The Game of Life

The Cards Of Desire

"The cards of desire," may introduce mistakes; where "Mistakes are a dime a dozen, they come in all sizes, they make or brake you by what you discover in them; its all about, you, your-self as an impact, a cause and an effect brought on by your ego's purposes, its motives and its intents to be what it is you will, as a soul, in the universe of being..."

Since the consciousness of the mind universe is influenced by conscious stimulation; which is composed of cognition-conscience, and the subconscious suggestion of self (body, mind and soul) spirit; it follows that ~




"Consciousness probability of life is the derivative (outcome) of the conscience-focus, or lack there of; it is the Variable and Change, as one takes each Chance per Choice in the Game of Life; Order is on the positive end of its spectrum of emotions and disorder is on the negative end of its spectrum of emotions...."

Life's Game

By: lpa 1/8/05

"The conscience is the focus of consciousness as a matrix manifold of the mind system (formed from thought) powered by emotion that guides the self by the forces of desire towards the way of the will; it is the kingdom of thought; it is the source of focused energy for the spirit of absolute being..."

You see, each consciousness-aspect of thought-attribute is a specific focus in an ordered existence-set series, this forms the system of existence and universe categories... To improve the expression, form and function of life's focus as a biologic study, one needs a positive conscience. The highest set of consciousness is the conscience. In the order of being-life focus one must control the emotional reality that is produced by the negative aspects of thought produced by random thought propagation from the probable consciousness of the being self spirit. This leads to the rhythm and reason for how the switches in our biological DNA are turned on and off. Good and bad thought results in producing the derived position of the switches giving rise to either positive or negative impact. The effect is the particular position of the biological switch. As consciousness and its subsequent cause and effect impacts the body, mind and soul the body conforms to the vibration state of the spirit. In this way thought influences our DNA. DNA provides our inherited lifestyle-personalities, our biological-characteristics and our similar-traits, found in our behavior, attitude and temperament; which dictates our personality, our self-esteem and our traits, that all culminate into producing the quality of our well being as a body, mind and soul of the universe.

The power of our conscience as emotional sets of action, word and thought are expressions of the quality of our mind's energy. This energy quality of force and strength is derived from the product of the empirical thought elements - Desire x Emotion x Will, or (DEW) of consciousness. This is the reality of our mind-existence and function-perspective when applied - here in this physical realm of existence as we live and breath, this is our existence as life forms in our universe of one.

Our metaphysical being resides as our spirit in the realm of existence of one as we think. It is in the spiritual/metaphysical realm that the energy of creation resides as one; here in the physical plane of existence are the manifestations of the metaphysical, the realm of creation's expression (emotion). The metaphysical is displayed (manifested) as a play of desire. The play represents the growth and development of the energy of the spirit (will) of absolute being, balanced as one universe.

You can realize the reality of absolute being by analysis of its components; desire, emotion, and will - these are the elements of energy that form the opinions of the thought that constructs our apparent physical reality from the self of being that creates it. Absolute being is a composite of all three dimensions of self-being; Absolute being is the product of the integral of the alpha through the omega of being extracted from all forms of reality to create the absolute reality of absolute being in absolute existence -it is the absolute DEW of Thought.

If you let yourself envision the game of being to be the integral resultant of the play of lives, then you might represent this using the game of cards, as tarots, you might see this analogy as an example of how the energy of the metaphysical reality of (being) is manifested in the physical reality of self.


"As we play the game of life the fractal development of self evolves the form and function of our being - behavior is the emotion of life as attitude is the desire of the mind and temperament is the will of the soul that forms our thought as a function of being per spirit." The combination of cards (emotions) played in the conscience of self provide the amount of power that fuels the energy equation that propels thought of being through the space and time that it creates and evolves as being existence.

1) The cards represent the quality of emotion's desire in play that evolve the life self and universe.
2) The bet is the amount of emotion's desire invested the play to evolve the life self and universe.
3) The each hand is the chance for emotion's desire is to stay in the game of life self and universe.

The game of life, self and universe is played as each hand of emotion is dealt, by the fractal thought formula of DEW, to each player in the game of life. The player creates their own reality from the cards of emotion dealt in this game of life, cut from the deck of conscience-self-opinion. and its spirit form of the body, mind and soul.

The King of emotion is the desire for wisdom - WISDOM IS THE LOGIC OF EMOTIONS - wisdom rules the conscience of thought with the force of logic that balances the DEW to create a synergistic reality.

The Aces of emotion is the desire for affection, it range from, fearless-fearful; powerful-powerless; from love to hate. The ace is prince of the emotions; and love the positive aspect- love is the power to absolve sin (our mistakes). Love is the selfless inclusive civil servant of the conscience, love that powers unity, the way to the absolute-being or omega-point (heaven-perfection) singularity. The opposite is the hate, revenge and anger of selfish exclusive evil which provides disorder, chaos and disarray.

The Queen of emotion is the desire for tolerance; in the positive aspect, she is the power that nurtures the growth and development of our conscience by the power of perseverance. The opposite is true for the negative aspect of the queen.

The Jack of emotion is the desire for feeling; feeling provides the degrees of awareness, that developed from the conscience by the power of enlightenment provided to the body, mind and soul as a consciousness, awakening awareness of purpose, motive and intent of being singularity...

The Joker the wild card of emotion is the desire for attitude
; the daring-risky behavior choices powered by chance.

The numbered cards provide the positive or the negative range of the emotions spectrum described here; they supplement the emotional quality of the face cards of emotion:
10. The desire to be passionate in our suffering, our joy, and our sorrow as we experience
pleasure and pain.
09. The desire to be civil or evil and not aggressive or harmful; to be without hate nor desire to hurt
08. The desire to be a proponent and not an advisory; to be in alliance and not an enemy in relationships
07. The desire to be meek and not bold; to be reverent and not irreverence
06. The desire to be humble and not prideful; to be respectful and not be disrespectful
05. The desire to be empathetic with sympathy and pity without disgust
04. The desire to be elate and not suffer the disappointment of despair
03. The desire to be happy; not sad, mad, or angered
02. The desire to like and not be lustful in need, want, or gluttony

With these cards of life the game is played as our emotions power every aspect of the mind's existence system; the conscience of the mind evolves the self and our being as a component of absolute being (the thought of God) it evolves through the process of the mind's creation.

Note: If there is an interest in developing this model of life I would be more than willing to provide more dialogue on the topic...

Reference Source: The American HeritageĀ® Stedman's Medical Dictionary
Copyright Ā© 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Synergy is the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Emotion is a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling: the emotions of joy, sorrow, reverence, hate, and love. It is a state of mental agitation or disturbance: spoke unsteadily in a voice that betrayed his emotion. The part of the consciousness that involves feeling; sensibility: "The very essence of literature is the war between emotion and intellect" (Isaac Bashevis Singer).

Science is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Science includes activities restricted to explaining a limited class of natural phenomena. It includes activities applied to an object of inquiry or study.
Science is knowledge, especially that gained through experience.

Extrapolation of the elements of thought:
1) Emotion is the power of thought
2) Desire is the force of thought
3) Will is the strength of thought

The being process thought derives life, being derives conscience of consciousness. Conscience derives behavior, as behavior derives opinion; and opinion derives truth. Truth derives perfection, as perfection derives the intent of thought and the purpose for being. Thought expresses the function of creation; which is perfection. The manifestation of being is life. Life expresses the intent of being, as our behavior expresses our civility, our faith, and our conscience. The conscience of our being is created from the thought we evolve from our faith which is the expression of our view and our opinion belief.

The science of thought is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of the thought phenomena.

Qualifying parameters of the science of thought:
Thought product is observed result of the thought system (mind).
Thought is identified by the thought process.
Thought is described by the thought mechanism.
The thought process provides the experimental investigation of the thought elements.
The theoretical explanation of the thought system is the subject of this work

Thought is the mechanism for the process system in which thought takes place. Thought is the product of the thought system elements, desire, emotion, and will (DEW). Manifestation of being is the by product of the thought universe.

Thought (desire) is the fundamental source of the energy of being and its creation; as the origin is in the power of consciousness (emotion) and the beginning is the spirit strength of the universe (will).


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Outstanding information, as always. Really enjoyed your hub.

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