The Circle Prayer


The Circle Prayer

The Circle

By Gary Eby, MSW

In the circle, there are many names for Truth, and many pathways to experience Truth. In the circle, we honor and accept all of them. In the circle, Light surrounds us.

Light flows through us and shines from us with magnificent, omnipotent Love. We are always a part of magnificent, omnipotent, Love. This is our True Nature.

We know this…we feel this…we smile this…we breathe this…we manifest this.

We are the Song, the Dance, the Fire of Life, the Rhythm of Being. And we are One.

We are the leaves of grass: all that is wind-blown green, the mighty waves of cobalt blue, the shining breath of Spirit. We are One. We are all One.

And we are healed. We have always been healed. We always will be healed… time for this world to heal.

Come. Join us in the circle today.



We are the World

Come Join the Circle

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Paul K Francis profile image

Paul K Francis 23 months ago from east coast,USA

Good thoughts, well said!

qlcoach profile image

qlcoach 23 months ago from Cave Junction, Oregon Author

Thank you so much Paul. Peace and Light...Gary

Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 23 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

What nice sentiments. Truly worthy of meditation and thoughtfulness.

qlcoach profile image

qlcoach 23 months ago from Cave Junction, Oregon Author

Appreciate your comments. Blessings...Ericdierker

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