The Idea of Hell contradicts with Jesus' Sacrifice

Thank God, for Jesus

Hell is not a tenable proposition with God. God could not have created hell for man whom he created with love. Love begets love. God can not hate. Even in man, hate does not culminate in the object of hate being punished for eternity. Even when you utterly hate somebody, you do not wish unending punishment for him.

If a lowly man himself is designed not to hate perpetually, would God be disposed towards punishing man, who basically is his creation, and make him suffer for all time to come, however hateful he is?

So, there can not be a hell. The theory of hell is totally flawed when you stop and think about Jesus. What is the only purpose of Jesus' coming down to the Earth? Was it to spread Christianity? Was it to remind man of God's existence? Was it to show people his power of healing or bringing back people to life after they had died?

Or, was it to marry and lead a family life as Dan Brown and people like him believe? None of this is the central point of Jesus' choosing to be born among the sinners.

Jesus came here so that he could shift the burden of man's sins to himself and absolve man of his sins; the sins of Adam and the sins of the last child that will be born until Jesus' second coming. Was Jesus' sacrifice meant only for sins of people alive then? Aren't you and I covered in that scheme? Won't the children who will be born a hundred years hence be covered by his sacrifice? Didn't Jesus give his life for all the sinners, irrespective of the gravity of the sins committed?

If hell had been a choice for God to put the sinners in, the sacrifice made by Jesus becomes null and void.

God, of course, qualifies the premise by saying in John 3:16, "God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life". This clearly says that if you believe in Jesus, you will not die a second time. It does not say a word about those who do not believe in Jesus. It does not say anything about them being sent to hell for all eternity. They will simply not get to live under Jesus' benevolent rule.

But, does it mean you can sin all you want and it won't rub off you? It sure will but you won't be packed off to hell. God must have excogitated this in depth and have some plans for sinners which we must concede we don't know and perhaps can't know.

Does it all mean that you can sin all you want? In theory, yes. But if you were to consider God's mercy and all-encompassing kindness towards you, you would hardly have a heart to indulge in sinning. You know God knows every step you take and so will immediately know your deeds, even as you are engaged in doing them. And, when you also know that you will not be punished for this sin, what kind of a heartless man you should be to be an ingrate to go ahead and do it? When you know that you will be forgiven your sin, if you still do not stop in your tracks, what kind of a low-life are you?
The test lies in not sinning, in spite of knowing fully well that you are not going to go to hell; in being grateful to such an understanding God and not sinning; and being thankful to Him for giving you life so that enjoy your tenure on the Earth.

So, God has left the choice to you whether to sin or not. And, therein lies God's plan for 1.44,000 adherents who will enjoy rapture. God had gifted man with a superior brain. A brain which can differentiate between good and bad. Those who use it to their advantage and desist from sinning will be one of those 1,44,000. Those who repent will get to be subjects in Jesus' kingdom. Those who remain adamant and refuse to see the light will simply perish.

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feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago

Hello, thirdmillenium,

This is one of the most thought-provoking posts I have read on this site.

Because you have touched on what I consider to be a very deep topic, I must give it a lot of thought. Quite frankly, at this point, I do not know how to respond.

thirdmillenium profile image

thirdmillenium 5 years ago from Here, There, Everywhere Author


Thanks for giving the devil his due!

SwordofManticorE profile image

SwordofManticorE 4 years ago from Burlington

The doctrine of hell was created by Christians, not God.

thirdmillenium profile image

thirdmillenium 4 years ago from Here, There, Everywhere Author

Exactly! Succinctly but profoundly put!

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