The Anti-Islamic Video: Innocence of Muslims

Mohammed and woman- while it looks suggestive, it is not as it seems
Mohammed and woman- while it looks suggestive, it is not as it seems
Was Mohammed America-Arab?
Was Mohammed America-Arab?

Muhammad Movie Trailer

The Internet and YouTube helped spark the recent murders in Tripoli, Libya and now cause riots in Egypt. The video is 14 minutes and only part of the larger film that cost $5 million (mostly from donations from Jewish sectors). The trailer was posted back in July with little notice. It has only been viewed 200,000 times mostly in Muslim countries. The film was shot in the USA and the cast and crew of 50 were duped into thinking they were filming an adventure film. Much of the dialogue has been over dubbed with inflammatory language. The director, Sam Bacile, his real name is Abu Bacile and was sick of Muslims killing Christians and others. He is a real estate businessman in California and the real title of the film is, Innocence of Muslims, a misleading title. The movie shows Muslims and Mohammed in bad light as a womanizer, pedophile, murderer etc.

When a casting call went out in Hollywood for the crew cast, the ad indicated the film would be a historical Arabian desert adventure film to be called, "Desert Warrior" directed by Sam (Abu) Bassiel.

In Egypt, rioting has been happening and the urging by the Muslim Brotherhood geared toward the US Embassy. It took days before its president, Morsi, to make any comments about the murder of the US Ambassador in Libya, which might indicate how the Muslim Brotherhood using this video to incite anger towards America. Riots have spread to Yemen because of the video. America gives Egypt $1.3 billion a year. Yet, President Obama states Egypt is not an ally. Worse, is that the President of Afghanistan condemned the video yet not the murder of Americans in Libya! Without America, Karzai would not even be Afghanistan's president and the Taliban would still be in control there.

Viewers of this film indicate that it is very amateurish, one actress was only paid $500. It is campy, cynical, sarcastic with a definite spin against Islam and Muslims debasing Mohammed (he is akin to Jesus for Christians) in very negative situations in sometimes vile manner. Its owner is an Arab Christian who finds Egyptian laws and customs anti-christian there and financed a film to "hit back" at Muslims. It was bound to happen.

The problem with free speech is this precise issue. What we in America simply take as a "stupid" film, and campy, overly sensitive Muslims in the Middle East, take way too seriously and think it is a product of the USA. Something, representing the US government's position, which is far from the truth,yet on the street, that is what they believe. That is what matters.

Maybe the US should make a film showing how much America loves Islam and Muslims. Trouble is, would they believe it?

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Jayfort 4 years ago

What is needed is for these "overly sensitive" Muslims to join the 21st Century! I'm a Christian and have seen God, Jesus, and many other Christian icons cussed, cursed, and worse...but we do not march into the streets, flail about, dragging people out and killing them.

It's time for Muslims to assume responsibility for THEIR behavior and THEIR attitudes.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

I can't agree more. So sick of this.

Gertrude 4 years ago

I know some of the young folks will think this is harsh, but I've seen a lot in my days. It's time to dispose of these Muslim peoples. We should start with the ones in America and then move outward. This has gone on for too long and cost too many American lives.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

dispose, how?

Kyledude profile image

Kyledude 4 years ago

Shit, I think Gertrude wants gas chambers. I agree that this has gone on too long, but we can't start gassing Hajjis.

cheetah786 profile image

cheetah786 4 years ago

what this movie has caused just violence in muslim world. I agree this is really hurting for muslims, but at the same time killing americans or christians is non-sense, it is against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad .

I tell you story of Prophet Muhammad's kindness to those who disrespected him;

"Daily an old lady used to throw garbage at Muhammad (S.A.W) when he (S.A.W) used to go to the mosque to offer his morning prayer and ruined all the clothes with filth but Muhammad (S.A.W) never used to get angry at her. He (S.A.W) used to quietly go back to home, change the clothes and then again head towards the mosque to offer the prayer. One day the lady didn't came out to throw the garbage at Muhammad (S.A.W). He (S.A.W) went to her house on his way back to home after offering the prayer. He (S.A.W) knocked at the door and after taking permission he (S.A.W) went in. He (S.A.W) came to know that the old lady was ill and lying on the bed therefore she could not throw the garbage that day. So Muhammad (S.A.W) did all the house work of the woman and helped her and took care of her. That old lady was so inspired by the attitude of Muhammad (S.A.W) that she accepted Islam and after that she never threw garbage on Muhammad (S.A.W) and she proved to be a very good Muslim."

the above story is true that Prophet Muhammad was so kind to all whether muslim or not. There are so many other stories. I tell you another and should open eyes of all muslims on how to protest.

"The Prophet (PBUH) tried to address the people of Taif but they refused to listen.As he was leaving the town,the wicked people set their dogs after him.They also made a gang of vagabonds throw stones at him.Heavy showers of stones hit the Prophet (PBUH) as he walked out of the town.This did not stop till he had gone under the cover of trees in a nearby garden.So much blood flowed from his body and legs that his shoes were filled with it.Yet all he said was,

"O Allah!Forgive these people,for they know not."Verily the Prophet (PBUH) was a mercy to the worlds." It is clear lesson of tolerance and forbearance.

I as muslim condemn the movie aimed to insult the Prophet of all humanity and not just muslims. Prophet Muhammad's teaching are Teachings from Allah and not specific to muslims but to all human kind.

cheetah786 profile image

cheetah786 4 years ago


You are right not to act so angrily, but Prophet Jesus is Innocent messenger of Allah and he was man of great character. We should do our most to uphold respect of Prophet Jesus. They saved the humanity from dark. Jesus was a beloved messenger of Allah. I as Muslim believe, Prophet Jesus is not dead. He is alive and in heavens of peace.

Jayfort 4 years ago

The movie is merely another excuse used by fanatic Fundamentalist Islamists to rage against the Western World. If not a movie, what would be the excuse? What slight, no matter how small or innocuous, will be the next excuse to rage against the Western World?

cheetah786 profile image

cheetah786 4 years ago

Jayfort@ brother your thinking is right, muslims should not make this movie an isolated excuse..

But what I think as moderate Muslim; the problem is not movie and nor this movie gonna be excuse. The real problem is ongoing insult and attacks on the clean personality of Prophet of Mercy to all worlds. All such insulting and adverse stuff deeply hurt the followers of Muhammad (PBUH).

This issue should and must be resolved thru dialogue. But its painful to see the entire muslim country leaders are sleeping. None is asking the western countries to atleast ban such activities that lead to imbalance of peace in world and promote hate between tow communities.

Jayfort 4 years ago

Are you suggesting in your last paragraph that Muslim leaders SHOULD ask Western countries to ban activities that lead to imbalance in world peace? If so, what activities should they ban? Blasphemy to ALL religions or just SOME? No eating of pork products or imbibing of alcohol? At what point would such bans reach the point of totalitarian behavior. Next thing you know, the Western governments will ban us from drinking sugary drinks over 16 ounces.

cheetah786 profile image

cheetah786 4 years ago

@ jayfort..

pork, alcohol are peronal matters of ones life. Muslims do it. I see many drinker muslims. i am not talking on perosnal level.

I neutrally want to say that, we all living in this world, we should not hurt any entire community whether he is christian or muslim or hindu or communist or jewish. try to understand. i want muslims and all other communities to stay away from such practices which lead to hate .

alcohol, pig, etc are personal matters and it is matter which stay within the walls of one's home. there is no clash as such. who are the muslim leaders to ask for ban such things.? All these are not leading to any peace imbalance.

But attacking and insulting on the entire class at the overall level is not personal. this should really be stopped if we want to live togather.

my friend, this is long debate and i dont want to be in this.

QudsiaP1 profile image

QudsiaP1 4 years ago

Death and destruction has no excuse and at the same time neither does hatred. I condemn hatred of any kind...

What is funny is that fundalists Anti-Islamists hate Muslims and fundamentalist Terrorists hate both Non-Muslims and Muslims. In this tug of war for power and attention it appears a lot of innocent people create their own hate war against equally innocent counterparts.

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