Letter to the Galatians - Part 1

A T Pierson: "In Christ"

Arthur Tappan Pierson (March 6, 1837 – June 3, 1911) was an American Presbyterian pastor, early fundamentalist leader, and writer who preached over 13,000 sermons, wrote over 50 books, and gave Bible lectures as part of a transatlantic preaching ministry that made him famous around the world. He was a consulting editor for the original Scofield Reference Bible (1909) and was also a friend of DL Moody, George Muller (whose biography 'George Muller of Bristol' he wrote), AJ Gordeon, and CH Spurgeon whom he succeeded in the pulpit of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, from 1891 to 1893.


America has forgotten its great men of God of the past. Among these great men of God was Dr. A.T. Pierson. He wrote a book titled ‘In Christ Jesus’ or ‘The Sphere of a Believer’s Life’. I believe that every Christian should read this book. Pierson tells us that the phrase ‘in Christ’ or ‘in Christ Jesus’ or ‘in Him’ – with equivalents – is found 130 times or so in the New Testament. It is the key to understanding the New Testament. It is a favourite term of Paul and speaks of the new position and the new life we have in Christ Jesus.

What is meant by the term: ‘in Christ’? When we are born into this world, we are born into the family tree of Adam. By our physical birth, we are all descendants of Adam. But by our spiritual birth (by being 'born again') we come into the family tree of Christ. In fact, Christ is the Tree of life. We are now rooted and planted in Him. Baptism testifies to this fact. By going into the water, we are testifying that we have died to the old Adam (the old Adamic nature in us has been crucified with Christ - and we are 'buried with Him'). By coming out of the water, we are testifying to the truth that we have come into 'newness of life', having risen with the risen Christ. Baptism speaks of our incorporation into Christ. 'In Adam we all die; in Christ we are all made alive.' 1 Cor 15:22.

I hope that by reading this hub, you will be attracted to Pierson’s book itself. It is an excellent exposition of the subject and should encourage you to read more writings of this great writer and theologian, who was closely associated with three great men of God – Moody, Spurgeon and George Muller. It's a pity that the writings of AT Pierson are not easily available on the Internet; rather, the Internet today is full of cheap Christian literature that is rarely helpful and more of a hindrance to anyone seeking to know more of Christ.

(Read Parts 2 & 3, which gives us AT Pierson's Interpretation of the Letter to the Galatians with reference to the Fourfold Crucifixion of the Believer in Christ.)

© Pratonix/ Roland Olivier

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Civil War Bob profile image

Civil War Bob 4 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

Good hub, Pratonix...voted up, useful, interesting. Pierson's bio of Mueller changed my life and got me involved in prayer that has now, 32 years later, seen over 208,000 specific answers in my journals. Grace and peace to you!

Pratonix profile image

Pratonix 4 years ago from Asia Author

Please pray, Bob, that I will be able to put up Parts 2 and 3 of my Hub on the Letter to the Galatians. I am finding it difficult to put up these hubs on Galatians. Perhaps it is the enemy's work, as our arch-foe would not like the Christian to understand the battle that is before him. And certainly, Galatians is the battle-cry of the manifesto of 'justification by faith'!

Civil War Bob profile image

Civil War Bob 4 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

May He grant your heart's desire as you delight yourself in Him!! (Ps. 37:4)

Pratonix profile image

Pratonix 4 years ago from Asia Author

I finally got Part 2 approved. Praise God for that!

Civil War Bob profile image

Civil War Bob 4 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

Excellent! I'll read it shortly. Grace and peace to you.

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