The Fatherheart of God for Kids - Marigold The Journey Home

A Self Published Book

Most people I know at some time in their life wonders if they could write a book.

For some the thought is all they have and it turns into nothing but a distant thought.

That is not the case for the author of this book. Marigold the Journey home is a story that has taken some years to put into print. I know some people may think I am bias as the author happens to be my big sister, but regardless of this fact, the book is well worth a place on your bookshelf.

Marisa started this project because someone gave her a prophetic word about writing a children's book. At first it seemed like a random out there statement but over a period of months the ideas came and the book took form. There were various stressful points in the process, finding an illustrator that could capture the essence of the book and the characters was essential. The partnership of drawing the pictures and writing the book I think has been pulled off.

Another key was getting the right font and binding. This is key as with many publishers they will fire it all together but since this is a childrens book it had to be easy to read and not difficult for a child.


Marigold is a ragdoll. She is unlike the toys of today with batteries and noise. She has been left in a toybox. The story is about how Marigold and her friends go on an adventure that helps them discover their true identity and worth in their Father God.

For those of you who know Max Lucado "You are Special" Marigold has some similarities. It tells of how God sees us and how he wants to have a relationship with us. Marigold is however a a longer piece of work with ten chapters.

There is plenty of imagery and interaction for people of all ages to get something out of the book. As the parents or grandparents will understand the dynamics at a differing level. You may even realise that along the way you have adopted traits within the characters and that you have inadvertently closed yourself off to what God could have in store for you.

For me this story is made even more real as Grandpa, Bernie and the others are "Real soft toys" that my sister had while growing up...My daughter is now the proud owner of Bernie.

Marigold the Journey home is a truly enjoyable read....and the good part is there is room for a sequel.

We are all on a journey with God and all are at different stages. Sometimes you see the path and sometimes it is a bit of a leap. Marigold took a leap and never looked back, she began to soar and see things in a new way.

Go on get your toe wet! A thoroughly good read.

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ohchrist 4 years ago

Christianity is child abuse. Teach your children to think for themselves people.

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

Tricia, I am going to check this out on Amazon later. It looks really good. Thanks for sharing. Supporting your big sister is so awesome and good to hear. Voted up.

Tricia Ward profile image

Tricia Ward 4 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks teaches 12345, you may have to go onto her website that is in the post, not sure she has it on Amazon yet

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