The Duggar Family: Would God Really Approve?

The Costs of Overpopulation

 The Duggar Family boasts that each of their child's names begins with the letter "J", in honor of Jesus. They tout that they will continue to have children until God stops blessing them with children and strikes menapause on Michelle Duggar, which I pray will be soon. Now, their eldest son, Josh, age 22 is destined to continue to family tradition of overpopulation and destroying our planet.

Does God really want this family to multiply like rabbits or are they simply a narcissistic couple who believes that they are entitled to all of the resources our planet has to offer? They broadcast that they belive in homeschooling and limited television and internet use but they are the focus of Discover and TLC television programs and run their own internet blog with, of course, multiple advertisements. Instead of preparing the older children for a bright future with higher education, they have them share in the responsibilites of raising the younger members of the family, graduate with a GED, and forego college so that mom and dad can continue to close their bedroom door and have some fun with zero responsibility. Their oldest son, Josh, looks to want to ride the coat tails of his parents as he has already started his own breeding ground with a second child on the way at 22. Is this is what God wants?

I'm sorry, but I don't believe it. I am more inclined to believe that God would rather us go out, increase the knowledge in the brain he gave us, prepare for a successful future, help our fellow man, and make a difference. There are teenagers and twenty-something year olds that make inventions for a better future, travel to third world countries to assist, and even volunteer around the corner at a soup kitchen. There are young adults at college who are increasing their intelligence and will eventually create innovative solutions to contribute to our society as a whole. The Duggars are parasites to our society and are instilling a sense of entitlement to their children.

Maybe if they read the real news and watched other programs on The Discovery Channel, they would learn that Earth is running out of resources. If every couple had even 12 children, it would add 10 to the next generation. We would increase our population from 308 Million to 3.08 BILLION in one generation. Where is the responsibility in that? Where will these people live? What water will we drink? How will we grow food if all of our agricultural land is housing a population explosion? Where will the tons of diaper trash be stored from all of these babies?

We will destroy the planet that was given to us. It will be turned into a slum wasteland and our future generations will be fighting to survive with scarce levels of food, water, and space.

These families that have an obsene amount of children should not be honored. They should not be given television shows with money thrown at them. We are setting an example that this behavior is not only acceptable, but awarded. This behavior is not acceptable. The human race will overbreed to the point of disaster. I am doubtful that God wants this. He gave us the ability to procreate, but he also gave us a brain to do it in moderation. I am Catholic and do not believe in abortion. But, I do believe in contraception, basic intelligence, and making choices for a better survivial. 

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Laynie84 5 years ago

Amen!!! I firmly believe that God is tired of being used as an exscuse by a man and woman who cannot control themselves! The even sader thing is that their son has learned to have the same utter disregard for his fellow man as his parents:-(

Great article by the way. I have seen alot of Duggar articles, but this question has never been directly addressed, and I find it a relief that someone else seems to have common sense!

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

To Marie Pepper: The Duggar family is not the only one, all large families are like that. Mothers who have large families are often uneducated and have no outside life. They have baby hunger which means that they must fill the void in their lives by constantly churning out children.

Great hub. I concur with you. I staunchly believe in family planning and that intelligent people have smaller families. I believe that birth control should be mandatory for everyone who is sexually active and that married and other long-term committed couples should have 1-2 children. Anymore would be asinine and selfish.

Kiss andTales profile image

Kiss andTales 2 years ago

I disagree that all large families end up that way GW we have good example of large families that are rich and the mother is not on welfare, the Jackson's were a large family and rich, the debarges, the Osmonds my spelling might be off but not the understanding, I do think that people should have control over their reproductive powers, they should not bite off more then they can chew. Which means you have a right to use your productive power but that does not mean you should be careless and not responsible for a new life.

Kiss andTales profile image

Kiss andTales 2 years ago

I would like to think that you GW are much more positive and fair minded in this posts ,I will give you the benefit that what you have said is to stir people to post on this subject. Then to class all large families as uneducated.

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