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Understanding of Thai amulet

When someone talks about Thai amulets, it comes in mind that Thailand will be the source of renting amulet for blessing in health and wealth. It has been many generations in history that the amulets made by those famous Thai monks who had chanted mantras for days that gave the power of blessing and protection against evil spirits & dangers. If you are a believer then you might have encountered some of these experiences in your lifetime. Now the question is most commonly asked, how does one makes use of the rented amulet?

The easiest way to use it will be having a string or gold chain to wear it around your neck as a pendant. This will help to protect you against any harm or injury with the power of blessing that the amulet had blessed with the sacred power. At certain period of time, the amulet is popular to be worn as a good luck charm for believers. It has been said that people are wearing these amulets as pendants to protect themselves against accidents, obstacles, diseases as well as better health. It can be seen that the Thai amulets are made with the figurine images of Buddha that are been worn around their necks. Many times we can hear people who worn them had experiences of overcoming obstacles in business or career as well as avoiding serious accidents or injuries. It has the power of repelling bad luck and evil spirits that may be surrounding the house or work place. It is known that Thai amulets are being rented to be for centuries and handed down in generations to people who believe in its power. A quick check with Thai residents, they adorn at least one amulet in their household to help them in terms of protection, health and good fortune.

There are many sources of Thai amulets in the market but the ones that are sacred were blessed by famous Thai monks with many days of chanting mantras that gave its power of supernatural. This is the belief of many Thai people about the power of god that they wear the amulets not only to seek happiness but includes warding off pain and sorrows. Many generations ago, the images of amulets were being carved on wooden or metal materials before chanting by Thai monks. These amulets were being made of many different sources of ingredients like Din, Chin, Phong, Herb and many other ingredients. Up till today, it is popular with collectors who are willing to pay a higher price to rent amulets made by famous Thai monks who had passed away. Many people who had been down with bad luck, are the likely ones to rent amulets to help overcoming their obstacles by changing bad lucks into good fortune. It is the desire of having good intention when they rent the amulets that helped them to fulfill their wishes and desires but not the ill intention of using amulets.

Many centuries ago, people had encountered or heard of strange happenings even up till today, many inhabitants in Thailand still believe in ghosts and had encountered such experiences as claims of sighting these encounters. From those ghost stories or movies that have many varieties of comical to gruesome, are popular among many people. In view of this phenomenon, we can witness that it is not only restricted ti rural villages but also university students and people from all walks of life. These encounters are not restricted among the people of Thailand but as well as other parts of the world. This is particularly strong in Northern Thailand where people take it very seriously.

A simple visit to Thailand, you will likely to witness many Thai people are wearing amulets to protect themselves against evil spirits or dangers. You will also find around those Thai houses that have the Spirit Houses known as San Phra Phum. These Thai people believe these ghosts are needed to be feared as each poses a different threats to them. Like the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry as you will never know what can happen without the protection. That is the main reason for Thai people to rent amulet and wearing them as good luck charms. These amulets are being used not only for protection against evil spirits but against other people who have evil intention. An example will be soldiers rent these amulets to increase their lucks and protect their lives. It was also said that monks had made amulets that were solely meant for soldiers to fights in battles for protection.

Thai amulets are easily available in Thailand or in the web as you can view them at my site shown in my profile bio in hubpage. Nowadays you can find these amulets worn by people right cross the globe where amulets changed their lives in business, career, love and family. They can be easily found in jewelry-artisan fairs, museums, shops and also at homes. These amulets are prayed over by monks for a period of time spanning many days, so that it gains maximum power to fight evil in all its forms as well as giving blessing to the person who rent it. But finding those that were made by Thai monks will be not a simple task as there are many made by factory. The difference is that those made by famous monks had gone to prayer's ritual that give the power of the amulets that will bless those who rent them with purely good intention. However, should you be buying those factory-made amulets on the street that are not being blessed by the Thai monks then these amulets do not come with the power unlike those made by the Thai monks that were being blessed by reciting the mantra for many days. Those amulets that are made in factories may look similar but it is never the same as it does not have any blessing. Only those amulet experts who have studied closely on amulets, will be able to tell from the 'real' amulet to the factory-made amulet. Of course you will find that there is a gap in prices between factory made and the 'real' amulet.

Thai amulets are not made in factory; they are made by Thai monks who use ashes of old and sacred handwritten books as part of their magical ingredients to make this good luck charm. You can also find hair of departed famous monk included in the amulet. A good quality gold leaf amulet can be purchased from respected temples at cost of 10,000 baht or more, (300-325 dollars). Despite rapid modernization, many people are still superstitious. In Bangkok the number is more as when compare to other place. People here spend more than 20 million baht (625,000 to 650,000 dollars) on the Amulets/Good Luck Charms as per newspaper reports.

Thai amulets, instilled with magical qualities that keep away bad spirits, are not only worn around the neck or in ring form but are also seen on dashboards and rear view mirrors of cars. Thai amulets are more famous in Southeast Asia. If you are looking for 'real' amulets, be sure to obtain from the right source in the internet like this site - selling only 'real' Thai amulet with guarantees of authentication.

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Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 5 years ago from NewYork

great hub and a very interesting read

edhan profile image

edhan 5 years ago Author

Glad that you like it. Hope it helps you to understand more about Thai amulets. Cheers!

Simba73 profile image

Simba73 4 years ago from UK

I bought a tiger amulet from Thailand as every time I stayed in Thailand all I would dream about was tigers and I was told that they were probably my totem, but since I bought it my world has come crashing down.

May be it was not for me .


edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

It seems that you are not fated to possess the amulet concern. Believe in your heart when comes to choosing the right amulet for yourself. If not, please seek advice before renting an amulet. We have yet to encounter anyone who had rented our amulets having such issue.

Sueko Sasaki BASW profile image

Sueko Sasaki BASW 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri, The Ozark Mountains

Hi! Thank you for the wonderful information. I researched Thai Monks until I found one whom I admired and could identify with. I bought this amulet for very little money. I truly feel I have reaped goodness and protection from this amulet.

Best of Life to You,


edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Hi Sueko

I am glad that you have found your own fated amulet to rent. It is a blessing to have it. Please remember to show respect for the amulet as it will help you to overcome all obstacles in life.

I am so happy for you that it has provided your source of goodness and protection as it does for my family and I.

Take care and be blessed with all goodness in life.

Sueko Sasaki BASW profile image

Sueko Sasaki BASW 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri, The Ozark Mountains

I am so honored by your comment and Blessings. Thank you!


edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

You are most welcomed. I always believe that one has his/her own fate to bring you for possession of sacred Thai amulet. Since you have yours and it will bless and protect you in all circumstances.

I send my blessing and regards to you.

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