The Funniest Practical Joke God Ever Played on Us

God Certainly Has a Sense of Humour

I decided to write this short little hub in an effort to make all of you aware of a very important and somewhat humuorous aspect of life. Those who would follow and study my "Law of Attraction" teachings as well as those of many others on the internet will find a similar theme. The theme always asserts the power of imagining and feeling will all the realism and intensity you can muster. When someone does this they "start to vibrate at a frequency which attracts their desires" The Key is to relax, let go of fears and feel happy in order to attract happiness.

Now here's the really interesting thing. These visualization and manifestation techniques are merely a stepping stone in a Law of Attraction Student's methods. Eventually you reach a point of awakening or realization. You realize your own inner divine nature. When you realize that you and only you create your reality and when you take 100% responsibility for it you then begin to realize that all of these visualization, imagination and manifestation techniques are no longer necessary to bring you things to make you happy.

When you achieve this "Awakened State" or "Zero State" you find yourself thinking less and observing more and more. You find yourself feeling grateful for everything you already have. More and more you have less and less desires and needs. Now here's the big joke. When you achieve this state of grateful contentment and non-desire...more and more things that make you happy come into your life.

God's big joke is...

Obtaining the things that you expect to give you happiness generally doesn't bring you that happiness...or if it does, it doesn't last. You get the thing you've been dreaming of all your life then, a few weeks later, you want a bigger/faster one.

When you reach a state of grateful contentment and non-desire, suddenly you find yourself receiving thing after thing. Bigger houses, faster cars, more money, more happiness.

All our lives we are raised to think happiness comes when we get and do the things we desire. Today I hope you have learned this is backwards thinking.

We should have been taught that in order to get the things we desire....
we have to feel happy first.

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David Stone profile image

David Stone 5 years ago from New York City

Decent clarification of a complex issue. Cleanly written.

jrsearam profile image

jrsearam 5 years ago from San Juan, PR

Nice little hubbet (hub nugget). Really liked the comics you chose to share with us. Thanks pjk...

Quirinus profile image

Quirinus 5 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

Hi pjk_artist, thank you for your hub! It makes me happy to read hubs like this as they come to me as comforting affirmations or milestones on my spiritual journey: Signifying to me, someone's been this same place!

It is rare to come across people of same minds in our daily lives, who experience the opposite of "to see is to believe". It really is: "to believe (to feel happy ahead of the fact) is to see"!

Looking forward to read more from you!

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