The Death of America Part 1

It seems that Bible Prophecy tends to be confusing at times. I'm not sure why. It was never meant to be. Those of us in the Christian Community know that we are living in the last days. What does Scripture have to say about the place of America in the end times? I know that some may disagree. Some will not see. But apply the weight of Scripture to the question and judge for yourself.

Much detail could be given to this topic. It is not my point to go into detail. If you have further questions or wish to discuss it further, please feel free to contact me. Also, it would be good if you were able to read the verses that I list along with this short article.

Notice that the prophet Jeremiah mentions that God has spoken against Babylon (Jeremiah 50:1-4). Prophecy, as I understand it, usually has a primary and a secondary application. Certainly, Babylon of old was destroyed. As we continue reading chapters 50 and 51, however, we see that there are some descriptions of Jeremiah's Babylon that do not fit the description of the past destruction of Babylon. We must first identify Babylon and then look at her fate. Let's examine some of these passages.

We see as we read in Jeremiah 50:12, that this Babylon has a mother. The original Babylon in Iraq did not have a mother country, but it was in fact, the cradle of civilization.

Verse 12 continues by mentioning that Babylon is the "hindermost" of the nations. In other words, this is a young country, a new world country. Are you beginning to get the picture? New world America was birthed by our mother England.

As we read on, verse 16, we see that "they shall flee every one to his own land". America has long since been known for the fact that all people are welcome here, from any and every nation. We truly are the melting pot of the world.

We'll look at some more descriptions next time. Much more can be said and will be said. But for now, consider the Scriptures. Part 2 will be coming shortly

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Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

Can't wait for part II very informative hub, people need to open their eyes and hearts and see just what is going on in these the final days.

Artin2010 profile image

Artin2010 6 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

Yes the melting evil inferno pot. That would be America alright! Home of watered down religion and a lot of people claiming to be christians that are being mislead by ministers pretending to be faithful to their cause. Save the sinners! Jesus said, "Father forgive them, for they no not what they do." We all need to stay focused on Jesus Christ! He was also quoted as saying' Surely I come quickly! Amen

John Cain profile image

John Cain 6 years ago from Dayton, Texas

A very informative hub. Looking forward to part 2. God bless you.

Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

Chris Tomlin sings the song Still Work to be Done in This City, I don't know the actual title but that is what it talks about. We still have plenty of work to do here in our country spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through His Word. Keep us on your prayer list as we continue to seek support and go into churches preaching revivals and sharing our ministry and the Word of God to both the saved and lost. You and your church are in our prayers.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA Author

Thanks for the prayers, Michael. I'll pray for you likewise. The field of evangelism is so hard today. Thank you for standing.

profile image

SirDent 6 years ago

I understand what you are saying. There is one thing that has me confused.

""Jer 50:15 Shout against her round about: she hath given her hand: her foundations are fallen, her walls are thrown down: for it is the vengeance of the LORD: take vengeance upon her; as she hath done, do unto her.""

This verse speaks of doing to Babylon what she has done to them. In verse 14 it is commanded to shoot their arrow aat her.

Where I am confused is that America hasn't done those things to Israel or anyone else really. The wars we have fought have been wars of necessity, with the exception maybe of the wars we are now in.

I am not saying you are wrong. I would like more in formation is all.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA Author

Sir, I believe this is referring to events in the tribulation. America is so close to turning her back on Israel. I believe she will any day now. Thanks for that good thought.

profile image

SirDent 6 years ago

I agree that it is just around the corner. Forsaking friends is a bad thing for anyone to do and Israel has been a close friend to the USA.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

lifegate This is an awesome hub. I am so grateful that you write in the simpliciy you have done Holy Spirit movement is on bro. Many do not understand that there is an enemy and we are in end of times. I pray many are led here. I believe they will be. In His Name. Glory to GOD In HIM. Hugs to you and yours lifegate. Is part two ready I will check. I like!!! awesome and up

lifegate profile image

lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA Author

Skye,Thanks for the visit. It's always great to hear from you. The other hubs in this series are complete. I do hope you'll check them out.

Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

I am very much into prophecy so will be interested to read this. A brave thing to write, I admire you.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA Author

Glad to see you catch this one, Jackie. Not all will agree with me, but it is in scripture. Thanks for stopping by.

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