The Essence Of Joy

The Source of Happiness Is ~

In The Expressions of Joy:


Joy is the moment that love's desire derives fulfillment from our soul's purpose...


Joy is the inclusive quality of the moment, when the quantity of the qualified positive acts of our expressed consciousness are fulfilled; that is when our selfless soul's thoughts, words, and deeds of our civil endeavors experience the fulfillment of our spiritual being...


Joy, is love's truth and spiritual happiness...


Joy is not a mental or physical satisfaction...


Joy can not be derived from the exclusive contentment and fulfillment of selfish endeavors...


Joy is not to be gained from metaphysical enchantment of delight's pleasure...


Joy is much more than a physical expression or a metaphysical sense...


Joy is the inclusive essence of mystic selflessness and its spiritual endeavor...


Joy to the World, is our most fitting mystic delight and our grandest spiritual endeavor as humans...


Which moment gives you the most joy?

Finding Joy

Finding joy is a rite of passage though the stages of life. Joy is to be found in the phases of change, as we travel the course, journey and path of sacrifice, as we offer and surrender ourselves to the higher dimension of life. The passage takes the self from the physical dimension, of existence reality and universe plane, to the metaphysical domain, and on to the mystical domain, the kingdom of one's soul and realm of its spirituality...

Life is the the rite of religious passage from the body, to the mind, and into the soul realm by passing through the temperaments, attitudes and behaviors of physical blood, sweat and tears, to that of mental inclusiveness, selflessness and civilness. Ultimately the individual self may gain the quality of the mystical life which expresses the joy of love, the desire of one's soul, with the peace and the appreciation of happiness, then there is the fulfillment of life in all the planes of existence, Amen...

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loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Art, dmop, Thank you both for reading and commenting...

Art 4 years ago

Very nice writing, to me Joy is knowing that I don't know what exactly it, joy comes from, I only speculate that it is something inside of me that is contagious. Voted up, thanks for sharing. OzO

dmop profile image

dmop 4 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

Awesome poetic expression of the essence of joy. Voted up.

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