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What is Thai amulet?

What is your first impression when someone asks you about Amulets? You might be thinking what is Thai amulet and what can it do for you. Or you might totally have no idea what it meant since you have no prior knowledge since no one has told you about it. Thai amulet is meant for rental to bless someone with wealth, health and fortune. It gives protection to the wearer against evil spirits and accidents.

Thai amulets are made from Thai Temple in Thailand. It can be in the form of metal or powder. Those amulets made from Thai temples are different from those you can see in the street as they are from factories. The ones that offer protection and good fortune will be those made from Thai temples as they were blessed by individual famous Thai monks like LP Kasem, LP Toh, LP Tae, LP Pae and many others. Those amulets made by individual Luang Por were being specially blessed with prayers of mantra. It empowered those Thai amulets to help individual who rented them for protection or good fortune.

For amulets that were made by Thai temples had special markings that allow expert collectors to identify whethere or not it was made from temple or factory. You will notice the signifance difference in prices for renting of amulets. Those factory made amulets that are not blessing by individual famous monks of Thai temple will likely be much cheaper and has no value in terms of protection or blessing.

If you are looking or sourcing for authentic thai amulets, you might want to visit the above URL under the image. You will have the guaranteed of renting only authentic amulets from Thai temples with blessing of famous Thai monks. You can also read some of the famous stories about Thai monks & their biographies during their lifetimes. They had contributed so much to the society and helping thousands of helpless people to gain a better life. They have my upmost respect for contribution to society.

Amulets renting is very common among Thai people and there are some rare collection of amulets that contain stories of people who wore them had avert disasters. These are true stories being told by individual who had such experiences. As for me, my encounter related to an accident that should have killed me but fortunately, it had protected me against harm. I was crossing the road in front of a bus and not knowing there was a car speeding towards me. My friend who was behind me shouted out and I stopped to turn back. Next minute, I was hit by the car and I felt myself flying up while the car went in front for a short distance before I fell onto the road. The next thing I knew was lots of people crowding around me asking how I was and my friend helped me up. I checked myself to see if I was injured but surprisingly, not a scratch. My friend told me that I flew up about 8 to 10 feets above the ground before landing on the road. At that time, I was wearing the amulet made in Wat Paknam and it had averted the danger I had encountered.

From that day onwards, I always have faith in Thai amulet that helps to protect me. If you have been down with unlucky events or things that have not been well in health then with the blessing of Thai amulet will help you as it has helped me in my lifetime.


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