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Kaleidoscope Of Life

Every kaleidoscope simple or complex uses a prism of mirrors to generate symmetric patterns. Patterns of light and color are made beautiful from asymmetrical objects. Social Media in many ways allows a kaleidoscopic view of life. It provides designed imagery and pretense to our life pieces and creates a false sense of symmetry from our broken realities.

Our views become askew as we quizzically interpret life through a similar tunnel vision of technological communication. Therein lies the intrinsic appeal of broken pieces seen within a cylindrical kaleidoscope.The many hues and colors are brilliant as they dance before our eyes. Individually they appear shattered and confused until mixed with touches of light through a prism. The important thing to remember is that this imagery is merely shattered pieces coming together in exquisite ways. The light is what makes these images unique.

Does humanity hide behind a prism lens? Do we alter our presentations preventing others from seeing our true works? Are we deceived by a false reality that focuses on appearance blocking the light that will shed clarity on the hearts of man?

Broken or whole depends on the view

Brokenness is beautiful when in the right perspective

The truth is confusion takes hold as life presents itself in broken pieces. We desperately try to comprehend what is happening. Living in a vacuum of deception makes it arduous as we witness the struggles, challenges, and trials beyond our imagination.

We experience pain and suffering in our own tiny corners. Then media expands the view with graphic depictions of horrific circumstances across the land. This reality leads to a state of loss contorting our fantasy of safety.

To fantasize with idealism can be harmful as we await the child of perfection coming into the world. There can be a shaky foundation as we admirably place young couples on pedestals as they start new and whimsical chapters in life. We covet our neighbor and applaud love and family as they intertwine with seasoned bliss that prepares for new adventures. Remembering we scurry among the web of life and sticky catches along the way.

We have become a society of cheerleaders in the world of idealism. As we cling to hope for any milestones can be compromised. We must envision our stages with the awareness of possible waves of hardship. Reality can be just as exciting and beautiful depending on our perspective of where our hope is found in any trial.

Roller coasters of emotional and physical stress can be difficult, yet so rewarding. Exemplified in the yin and yang relationship of an aged couple glowing in the light that led them with every step. The struggle is real, but fortitude brings the most precious moments in life. This Kaleidoscopic view of the broken pieces makes for amazing works of art. Especially when relying on the light of God to expose its beauty.

There is a light at the end of a Tunnel

There is a light in the tunnel

In life, whether its challenges or joyful moments, we are privileged clay in the Potter’s hands. He molds and creates while holding us high above the point of danger never to be lost from His grip. His supply is the light in our kaleidoscope at the end and throughout, allowing us His infinite protection. He has us coming together in a visual wonderland, where His light is the guidance that we have to find our way.

He is forever, turning the kaleidoscope, so that when our picture appears unfamiliar, He allows for changes. Some of these changes bring bright, beautiful images quickly, and without hesitation. In these cases we immediately visualize the new bursts of color to the evolving picture He is creating in our lives, and we become fervent participants.

Sadly, when the glass seems extremely shattered and disjointed, we have greater difficulty seeing through to the next slide, in this kaleidoscope of life. We often get, distracted, at times lost, in the steps that it takes to slowly, turn the barrel getting to the right, visual. Sometimes, in this slow turning process, we become weary a tad impatient for the outcome. If we hold to His promises and patiently wait. Then, as He twists the meaningful colors and beads of life together, we can live in a complete state of grace and acceptance.

Stages of a Walk Vary

Different stages leading same place

We are in different phases of our personal faith walk. Some are busy aligning themselves with the “right” Christians, the “right” religious practice, and the "right", well, no matter what it is, as long not, the “wrong” thing to do.

Our flesh falls easily when concerned with a world opinion. We become guarded in our presentation, although, we embarrass quickly with our timely demonstration of hypocritical behavior. Learning and displaying the attributes of God should be our focus. Seeking to embody His likeness our priority, aren't we missing the point?

Anything worth learning takes time and practice, we should give this type of attention to the word of God. It's difficult to use any skill that we have not recently practiced. As with anything, if we don’t use it, we lose it. Some may become fluent in a language, but it's only after years of practicing that they can hold a conversation. We encourage this learning process with languages and yet we limit our time with God.

The Book



I am encouraged by the word of God wanting always to remain hungry for discussions that better my application of His Word. For the most part, I'm a faithful and honoring servant. However, I do admit my imperfections’ and pathetic denial of His word at times, unknowingly, until He brings it to my attention.

Saddened, I coexist with “Sunday Christians” as at times we act out a role and then throw His teachings by the wayside, because of fear. Fear of what? Well, I'm not sure of what! Perhaps acceptance or concern for loneliness. Maybe to guard oneself worried to become the target of attacks.

I find us, particularly, silly, as we play the part of, "Hey look at me I'm a Christian honoring the Lord. I'm not claiming you right this minute, but, I do love You." Collectively, we are works in progress or else we would have full clarity and understanding. Nothing in this kaleidoscope could confuse or curtail the imagery God has for us if we are open to Him.

Claiming we have faith does not keep us from the explosions in life. Glass shatters, things break! How we react in the ruins shows our innards. Do we allow God's light to shine from the inside demonstrating His love? Do we stumble? That's okay, just get back on track.

Letting His light shine

A kaleidoscope without light and reflection is dim. The light is what creates the beauty the impressive bursts of eccentric colors coming together in, pattern after pattern.

Application of His teachings with independent obedience is required to give function to our lives. If we remain faithful using our eyes to see Him in others and our ears to hear Him in everything. Then our kaleidoscope will be amazing.

Let's make our kaleidoscopes worth viewing! Life is confusing at times. When we see an infant struggling here. Wondering why would they come into this world only to suffer a life of neglect or abuse? Lovingly, we watch the milestones of our lives and those we love as we inch toward our purpose.

Perplexing over why things happen can make us stagnant. Why must some people experience life in such disillusionment? Do they unconsciously choose it? We understand God uses all things for His glory and divine plan sometimes a little light needs to be shed into our view.

We all have a part in dimming the light now, and then. How about we supply some fuel instead. If we allow the light of God's in then it will grow and nothing can put it out and our kaleidoscope can be purposeful.

~ Kaleidoscope ~ by Kate Havnevik

What is a kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope is a circle of mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other end creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off the mirrors. Coined in 1817 by Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster,the word "kaleidoscope" is derived from the Ancient Greek καλός (kalos), "beautiful, beauty"

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The Stages Of ME 4 years ago Author

glmclendon ~

You are so kind and I am happy you enjoyed the hub ~ It is so relaxing for me to write these days ~ thank you again and God Bless

glmclendon profile image

glmclendon 4 years ago

Once again you have hit a homerun. This was so good.

Yes it is God's grace, something we all need. You have been blessed with the skill to write as you do!

Stay Well

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The Stages Of ME 4 years ago Author

vtwilli ~

Thank you for stopping in and for you sweet comment have a blessed day :)

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The Stages Of ME 4 years ago Author

Debbie ~

Thank you for reading ~I hope things are improving for you husband I believe you stated you were in recovery mode after his accident. (If I remember correctly) Prayers going up for you and Him :) and again thank you so much for your lovely comment.

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

It is so true..we are so privileged to be the clay in the Potter’s hands. awesome.. hub.. I love to read your writings.

voted way up


vtwilli profile image

vtwilli 4 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

That is beautiful and this picture is also very beautiful Too.

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