The Dolphin


A whisper in her ear said it was time to go. She turned and saw the majestic dolphin, knowing he was there to take her home.

A beautiful peaceful feeling came over her, as the ocean breeze caressed her face. She felt relaxed with her toes covered in the soft white sand.

She walked toward the beckoning waves, and in an instant; she was on the dolphin’s back. As they sped through the water, she thought back to her time on earth.

She knew she had led a privileged life, but one mixed with heart-wrenching disappointment. She felt good about herself. She had stayed until her work was done. She was stronger than she thought.

Off on the horizon, she saw a beach filled with familiar faces. Walking into the ocean to meet her was her loving son, John, and in his arms was her little dog, Sir Wally B. Coburn.

Carol Coburn had made it home!

-- With a loving heart, BJD

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