Temporal Faith vs Super Faith vs Faith


Temporal Faith: 'faith' that lasts conveniently or temporarily; can be hindered or altered with circumstances.

And Jehoash did that which was right in the sight of the LORD all his days wherein Jehoiada the priest instructed him. 2 Kings 12.2
When you read the account of King Jehoash (2 Kings 11-12), you learn that he was saved as a child and was hidden in the temple while his grandmother reigned as queen. She had gained the throne by murdering all of the princes of Israel, all the seed royal. But her son's sister hid Jehoash in the temple to protect his life from the queen. Eventually, the priest Jehoiada makes a plan to bring the hidden prince to the throne and the queen is killed and Jehoash becomes king. But because he is so young, Jehoiada the priest is really the one leading the throne and he leads it according the Word of God, returning the kingdom back to following the LORD. And Jehoash receives the godly influence and direction of Jehoiada all the days of Jehoiada's life. But once Jehoiada dies, Jehoash turns away from fearing God and rebels - even killing the son of Jehoiada when he tries to warn him to turn away from the idols and the sin (2 Chronicles 24).
This would be considered Temporal Faith. It is faith that only lasts for a season. It is faith that is not rooted and grounded. It is faith that only exists when certain people are around. It is faith that only exists under a controlled environment.

Super Faith: 'faith' movement that teaches if you have enough faith you will see miraculous healings, experience divine health, etc.

I used to follow the teachings of certain ministries that used to teach that if you have enough faith, you can walk in divine health and can heal yourself when you get sickness or disease by just believing and receiving your healing. However the casualties of this 'faith' movement, were people who died of cancer, whose children died from various diseases, who were downtrodden because their faith wasn't 'enough' to bring deliverance. There was a time when my boys were both babies (they're only 15 months apart) and they were both miserably sick. For about a week and a half I was 'naming and claiming' their healing, having 'faith' that they would be miraculously healed. Well as they didn't get better and I got worried, my husband told me to take them to the doctor. I did, and they both had ear infections in both ears. They were given antibiotics and medicine, and their health returned. When I learned of the seriousness of their colds, I felt so awful for not having taken them to the doctor sooner. The consequences of those ear infections could have led to loss of hearing - and then I would've had to have been 'naming and claiming' healing for loss of hearing! After this happened, I was at a Ladies Meeting at our church (which is not a name it and claim it church), and I asked the Pastor's wife about having faith when we pray for healings and what should we do - and I relayed to her what happened with my boys. And this is what she told me: Next time pray and then go to the doctor - Have faith and also have common sense. And I totally agreed with this advice, though later it was often a struggle for me to do that because I felt like I was lacking in my faith towards God. It has taken time for me to be unlearned so that I could learn the truth.
This would be considered Super Faith. It is faith that supposedly brings miracles. It is faith that is only seen with supercharged fruit. It is faith that only exists when you're walking free from sickness and disease. It is faith that has the ability to make one feel super or inadequate - but not constant.

Faith: real faith, biblical faith, enduring faith.

There is a Brother that I know whose wife is dying of cancer right now, and I was so blessed to be able to spend time with them both just recently. He mentioned how that many people would say that they didn't have enough faith to deliver his wife from her disease, but he knew that this was not so. And then he recalled how they too had once followed the 'super faith' movement, but soon realized, by the grace of God, that this was not biblical. He then explained that he was able to learn that faith, real faith, is following the LORD and being faithful to Him even in all of our circumstances, every day, through good times, through struggles and trials, through suffering and pain, through life and in facing death. It is often never receiving the promise here on earth, but still following and believing in the LORD (Heroes of Faith in Hebrews 11). It is never giving up on the LORD even when your circumstances seem that He has given up on you. It's believing in Him and obeying Him even when your feelings don't feel like it. It's being able to be faced with a sword or a noose or a flame and not to fear the loss of your life, because no matter what, you will not deny Jesus.
That is faith, that is every day faith - When Jesus is LORD and Savior every day - no matter what.

But what about when Jesus said that if you had faith as this mustard seed you would be able to move mountains and trees from your path (Matthew 17.20, Luke 17.6)?

What people have misquoted and misunderstood is that they say Jesus said if you had faith the size of the mustard seed; but Jesus didn't say that, He said: if you had faith as a mustard seed. There is a big difference in using these words - size refers to amount, and as refers to character.
I heard a preacher once teach about the mustard seed, and I learned that a mustard seed is one of the most determined seeds, if not the most determined. A mustard seed will try to grow no matter what the circumstances. If it is underground and there is cement over it, it will go forth until it finds a crack and will grow. It is tenacious. It doesn't give up. Therefore, when Jesus was saying to have faith as the mustard seed - He was not referring to its size, He was not referring to having just a little bit of faith; He was referring to having the character of the mustard seed. Now when you look at the tree or the mountain in His example, they are referring to obstacles or hindrances - something blocking us or stopping us from moving forward, from keeping on - and more specifically He is referring to unbelief. Jesus was often telling the people, Believe in Me. Believe in Me. You have seen the works, Believe in Me. He told Thomas, you believe because you have seen Me, blessed are those who have not seen Me and believe. Therefore, if we put this all together, was Jesus talking about having a small amount of faith to deliver us from our sicknesses and diseases? No. Jesus was talking about having character that does not quit. A character that keeps going, that does not give up. A character that believes in Him and follows Him though we personally witness His miracles or not. A character that though we are not immediately delivered from our trials, our sufferings, our persecutions, our personal obstacles and hindrances, we will keep believing, we will keep trusting, we will keep on.
This is the biblical faith. Faith that endures. Faith that stands.

"Faith that is based on miracles and healings and signs is not faith, it is a lack of faith. For Jesus said, it is a wicked and a perverse generation that seeketh after a sign." - Susie H.

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Tamarajo profile image

Tamarajo 5 years ago from Southern Minnesota

I loved the mustard seed revelation! I have not heard that before.

When my father had lung cancer I was kind of in that word of faith mode where we didn't speak anything about the disease only words of faith. The thing I regret is that we didn't deal with the realities. He died and had we faced the fact that he was dying and wasn't going to make it through I imagine how differently our conversations would have been.

I especially liked your definition of faith being our being faithful to Him no matter what the circumstance.

FriendofTruth profile image

FriendofTruth 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks for sharing your personal testimony about your father, Tamarajo. I understand what you mean about your conversations could've been different with him because I got to listen to my Brother and his wife talk about the disease and the reality of her going home to be with the LORD, and his wife even repented to him about her disease because I guess she had waited like 7 years before getting a mamogram and had she gone sooner - her disease could've probably been handled better. They've also been able to cry together and my Brother has been able to pour out his emotions now with her, acknowledging that soon she will be with the LORD and he is going to miss her so extremely. It was such a blessing to witness. So he of course is still praying for a miracle, but they are so realistic to her passing.

Blessings to you Sister!

Deborah W 22 months ago

I was soooo encouraged by this article, I have been struggling for a long time with my faith. I too have experienced temporal faith, and Super faith, but started with Biblical Faith when Jesus turned my life around, but somewhere along the way I got lost, I could be more specific but at this time I won't. I'am trying to get back my faith and rededicate my life to Christ and it is really hard, I have a hard time praying, reading the Bible, and breaking lose of some things that I know has hindered my walk with Jesus. I have been asking God to help and show me what to do and I was reading John and two words came to me; temporal faith and intellectual assent, and I googled it and came to this cite, I thank you and it has given new hope to keep moving forward.

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