The Miracle of Elisha's Bones

Train, from
Train, from

The Miracle of Elisha's Bones

(based on the story in 2 Kings 13:20, 21)

Elisha died, and they buried him in a grave.
In those days the Moabites would invade the land
Every year in spring.
And the Israelites were burying a man,
When they saw a marauding band
Of Moabites, and threw the body into Elisha's grave.

Why Elisha's grave was open we do not know.
It was certainly not a tomb protected by a massive stone;
No rich man's grave, but the burial plot of the poor;
Neglected, like the graves of God's prophets are.
(The shrines of false prophets are visited by thousands every year,
While the faithful servants of the Lord lie forgotten
In some remote place.
God in His infinite wisdom ensured
That Moses' grave could not be traced;
And He translated Elijah to heaven,
Or else idolatrous Jews with mercenary minds,
Would have erected monuments over their graves,
And revenue from the pockets of the devoutly blind
Would be rolling still into the treasuries in modern Palestine.)

Whatever the case may be, the great man of God lay
Slighted in an open grave,
His bones exposed to sun and rain, and frost at night;
And the burial party flung the corpse into Elisha's grave
And fled to escape the ravaging Moabite.

Imagine their surprise when they heard a sound
And turning back, they saw the dead man
Come up from the open ground.
His body had touched Elisha's bones, and he revived,
Springing to his feet, (and then he ran!)
Just like Jairus' daughter whom our Lord took by the hand.

The Holy Spirit took special care to mention
The resurrection power flowing through the bones
Of the prophet who had seen Elijah's ascension -
And it was flowing still, even after he was dead and gone.

What we gather from this little story
(And may the Lord grant us revelation to see it!)
Is that resurrection power and resurrection glory
Is given to those baptized in that sunken river,
Determined to have a double portion of the Spirit.

© Roland N Oliver/Tan Pratonix

(Note:'Sunken river'>the river Jordan, the lowest river in the world. Elisha, with Elijah, passed through the river Jordan before Elijah's translation to heaven.)

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fibo777 profile image

fibo777 6 years ago

It is good that somebody believes miracles nowadays.

Pratonix profile image

Pratonix 6 years ago from Asia Author

A Christian always believes in miracles. God does the impossible. You need a living faith! :)

Kelli Lutz 6 years ago

Always refreshing, Always full of richness...ahhhhhh!

Margaret 6 years ago

I have always wondered at the reason why Elisha's grave was open. It seems the writer of the story took it for granted that the reader would know. Perhaps it was a common practice at the time, to bury a dead person on top of the bones of another person. Nowadays, entire caskets are staked one on top of another in cemeteries around the world. Whether it is to economize on space or save money. Usually it is a family member who is sharing the grave with other deceased family members. I wonder if that may have been the case here. Maybe history can shed some light.

As for Elisha's bones being able to revive a dead person. Now that is miraculous, considering Elisha himself did not rise from the grave after he was buried. Perhaps not until after the Lord's death as Matt. 27:51-53.

profile image

Darlene Turpin 6 years ago

Yes miracle indeed!...I truly believe in miracles.. The Lord has shown me many a miracles in my life..This was an awesome post..and gave me great insite on Elisha's bones..

Thanks Roland.

ladyt11 6 years ago

Spectacular cover of Elisha's account! I love your hubs and the understanding you have of the Lord Jesus! God Bless you.

lebo Mokhethi 22 months ago


lebo Mokhethi 22 months ago


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