The Bond of our Spirit , Soul and Body.

Why man has three parts.

Many of us have wondered; "How can it be that I am a sinner and at the same time I am perfect in Christ:" As christians we should follow the commandments of God, but in doing so we still find ourselves falling far short.

So why is it that after we die in Christ and made perfect because of what Christ did for us, we still fall short and sin no matter how hard we try not to? Why does our sin nature seem to not want to go away?

The answer to these questions are found when we understand Spirit, Soul and Body. We need to understand that man is made up of three parts which are bonded together to make one.

In 1Thessalonians 5:23 (NKJV) it states: 23 Now may the God of Peace Himself sancify you completely; and may your whole Spirit, Soul and Body be preserved blameless at the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This amazing verse clearly reveals the three parts of man. It also reveals Spirit and Soul are not the same thing. Although many may argue this point regardless of the above verse.

Jesus stated in John 6: 63(NKJV) 63 It is the spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are in spirit and they are life.

So we now come to the question; What is the Spirit part of Man?

The spirit part of us is the part that sees and hears with the heart. It is the part of us that understands there is something out there that is far greater than ourselves. It is the part of us that knows there is a God and it seeks the relationship with it's creater. And it is within the heart of man where our spirit dwells.

So when we do receive spiritual understanding and wisdom it is received within our hearts first, from the Holy Spirit. So when the time come to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then it is the Spirit part of us that is sealed.

What is the Soul part of man?

Our soul is the part of us that give us awareness of thought, will and emotion. Without awareness we could not relate to our five senses. Which are sight, smell, hear, feel and taste. When we hear the words carnal minded it is based on these five words. Through these five senses we obtain awareness of what is around us. Because of the five senses we realize we are mortal beings and survivale is our greatest challenge.

The third part of us is our physical bodies.

Our bodies is the physical being, the body is the container or vessel of our Spirit and soul. Our body allows us to move all three parts of us from point A to point B. Our physical bodies primary purpose is to provide the physical means to maintian awareness for a continued relationship with the creater.

So these are the three parts of man, however, this does not yet explain " How can I be a sinner and yet be perfect in Christ at the same time?"

First we must understand that the Spirit part of man does not directly influence the Body of Man. In other word Spirit does not directly control the physical aspect of the body. There's no direct influence at all.

The best way to explain this is to say that what seperates Spirit from flesh (Body) is the Soul. Spirit influence soul and soul influence body. When all three are bonded together they become as one.

Purpose of Spirit:

To have relationship with God as it was meant to be. To reveal to our soul God's will and to worship the creater.

Purpose of Soul:

To be the awareness between the needs of the spirit and the needs of the body. And to understand God's will.

Purpose of body:

To be the container or vessel for soul and spirit, so that our spirit maintians relationship with God.

If we go to the Book of Matthew it explains in part just what I said. Matthew 13:14 and 15 (NKJV) states: 14 And in the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfiled which says; Hearing you will hear and not understand. And seeing you will see and not perceive; 15 For the heart of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, And their eyes they have closed. Least they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears. Least they understand with their heart and turn. So that I may heal them.

In these verses, Jesus was talking about seeing and hearing with the mind of the heart and this is where the spirit dwells. To understand with the mind of the heart the Kingdom of God. He was telling us in order to understand the Kingdom of God, we must do so with the mind of the heart.

As we begin to understand in our spirit God's will for us, then our spirit reveals it to our soul. This is where the Holy Spirit helps our spirit within to influence the thoughs of our soul. This is how we feed on the word of God. The mind of the heart begin to influence the thoughts in our head.

Jesus said in Matthew 6: 21 (NKJV) which states: 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.

What Jesus was saying is this.

The part of us that holds our deepest self is in the mind of the heart. The spirit part of us should seek a relationship with the creater, who is located in His Kingdom. The carnal mind of man will never understand. The carnal mind of man alone can not see or hear it.

This is why the Apostle Paul said in the Book of Romans 8:6 (NKJV) which states: 6 For to be carnal minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

We are perfect in Christ:

The part of us that is perfect in Christ is the Spirit part of man that has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit seals the spirit part of us. We then, are perfect in Christ. However the Soul and Body of man, as hard as we may try not to, will continue to sin. There is still the nature of the soul and body to sin.

This is why God's grace is so important to us. We each need faith in God grace that our sins of our mind and body are forgiven.

And finally, we also need to understand the reason we need Jesus Christ as our savor. It is due to the fact that He was the only man ever to be perfect in Spirit, Soul and Body.

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Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 3 years ago from HubPages, FB

Very good Hub, thanks for shearing with us.

graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia Author

Vladimir Uhri- Thank you very much for your comment. It was a real joy writing this Hub.

God Bless

Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

Are you to tell me that each man is a Trinity? Grace in us, is truth. But am I not more than 3. Am I not Legions. Socrates, Aristotle and Plato would think you brilliant.

But I dare ask, if I am three am I not a fourth which is a combination of the three.

I would heartely suggest to you my friend that the three are but elements of the one which is Love. We leave the trinity to a greater being.

And ponder this my friend: We are little gods made in his image, but we are not so powerful to be 3 in one.

Just food for thought, great hub buddy. In your writing you create a better me, for loving more deeply, thinking more freely and being more me-ly

graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia Author

Ericdierker- thank you for your comment. I wish to add that I have been planning to write this for the past two months or so. However after reading a HUB written by GodChaser, on this very same subject, I was encourage by her to go ahead and write mine. I would strongly recommend reading her Hub also. She deserves the credit for encouraging me to write on the same subject and I thank her for it. If and when you do read her Hub, then you will understand that I am not the only one with this understanding of Spirit, Soul and Body. There are many more out there.

Many Blessing to you Eric.

GodChaser profile image

GodChaser 3 years ago from State of Illinois

Hi Graceinus. I was so pleased to see your hub. Congratulations, and thank you for your kind words. Eric did contact me and I responded with a recommendation for him. If those who are assigned a strong message in these last days would speak out, then He would be lifted up to draw all men to Him. We have a greater part in God's redemptive plan than we realize. Yes, God is sovereign and His Will will be done, but God also works through man. If we don't cooperate, we tie His hands in many circumstances and that could result in lost souls. God has assigned certain people to receive our messages, without which could result in a lost or misguided soul. You and I are unique and vital to God's plan. To see it any other way is to trivialize God's will. I encourage you, my brother, to continue speaking out for our great and glorious God. To Him be all the glory!

graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia Author

GodChaser- Many thanks for your comment and encouragement. I am looking forward to reading many more of your Hubs. Keep the gospel flowing. Many God's grace and peace follow you always.

Montana Glenn profile image

Montana Glenn 3 years ago from Decatur, Georgia

Very interesting and educational. I can hear and see God in your words. The truth is encouraging and embracing, I feel strength in this. Thank you for sharing this information and I will be following you from now on. We can shere info and keep hope alive for the lost souls, souls for ransome and the souls that were stolen(sold).

graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia Author

Montana Glenn- Thank you very much for your kind words. As christians we need to continue to inform others of the Gospel. I hope this Hub will benefit others too. I look forwards to reading many more of your Hub's too.

May His grace and blessings follow you always.

celafoe profile image

celafoe 3 years ago from Planet earth. between the oceans

good hub

graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia Author

celafoe- thank you very much for your comment.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

Very well written and also so interesting .

I now look forward to many more by you.

Have a wonderful day.


graceinus 3 years ago from those of the Ekklesia Author

Eiddwen- Many thanks for your kind words.

And God bless you always.

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