The Hadron Collider

science wants to know

I was reading an article in National Geographic about the Hadron Collider. It talks about the Higg's Boson. Scientists and engineers built a seventeen mile underground circular track under the French/Swiss countryside filled with huge magnets super cooled near absolute zero. They will aim atoms at each other in a vacuum to collide close to the speed of light.

This experiment is sponsored by governments and agencies. The data collected helps science. The universe is not expanding as fast as it should. There is a counter force from the big bang called dark matter or dark energy. I am a lay person with a limited physics background as I read (and write) this.

A higgs boson exists for a very short time. It is a relatively big atom or molecule. This is the God Particle that science is looking for.

The CERN black hole

What will be discovered?

The premise is; as we go to very small building blocks, we come to the essence of matter. This distinction between matter and spirit is blurred. Everything is explained in a unified theory. It sounds worthwhile and rewarding. Practical applications aside, pure science can be an adventure taking the mind to a new place.

Vibrating strings, anti-matter, parallel universes, different dimensions are word pictures.They help me more than formulas. Math is like ballast on a hot air balloon, keeping it from drifting out of sight. It is fun to dream; and sink into reality in slow motion.

I play with words, talking out of range of what I know. My point is, God and the universe are separate and distinct. The Old Testament says,' the creation is God's clothing'. When my blue jeans are dirty, they go in the hamper. I stay out of the hamper. The pants get washed. I am wearing different clothing. If science finds the higgs boson, it will be a part of creation. It will have a beginning and end.

God is outside of time, creation is inside time. Pantheistic world views make no distinction between creator and creation. Some want this experiment stopped before a black hole swallows us from the core. Sounds like Revelation/ end times/pieces of the puzzle fused together by design.

This explosion of data has an unusual pull on my own neurons. I admit to being intrigued. I am interested to know what will happen. Neutrinos stream through me and the earth as I type. Writing this is over my head. The best fruit is furthest out on the branch. What will happen in this collision course of tiny things thousands of miles away, underground? There are some very smart minds interacting with the unknown. LORD knows what the consequences will be.

end of the world?, the Large Hadron Collider ( LHC )

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