The Light of the Son

Bucky Jr. was my first plant. When I was in college, I took over for a friend who worked as a secretary for an insurance company. I was home for the summer, and she wanted to be a lifeguard or something, so I opted to step in for her. She had a plant named Bucky, and before she left, she cut off one of Bucky’s stem and placed it a cup of water. That’s how Bucky Jr. came to be.

BJ didn’t last very long, though – maybe a month. Fortunately, before he went the way of all deceased plants, I was able to get Bucky III started. Unfortunately, Bucky III didn’t survive long either – about six weeks. After losing two plants back-to-back, I decided that plant rearing simply wasn’t for me.

Apparently, God thought otherwise. At the conclusion of my first year of teaching, one of my students gave me a plant as an end of the year gift.

At first I was a little concerned. I mean, all of my plants seemed to die on me. However, since this one was a special gift, I thought that I’d better take good care of it. I named him Buster.

After six months, Buster was actually thriving. I kept him watered, and I even had to change his pot several times so he could continue to grow. I also made sure that he got plenty of sunlight.

One day, I gazed at Buster and stroked some of his leaves. I marveled at how much he’d grow. I thought, “He would never have grown this much if it hadn’t been from the light of the sun.”

And all at once, it hit me. I was just like Buster. I had experienced a great deal of spiritual growth over a number of years. However, I knew that I would not have grown at all had it not been for the light of the Son.

Sometimes, Christians live in darkness. I’m not talking about sin. I’m referring to experiences, relationships, situations or anything else that clouds our view and keeps us from seeing clearly.

Have you ever looked for something in a dark room? If so, you probably had a really hard time, groping around, feeling things out, straining your best to see – all to no avail. However, when someone turned on a light, you probably exclaimed, “There it is!”

Sometimes we sense that things just aren’t right in our lives, but we don’t know what’s wrong. We can’t quite see the problem. There are even times when we don’t have a clue that there’s a problem. We are completely and totally in the dark.

Often times when we’re in situations like this, the Holy Spirit will open our spiritual eyes and shed some light on our circumstances. When this happens, we usually exclaim, “Thank You, Lord, for shedding light into my life and opening the eyes of my heart.”

When we are fully aware of the problem, we take care of it by handing the problem over to Jesus, and we grow deeper and stronger in Him…all because he turned the light on.

The next time you see a plant being kissed by sunlight, ask the Lord to illuminate your soul and bring to light the things that are in the way of your spiritual growth.

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Civil War Bob profile image

Civil War Bob 4 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

Good hub, Cherrie...voted up, useful, and interesting. I got here Hub Hopping. You have a great day!

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