The 7 Chakras And What They Are


The seven chakras are points that are located in the center of our body, running downwards from our head down. The best goal to try to reach for is to try to have each of our seven chakras opened that was one won't be too active in order to try to compensate for the other. The best state to reach is where all chakras are balanced.

In this hub you will learn about each of the seven chakras, their locations and what they are about.

Root Chakra

This Chakra is one that if opened will make you feel grounded and secure. With it open you will not distrust someone unless the situation calls for it. However if this Chakra is under active you will tend to feel fearful, nervous, you'll even feel un-welcomed.

On the other hand if this Chakra is trying to compensate for another and is over active then you may feel greedy, possibly very materialistic. You may want to stay secure to a point that you will become greatly obsesssed over it. Therefore in the end you will resist change.

This Chakra is located between your legs in the pelvic region. This will be the lowest chakra. That would be why it is called Root.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra when opened can have your feelings flowing freely. You will not be overly emotional nor will you keep your emotions to yourself. It will be at a peaceful flow. When it is opened you will be able to be passionate and are willing to be intimate. When this particular chakra is under active it may cause you to be unemotional, or seem so. You will not be very open towards people about how you feel.

However if the Sacral is trying to work hard and is being over active it may make you over emotional. You can be a very sexual person and may become emotionally attached to people as well. This will cause you to possibly over react to just about anything.

The Sacral Chakra is located above the Root Chakra, in the pelvic region.

Heart Chakra

This Chakra, again like the name is located in the chest, in the center. Also like it's name when open it can cause you to be a kind and caring person. It turn you may be a very understanding person and compassionate as well. All of this kindness will result in happy relationships.

If this Chakra is under active you probably act distant. Maybe try to push people away. It is also possible that someone with an under active heart chakra could act cold towards people.

An over active heart chakra on the other hand could cause you to love too much but this love will not be the right kind of love. No, this love would be of the selfish kind. If this was your case you'd be loving someone too much but with a personal gain behind it.

Navel Chakra

This Chakra is located exactly where the name states, in the belly button region.

When open the Navel Chakra can make you feel in control life. Life can throw you any situation but you will overcome it for you are in control. It will also give you self confidence. Therefore you will feel strong about yourself. Never second guessing, at least when it shouldn't be happening.

When it is under active this chakra can make you feel very low about yourself. There's probably many things you can come up with that you do not like. You'd probably be a fairly timid person and keep to yourself. It'd all come down to that low self esteem.

If the Navel Chakra is over active bad things can result. A domineering behavior and acts of aggression may result.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is located in the center of our throat. When it is open we are able to communicate with out a problem as well as truthfully. Someone with an open throat chakra would have no problem with expressing themselves either. Whether it be in talking, writing, or painting even.

An under active throat chakra can cause someone not to talk much. If you see someone that is shy and keeps to themselves it may be because their throat chakra is under active. It is said that lying may block this chakra.

If this Chakra is working too hard it can cause someone to be a bad listener mainly because they themselves will be doing all the talking. It is because of this that people will be pushed away and will not want to be around.

Third Eye

The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead. If someone has an opened third eye chakra then they may have a very good intuition. Someone may even tend to have an imagination but not overly active.

If this Chakra is under active it may cause someone to rely on others instead of themselves because they can't think for themselves. If this chakra is indeed under active it can cause someone to rely on their personal beliefs to much and be closed minded. Someone even may get confused too easily.

Now if this Chakra is over active the imagination is too much and someone may live in a fantasy land. A bad case of this may end up in hallucinations.

Crown Chakra

This particular Chakra is located at the top of your head in the center. This one is particularly about wisdom. When it is opened someone will be aware of the world around them and accepting of all kinds of people and beings. In other words, unprejudiced.

If someone has an under active crown chakra than they are not a very spiritual person. Someone may be a rigid person even.

If it is over active you may over think something. You may find spirituality so interesting that you will get addicted to it. This addiction may actually get so bad that even your physical bodily needs will no longer matter.


Upon reading this you can see how having and under active or even an over active chakra can make life rather difficult. It is important to try to balance your chakras out as much as you possibly can. This is possibly by doing chakra meditations. I will share a link to a site that will give you further information about this. I hope this will come to help you in your life altogether as it has helped mine from time to time. Though I must admit that I know my own are greatly unbalanced right now.

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