The Astrology of Alternative Transportation

Did you know astrology could actually save you money while you save the planet? Forget traffic signs, find your zodiac sign to discover your best mode of alternative transportation.

Aries –Try a squad car. Saves you cab fare and gives that much needed rush of adrenaline. (Disclaimer: Don't give them your real name.)

Taurus - Safety and security before speed, you would be quite happy walking...if it’s not too far.

Gemini – You are well suited for public transportation considering the variety of people watching and strange conversation provided.

Cancer – You are most comfortable on the water, try any kind of boat, but wear your life jacket!

Leo - Have someone else do your errands and then express your appreciation in song.

Virgo - Catch a ride with an ambulance and tell the paramedics the best route to take while making sure their supplies are of the highest standards.

Libra - Use your charm. (Disclaimer: Don't give them your real phone number.)

Scorpio – Attend funerals and catch rides with the mourners. You can simultaneously share your wisdom and insights on death.

Sagittarius - Learn the value of good old-fashioned “horse” power. If that's not adventurous enough for you, try hang gliding.

Capricorn - Practically living at work, transportation is really a moot point. Not to mention you’re already thrifty enough and needn't worry about saving a few pennies.

Aquarius – You will be the first on the block with the solar - electric- hybrid - running- off - your - own – body - odor- car.

Pisces – Growing fins would be ideal, but a trip to the grocery store is best taken with an open heart and a full tank of gas.

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