome idea if you can incorporate some music in your Sunday school class.  They probably won't really make the connection that its the same as what their parents are doing in the big service. 

This lesson is really simple.  I just started teaching these kids and they are a bit different from other classes I have taught they have very very short attention spans and love things they can hold... so object lessons are perfect.  They are also very creative so if they can put something together that is even better.  Here is the short and easy lesson plan.

Memory verse:  "I will praise the Lord at all times, His praise will always be on my lips."      Psalm 34:1

The way I taught this verse was I wrote it on the board and then I taped balloons to the chalkboard ledge.  I let them know ahead of time that after we practiced the verse if they could recite it alone they could pop a balloon.  So I said the verse and they repeated.  We did this several times.  Then I erased a word and had them fill in the word and did this a few times by removing a new word each time.  Then I gave them a chance to try to say it with the reward of popping a balloon.  Kids love to make noise so make it controlled noise by letting it be part of the lesson.  Once they see another child pop a balloon they will be even more encouraged and want to do it and will work harder.  But it is okay to help them say the verse.  Younger ones that really have trouble can just repeat after you.  That was easy, now for the hard part, ask them what they think it means and have a quick little discussion on it. 

After that you are pretty much done with the lesson.  Now they will know that God's praise doesn't just have to be on Sunday but it should always be on our lips.

Next you can make praise flags and you can let them know that after they are done you will play a game.  This is how I made the praise flags:

I used T.P. rolls because it is a great size for them to hold onto.  It is a bit bigger than a handlebar of a bike but the same concept.  You an use anything else.  Even twigs will work great.  I used the T.P. rolls and I hole punched about 4 holes around the top so they could pull string and ribbons through.  I also used streamers of all colors.  All they have to do is decorate the tubes.  They can wrap the tubes with tissue paper or streamers or whatever and tape it in place.  Then they put streamers hanging 2 or three feet.  As many as they want.  Then you or they can tape all the way around the tube to hold in place.  They can decorate with stickers too! 

I also used plastic lids to make praise flags.  This is easy for them to hold too.  They will hold it almost like a little fan, in between their thumb and fingers.  Pre-holepunch some holes on the top half of the circular lid. they can pull string and streamer and ribbon through and tie and tape if needed.  Then they can add stickers for decoration.  You can even add little jingle bells to either project.

When they are done explain the game. "Freeze Praise Dance".  You can play some childrens worship songs, and they are to dance around the room or in place whatever they choose.  Just make sure the area is safe for them to run around and move around without tripping on things.  Play the music and let them know that when the music stops they must freeze!!  You don't need to call anyone out.  They can stay in the game.  If you want to after they get use to stopping you can start having them sit down when they move after the music stops.  By this time they are ready for a snack.  You can have them sit while you keep the music on and you pass out a snack.  This is a great time to ask who can remember the days verse as well.

Well I hope that you found this helpful.  I have been so busy lately but I will try to post more as often as possible.  I have a few more lessons that I have done the past few weeks that I will try to post soon.

Have a blessed day.


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bayoulady profile image

bayoulady 6 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

You can be sure they are having a great time while learning! Great hub!

Kristi Jo Fleming profile image

Kristi Jo Fleming 6 years ago from San Antonio, Texas Author

Thank you bayoulady.... I hope you have a blessed day!

Heather 3 years ago

I thank you so much! I loved it it helped me so much! Your doing great things for Jesus keep it up!!!!

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