The Glue That Holds Families Together"

"The Glue That Holds Families Together"

If you were raised in a family that's godly and close, you are blessed of most families. I believe the old saying, that a family that prays together stays together, because God is the glue that binds loving people together even in personal relationships. I'm the eldest of seven children, six girls and one boy. We were taught to love, respect and take good care of one another. We were taught the family basics of how to get alone with our siblings and not fight each other over petty stuff, we were also taught to solve our disagreements issues, by communicating and coming up with a compromise, one where both parties are happy with. We were taught not to hold grudges against each other, so we talked the problem out with each other, prayed about it and about 99% of the time we solved the problem without fighting with each other. Believe it or not, there are families out there that live their lives, like strangers, fighting and bickering with each other, because they wasn't taught tolerance of others and forgiveness of each other transgressions. When my children see people that come from broken and unloved families, they feel really bad for them, because they didn't have what they had, in a real family environment . Even though we didn't have money, most of the time, we found ways to do things together and have fun with each other. It is sad when you realize that someones family didn't have someone to show enough love and care. I think when you have a family units even without the man, you should strive really hard to make sure your children are reared within a godly, caring and loving background, because this will instill in them how important family is; and how you should always love, forgive, and give each other respect no matter how hurt or mad you are with each other.

The truth of the matter is, when ever someone hurt you and let you down, your family will always be there to pick you up, when you're down, they will console you and encourage, you when you need to be uplifted. The family is the foundation that holds our lives together, and not having a caring and loving family in your life is a terrible handicap, that I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. So, if you have a broken family, you need to fix it, because you really don't want your children to be reared in a broken type of atmosphere, where your children want have the love and support they need to make their families happy and flourishing. To make your family happy and loving, it will take a lot of God, a lot of heart, a lot of love, a lot of work, understanding, and caring with perseverance; but if you want it bad enough, you can do it, and I promised it will be worth everything you put into it, to make it work.

Benny Faye Douglass (C) Copyright 2011

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creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 5 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you Lena22,for stopping by my hus and leaving a comment. Godpseed. creativeone59

Lena22 5 years ago


creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you pmccrray, because of your godliness, I couldn't tell you came from a broken family, because of your caring ways toward me. I feel your love. Thank you so much for blessing me with your presence and for your comment and feedback. Godspeed. creativeone59

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you thevoice, I believe so much in the love of family, because it keep the family in tune with each other and prayer help strengthen the ties that bind. thank you for visisting my hubs iwht your comment and feedback. Godspeed. creativeone59

akirchner profile image

akirchner 6 years ago from Central Oregon

I've been in both situations - sometimes the family you do love lets you down but then again, trying to keep the glue that holds families together is part of the 'true religion' in my humble opinion. Great presentation Faye and good points!

pmccray profile image

pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

I, unfortuantely did not live in one of those households. My family was very dysfunctional and I've always thought of our union as a bunch of strangers with the same last name. Not until my sister and I were well into adulthood with children of our own did we receive God. I'm still a little distant from my family, but we treat each other much better than when I was growing up.

You and your family were truly blessed. Excellent hub

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

beautiful loving family hub thanks

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you always exploring, for stopping by and leaving your positive feedback and comment.Godspeed. creativeone59

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you Hello, for leaving your comment and feed back. You are always welcome. Godspeed. creativeone59

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you Veronica,for your precious feedback and comment. I appreciate you. Godspeed. creativeone59

always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

So very true.

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Never a truer word spoken or in this case written. Thank you for a great hub.

Veronica Allen profile image

Veronica Allen 6 years ago from Georgia

This is so true creativeone. This is a lovely reminder to keep God close in lives - especially our families.

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